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It Takes Two To Tango…The Truth, The Lies, The Guilt & Making up

Not to be rude, but for those that are ignorant and blind and have yelled at us about the Dave Dave thread, do not read further. You will not like this and you will probably not believe it. If you choose to read on and you will not see or agree, that is fine by us, but leave the personal attacks and bashing behind… So get your rain boots and your umbrella’s, ’cause here comes the storm…

First of all we wanted to say that this will be our last post, because this is it for us. We have been investigating this whole matter for 4 months and the outcome is brilliant, revealing and shocking. Our mouths were hanging on our laptops for hours, before we could even speak again. The story is sad, as well genius, why? Because this hoax did not start on June 25, 2009, it started much longer ago…

We have had help. We have been receiving information, photo’s, video’s, documents and clues for months that we could work with. These ‘plants’ as we call them, are legit, we have no doubt about that. Through this way we want to thank them all for their help and even the ones that were send to mislead us, because that kept us sharp. You all know who you are 😉

After our post about ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, we had a lot of comments about thoughts we shared with some people about the 2005 trial. Before you all will jump out of your panties, let us explain what our thoughts are and why we kept looking at the trial. Please keep in mind that this are still thoughts, we have no confirmation or proof at all about this, but it led us to the truth.

In 2003 we have all seen the Bashir tapes. The strange things in this interview is that Michael is holding hands with Gavin Arvizo. Why? Because of the accusations in 1993. Remember that he is a PR-genius. By holding the boys hand on tape and talking about sharing your bed, he must have known what would come next. He has been in the industry for so long, knows exactly what can come from statements you make in interviews. Also we assume there was not a non-airing clausal to the contract he had with Bashir, so he had no control over the broadcast, that seems odd for someone like Michael Jackson.

By investigating the trial, we searched for legal documents about the case and found a site called On this site you can search for Americans and their relatives and order their personal info. We searched for Michael J. Jackson and found him, but we also found something else…

This thread is about Michael Jackson and his twin brother: Mike Jackson. Think it’s BS? Look at what we found and then make up your mind. Do not stop reading here and make a bash-comment, read first and look at the obvious.

We searched Intelius with 4 person: Souza, Mo, Chappie and Wizard of Oz. Wiz led us to two Michael J Jacksons. With those, the search started.
Let’s start with Malachi Jackson, 51 years old, who caught our eye… Could Michael have a twin brother..?!

This was enough to contact MJHD member Peggy99 who had offered her help before in pulling birth records.
Peggy told me that her contact in the USA was unable to pull a birth record for Malachi Jackson. She was told that there isn’t even a birth certificate for Malachi Jackson, only a death certificate. The records showed that Malachi was born 08/29/1958, and passed 08/30/1958.

The Twin idea would explain so many things…and didn’t Marlon mention a twin brother at the memorial? We decided to dig some more…

Chappie ran a search for Katherine Jackson:

Notice the relatives listed here – Michael J Jackson, and Mike J Jackson.

This was enough to give Peggy another call, and to ask her if she could check for Mike J Jackson, born 08/29/1958. Soon after that Mo received an email from Peggy in which she wrote that Mike J Jackson has the correct date of birth. Bingo! Peggy even has mentioned him on the boards months ago, but was told this was another dead end.
Peggy and her contact in New York tried to obtain a birth certificate for Mike J Jackson, but all documents pertaining to the Jackson family are being kept under very tight wraps, and until now we have not received anything.

So…according to the info we got, Michael Jackson is one of a twin… Michael has a TWIN BROTHER, named Mike J Jackson. We were speechless, but at the same moment it made a LOT clear!

Let’s have a look at some pictures here…

Let Obvious Visuals Exonerate

Man In The Mirror…? Don’t think so!!

Now knowing this…let’s have a ‘second’ look at the lyrics of some songs:

Billie Jean
She was more like a beauty queen
From a movie scene
I said, ‘don’t mind
But what do you mean
I am the one?

Who will dance on the floor, in the round’
She says, ‘I am the one who will dance
On the floor in the round’

Billie Jean is not my lover
She’s just a girl who claims that
I am the one
But the kid is not my son
She says I am the one
But the kid is not my son

I never knew but I was
Walking the line
Come go with me
I said I have no time
She said don’t you pretend we didn’t
Talk on the phone

My baby cried
And left me standing alone

I never knew
But I was living in vain
She called my house
And said you know my name
And don’t you pretend
You never did me before

With tears in her eyes
My baby walked out the door

Another Part Of Me
Were taking over
We have the truth
This is the mission
To see it through

Don’t point your finger
Not dangerous
This is our planet
You’re one of us

Were sending out
A major love
And this is our
Message to you

Stories buried and untold
Someone is hiding the truth, hold on
When will this mystery unfold

And will the sun ever shine
In the blind man’s eyes when he cries

Now go through all your albums and listen to some songs with this knowledge… Also take a good look at the back cover of the This is It album:

Having two MJ’s on this world would explain a lot of things. Confusions about the looks, about the weight and height, small upperlip/big upperlip, the high soft voice vs the deep low voice, you name it. It also explains all the 7’s in this hoax, Mike is the 7th brother…

For us the confirmation of this was when we saw both MJ’s at work in This Is It.

We think this is what Liza Minelli meant when she said: When the autopsu comes, all hell is going to break loose, so it’s a good thing we celebrate him now…

She points to the autopsy of the ‘King of Pop’. Not Michael, not Mike, but the ‘King of Pop’ died… They want to live a normal life as two seperate persons.

Imagine how it must have been like. Not able to live a normal life, never able to go and have a drink with your brother, always having to lie about everything… This is why we find so many clues in old material, they have been living a lie for decades.

Now will they come out? We don’t know for sure. We have our thoughts on it, but we can also understand that they would be too scared to come out, because the fans put MJ on such a high horse. Think about the threads on the forum about him smoking, or maybe having a secret child. That were things he would never do. Some of you said that if he would really have been disguising as Dave Dave at LKL, you would never have any respect for him anymore, what about this? They have deceived the world for so long, but do you blame them? Think about how hard it must be to get this truth out in the world…

Remember this:

In our darkest hour
In my deepest despair
Will you still care?
Will you be there?
In my trials
And my tribulations
Through our doubts
And frustrations
In my violence
In my turbulence
Through my fear
And my confessions
In my anguish and my painS
Through my joy and my sorrow
In the promise of another tomorrow
I’ll never let you part
For you’re always in my heart

Please understand and help them off their horses, do not let them fall, but catch them. The horse is so high that they would not survive the fall. Would you be mad? Then ask yourself WHY? Why would you be mad? They have given it all, they have given their lives to give the fans 45 years of amazing music and entertainment. They owe us nothing…

Personal note from me:
Clearly, we are not done hoaxing yet…more to come


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You guys make for some interesting reading. Can’t wait for more from you

hilda LL.S.
hilda LL.S.

Es muy interesante lo que comentan,pero si realmente hubiese tenido un gemelo,en el acta de defunción no diría 30/08/1959 eso significa que si nació un gemelo pero flleció el día 30,además MICHAEL JACKSON EN UNAS FOTOS SE VE MORENO Y EN OTRAS BLANCO,muchas personas que darían por parecerse a él o tener la fama e inteligencia que el tuvo no dudo ni tantito que quizás si existan un montón de clones en el mundo pero jamás lo igualaran a él y nosotros los fans,nos tenemos que conformar con no verlo ,pues quien sabe si reaparecerá en público,lo malo de todo… Read more »

hilda LL.S.
hilda LL.S.

yo soy una de las fans que nunca pude costearme un concierto de Michael jackson ni siquiera cuando vino a México D.F.,pues son 12 horas de viaje desde donde yo vivo,él nunca me conoció,pero lo RESPETO, como hombre,como ser humano,y lo admiro como artista,y confió en que Dios lo seguirá bendiciendo para que encuentre el verdadero camino,y que yo lo respete como un gran hombre que es no le quita lo sexy y varonil,lo guapo que es

hilda LL.S.
hilda LL.S.

dejar de lado todo comentario negativo,bastante ya tenemos,sin la presencia de nuestro amado Michael Jackson,y eso nos lo buscamos nosotros los fans del mundo y los periodista amarillistas,nunca pude estar cercas de él ,pero las personas que alcanzaron a estrechar su mano o recibieron un abrazo de él o atención de su parte deben de estar agradecidas,pues casi lo axfician al abrazarlo inclusive abusaban de la confianza que él les brindó al bailar con él,deben ser besos sin malicia,abrazos sin hostigamiento,era mucha presión que la gente ejercía sobre él sobre todo egoístamente solo pensaban en su sentir ,y no pensaban… Read more »

Emily Hutjes
Emily Hutjes

Oh Holy Moses, two Michaels? OHHHHH what do we do now, we millions of fans?? We have two beautiful Michaels to love, which is ,in any case, more than just one. HOW WILL YOU UNITE THE FANS IN HELPING THE MICHAELS TO COME OUT WITH THE TRUTH and let them know: WE SHALL BE THERE. fans who will not be there , never loved him in the first place. What brilliant research—-please put it on youtube!!! ( and after that —watch your backs—-).Please go on! Thank you again.


Soory … bue I’n French, I can speak English, but for write my trought, French is better…

Tout d’abord, merci, cependant je n’arrive pas a y croire, c’est trop dur d’imaginer ça, Est possible de chercher sur des photos de Katherine enceinte ? Y en existe t-il ?
On verra bien a ce moment là si, deux bébés dans son ventre, il y a.


I believed in the possibility of a hoax death on the previous site, but reading this site is just turning me off the whole entire idea. You are CRAZY… and was Marlon’s twin who died.. and have you heard of ‘perspective’ in photographs, that is why he appears at different heights…yeh he’d send his ‘twin brother’ who had all the same surgery and vitiligo to court for him. His song lyrics mean nothing, you can interpret them in hundreds of ways. So his brother who they wanted to hide and remain secret went through the same surgical procedures and… Read more »


This doesn’t ring with me, but it’s interesting. What I find intriguing is your take on the bashir documentary. I at onetime mention on a forum during that time that I thought Michael did that on purpose. Basically, how could he not know what would happen. I was jumped on, and told that it was ridiculous to think such a thing because of all the trouble it caused. I always at odd with Michael Jackson. You try to learn about someone to grasp who they are, what they’re about, but with Michael it’s hard. I think he hides in plain… Read more »


But hold on you say that Michael Jackson had a twin brother named Mike Jackson. At Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service, Marlon Jackson states that he had a twin brother named Mike Jackson that died at birth.

Emily Hutjes
Emily Hutjes

To Cierra: I know it looks confusing. That is not due to the article, but due to the papers ( other than an official birth certificate which is always confidential)shown, on wich are names, dates of birth, that cause this confusion. During his trials the Judge talked about:”Michael Joseph jackson”. That seems to be the name given by birth. Seemingly Michael changed his middle name, later in life to Joe, which is legal in the USA. However…..if it comes to official papers you often find the original name, given by birth, whatver that name or middle name that got changed.… Read more »


Hello has all! My name is Mariana,I am French and fan of MJ.Pardon for my english. I am for the theory of brother twins. Veiled what I have to observe in etudient the two put photos in “It Takes Two à Tango…The Truth, The Secure, The Guilt & Making up” and thank you for this pretty photos. For the first photos, black suit and gold: 1) the wick that it has on the forehead does not correspond with the mirror picture. 2) is impossible to see the left hand that it has in the back, on the mirror photo, in… Read more »


Hello has all! My name is Mariana,I am French and fan of MJ.Pardon for my english. I am for the theory of brother twins. Veiled what I have to observe in etudient the two put photos in “It Takes Two à Tango…The Truth, The Secure, The Guilt & Making up” and thank you for this pretty photos. For the first photos, black suit and gold: 1) the wick that it has on the forehead does not correspond with the mirror picture. 2) is impossible to see the left hand that it has in the back, on the mirror photo, in… Read more »


How Interesting that the name Malachi came up. If you search the name Jason Malachi on youtube ( example: Jason Malachi Let Me Go), his voice is frequently mistaken for Michael’s voice. Questions are being raised.


Wow, I had ni idean michael had a twin it was so hard to tell over the years.


i would rather the two are alive, happy, and at peace. AMEN be wih them both if this is it. much much love


if there are 2 of them then the more to love. HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Don’t know what to say!! Are you still believing this theory-still think you’re right??
How and why would the family hide this from so early in their lives?? What would be the point? It would have to be from before MJ started on stage, wouldn’t it? I’m not being nasty,,honest! Just trying to absorb it-not sure I can handle another theory. Good grief!!!!!!
What’s happening lately on this front? Can someone email me and explain tthis further, please. Know you’re busy.


In the first mirror picture with MJ in the captains suit, how can the mirror show the reflection hand behind his back, that can only be two people. Also, the hand behind the back shows the one on the right his fingers are together, the one on the left the fore finger and the middle finger have a gap. I hope I am wrong but….


really shocking though. So now I guess im a fan of ‘King (or rather KingS?) of Pop’ instead of Michael Jackson alone.