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Thinking inside the box actually means not thinking at all. It means listening to the mainstream media and the people around you and choosing an opinion based on that. It is the safe choice and it will probably let you fit perfectly into society. If that is your thing and if you’re happy with that, then that is okay. I am not here to convince you or make you do something you don’t want to do. But if you’re ready to start using your own brain instead of someone else’s, there are some things you need to know and/or do. It will help you in your search for truth, whatever that may be in the end. Here’s a short guide on self education.

You are not God, you don’t know it all

Being human is not the most high, stop thinking you know it all. You don’t. Even if you would read every book in the world, you’d still be clueless. Humans with their pea-brains simply can not comprehend everything in this universe. You are probably only using 5-10% of your brain capacity right now and it’s impossible for you to even fantasize about what you could do when you could use the full 100% because your brain capacity is too limited. Accept that don’t know it all and stay hungry for information.

Forget your history education

Your history books were full of lies. Keep in mind that history is either written by the victors and thus will never give you an objective view of the events, or it is pushing someone’s agenda. When my parents were in school, they were taught that the earth was 1.2 billion years old. When I was in school, it was 3.4 billion years old and today it is 4.3 billion years old. The huge difference in age should already have your alarm bells go off. The main thing it should tell you is that in fact: they have no clue. Simply stop assuming everything in your history books was true.

Stop caring about what other people might think of your opinion

Do you care about what someone else thinks about your opinion, or do care about having your own opinion? The latter is important in this case. You should not care about what anyone thinks of your opinion or way of thinking. Who cares if they call you a nutcase or a conspiracy theorist? Is that what matters to you? Or does the truth, or at least the quest for the truth, mean something to you? Free yourself from the social box you’re trapped in.

Question everything

The media is -pardon my french- full of shit. It is extremely selective, most of it is controlled by the government and lots of it is just completely false. Start reading alternative media outlets. And no, those aren’t that accurate all the time either, but at the very least it will give you an alternative outlook on the events and you will be able to form an opinion based on your own investigation, and not based on what the rest of the sheeple think. Watch the movie ” Wag the Dog” and keep in mind that this really happens. CNN faked footage from news reports from the Gulf War back in the early 90’s and if you think they stopped doing that after that came out, you’re simply gullible and ignorant. Imagine what is possible now with the latest technology.

Read, read, read

Don’t be lazy. Read all you can. Self education is key. Search the internet for information on the topics at hand. Join forums and debate. If you don’t want to read, you might as well stay in your bubble. It takes effort and time to educate yourself. People nowadays are ‘too busy’ to read but they do have time for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Where do your priorities lie?

Open your mind, consider even the most improbable story to be true

Does a story sound ridiculous? Is it largely opposed? Does the majority think it’s false? Then it might just be the truth. Just because the majority believes in it, doesn’t make it truth. In fact, if the majority believes something to be true, it is most likely not. And the more someone is ridiculed for their ideas and opinions, the better you should listen to what they have to say. Open your mind to the unknown!

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Good luck!

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