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Debunking “Wacko Jacko” for once and for all!

It has been a while since we posted our last blog, but we have been doing some research. It’s a lot of information, but we advise you to struggle through it all, otherwise it’s hard to understand. This blog is to all bad reporters of this world, that should be ashamed of themselves. We are not reporters or Michael Jackson fans, and even we took the effort to dig a little deeper to see what can explain all the things in his life that seems strange at first sight. After this post you all will be wondering the same as we: WHY did nobody see this earlier, WHY isn’t there one doctor that recognized it, or if someone did, WHY didn’t they stand up for him. Now we will stand up for him and we hope all you lazy reporters that only write lies just to sell your story will be ashamed of yourselves. We have no medical background and even we could connect the dots by doing some research on the net. All these years Mike has been bashed, called names and belittled because of his actions, appearances or behavior. No one took the effort to take a look at what could have caused all this. After reading a lot of medical articles, this is what we have found and this is what will explain everything. We are not claiming it to be the absolute truth, but after reading this entire blog, we think you will all agree with what we think is the main cause of all Mike’s actions, appearances and illnesses.

So grab your RedBull and take a seat, here we go.

Have you ever heard about Fluoride Poisoning? Read up on it, it will seriously make you anxious to brush your teeth… We had to translate the following article from Dutch, so some mistakes can occur, but you will get the picture after reading it. It may be long and it may look dull, but the info is significant and we really hope you will at least have a look at it. After reading the article it will be easier to keep up with the explanations of Mike’s illnesses and “weird” things.

Fluoride poisoning

‘Devastating impact’

Proponents of the use of fluoride indicate that fluoride silently may cause damage, but only at high concentrations: adding more two parts fluoride to one million parts of water is associated with a
increased risk of tooth decay, in the form of stained teeth and a concentration of more than eight parts per million would lead to bone abnormalities and degenerative diseases may result. The prevailing views are refuted by some scientists.


Publications of research shows that low levels of fluoride may have a devastating effect on health, in the form of tooth decay and osteoporosis.

While much has been written about the effects of high fluoride concentrations on teeth and bones, little is known about the effects of fluoride on the rest of the body. Recent research however shows, that fluoride can effect virtually every organ in the body and may even be partly responsible for behavioral problems like hyperactivity and many mysterious illnesses, including M.E.

Like mercury, fluoride is not exactly an obvious choice for the dental care. This poison is used as a pesticide and is a component of pesticide against fungal and of products to kill rats.

It also comes in many types of pain narcotics and drugs. The fluoride used in toothpaste and mouth water usually is sodium fluoride, a waste product of aluminum. For fluorination of water, we use hydrofluoric acid or silicofluoride, waste products of the fertilizer and glass industries. The late American critic George L. Waldbott discovered that fluoride is not only harmful to teeth and
bones, but also for soft tissue.

The small fluoride ion, that has a high density, can penetrate each cell in the body and form combinations with other ions, says Waldbott’s research. This process interferes with the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and affects the functioning of the parathyroid glands. The fluoride ion has a strong affinity with calcium, but will also easily unite magnesium and manganese ions and thus interferes in many enzyme systems that need these minerals.

Depletion of the action of enzymes can lead to disruption of the metabolism of carbohydrates, the formation of bone and the functioning of muscles. In fact every vital function in the body depends on enzymes, and since fluoride penetrates each cell of the body, it can be responsible for various toxic symptoms.

“Fluoride and enzymes”

Enzymes react in different ways to fluoride. Some are activated, while production of other contracts. Lipase, a fat splitting enzyme that is essential for the production of fat and phosphates, required for degradation of phosphate, are particularly sensitive to fluoride. In patients with flourosis
of the skeleton, dehydrogenate is impeded.

In case of chronic fluoride poisoning, this leads to reduced enzyme activity to muscle weakening and even destruction of muscle tissue. Acid phosphates in human saliva is half demolished when exposed to 3.8 d.p.m fluoride.

The amount of the enzyme cholinesterase in blood increases by 61% when it is exposed to 0.95 ppm fluoride, which is less than the recommended levels, resulting in damage to the nervous system. Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme that determines bone growth and the functioning of the liver, could also be affected by fluoride, even at low levels.

According to scientists from the University of California at San Diego, fluoride switches off the enzyme cytochrome C oxidase, an oxygen-carrying respiratory enzyme. Deficiencies of this vital enzyme are linked to cancer and even SIDS. Researchers at Kings College in London have details of particular strong hydrogen bonds of amide and fluoride, which are formed when amino acids come together to form a protein.

This can result in chromosomal damage. If the protein abnormalities shows, our immune system will no longer recognize the protein and therefore treat it as a foreign protein, which means destruction. This may result to allergic skin disorders and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Stomach and intestinal disorders are the main features of fluoride intolerance. Even small amounts of fluoride may be responsible for the formation of hydrofluoric acid in the stomach with stomach pain, nausea and vomiting as a result. With particularly young children at risk. The use of fluoride tablets in them may even cause stomach bleeding. A nine year old victim was so seriously damaged that large parts of his stomach had to be surgically removed.

“Links with thyroid disorders’

The most readily identifiable feature of flourosis of the soft tissue is extreme fatigue, often associated with hypothyroidism. The thyroid needs iodine to produce the hormone thyroxin, that controls the speed of metabolism. But at the presence of fluoride, iodine is repressed, with the effect that the thyroid does not function optimally.

The para thyroid gland, that regulates the distribution of calcium and phosphorus in the body, is particularly sensitive to excessive amounts of fluoride. More than fifty years ago, Indian doctors have discovered a close link between the fluorosis of the skeleton and hyperparathyroidism, an increased abnormal functioning of the parathyroid. Fluoride even appears to affect the pituitary gland, a mucus-secreting gland that controls growth by regulating the production of thyroid hormones.

Animal studies indicate that drinking water, at which is added the same amount of fluoride as to drinking water in several places in the world, decrease the production of thyroid hormones to alarming low levels.

Professor A.K. Susheela of the Fluoride and Fluorosis Research Foundation of India, a consultant from the Indian government, has more than one hundred published research reports about the dangers of fluoride. Using electron microscope photography, it has proved that if you are exposed to fluoride, red blood cells are early killed, so the level of hemoglobin, the red blood pigment is decreased and anemia results.

It also showed that the calcium content decreases as more fluoride remains in the body. Also, the mucus lining of the gastrointestinal tract gets damaged, with various stomach and digestive problems as a result. The fluoride content of the blood remains constantly rising if you continue to use fluoride toothpaste.

When people are bombarded with fluoride, in the form of more toothpaste and mouthwash, the muscles and connective tissue elements, particularly collagen fiber and bone tissue, will undergo degenerative changes, professor Susheela says. At the American conference of the International Society for Fluoride Research in Bellingham, 1998, Washington, Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England, presented evidence of the effects of fluoride on the pineal gland in gerbils.

In both desert rats and humans this gland helps the aging process control and the production of melatonin that regulates the sleep and wake pattern . When desert rats are exposed to high doses of fluoride, the production of melatonin decreases significantly, and they are sexually mature earlier. While the results of animal experiments are not always applicable to humans, Dr. Luke theorized that massive fluorination of the water can be the underlying cause of the general fact that children in the West are earlier in puberty.

In areas with fluoridated drinking water, the inhabitants risk dangerous levels of high fluoride concentrations in many of the soft tissues and organs, including heart, liver and bladder. The highest level ever recorded, 8400 parts per million, was found in the aorta of residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where for the first time in U.S. History fluoride was added to drinking water. The heart and the blood vessels are affected by fluoride.

Low blood pressure and heart abnormalities are observed in experimental poisoning with large doses of fluoride. In 1950, five years after an experimental basis fluoride to the water of Grand Rapids was added, the number of deaths as a result of heart disease was nearly twice as large as before. The number deaths from of cancer, diabetes and therosclerosis, was also significantly increased compared with the mortality in the rest of the state.

By means of recording the activity of the heart, the Japanese researcher Takamori pointed out that there is a direct link between weakening of the heart and dental fluorosis, in children who had drank water between 0.5 and 6.2 parts fluoride per million parts water.

Fluoride affects the brain and the entire central nervous system. Neurological symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, spasticity of limbs, visual disturbances and decreased mental sharpness are all the risks. Also, tissue damage of the anterior horn cells (the cells to the front of the spinal cord) is determined. By the official annual statistics can be seen that the number of deaths among malnourished children in the Chilean town of Curico, where since 1953 fluoride is added to drinking water, is not less than 104% higher than in similar non fluoridated cities. The average death rate was in Curico 113% higher than in the rest of the country.

“Fluoride & M.E. ‘

Although few scientists have done research into the role of fluoride in the development of myalgic encephalomyelitis: M.E., there striking similarities between the main features of M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the symptoms of people with early stages of fluoride poisoning.

Dr John McLaren Howard of Biolab in London offers important clues for an explanation. He discovered that the movement of white blood cells in M.E. patients relatively slow down when low levels of fluoride are exposed. This effect on white blood cells could be the cause that fewer patients are resistant to infection or suffer exacerbation of their problems.

Fluoride also interferes with phagocytosis, the destruction of invading bacteria, while with other white blood cells it causes the release of superoxide free radicals. This means that fluoride slows down the development of the cells that are needed for the defense mechanism of the body and these cells weaken. For example, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and damaged cancer cells in the body are now enabled to cause damage. Less severe infections will retain longer and thus can cause more serious illness.

This is exactly what seems to happen in many patients with M.E. It is not known how many children have undergone a local dental treatment with high fluoride concentrations before they were victims of infections which have resulted in M.E. Tests by Japanese researchers at the Nippon Tokyo Dental College with high doses of fluoride have showed that concentrations of only 57 parts per million fluoride may be the cause of genetic damage and irregular synthesis of DNA of mammalian cells.

These tests were designed to point out the dangers of spreadable fluoride products to prevent tooth decay, with concentrations of 9000 ppm, 21 Substances Containing 20,000 ppm fluoride, of which it’s alleged that they strengthen the teeth. My son received a fluoride treatment in the autumn of 1979 to prevent tooth decay. Shortly after his health deteriorated rapidly, starting with stomach complaints, several less serious infections and glandular fever, followed by atypical measles, more infections and finally, one years later, resulting in M.E.

Eventually the fluoride treatment did not work to prevent tooth decay, in nine years time, he needed fifteen refills. The American pathologist Majid Ali, associated with Columbia University in New York, states that chronic fatigue is the result of accelerated oxidative molecular injury.

Only a functioning enzyme system can protect us against such injury and ensure energy levels remain normal. With M.E. there frequently are abnormalities in cell membranes, due to increased oxidative pressure that is exerted on these membranes. This is the reason that victims have a lack of energy, similar to what happens to fluoride poisoning. Experienced researchers, who have done decades of research into M.E., assert that this disease, like polio, is caused by damage to the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord. That is caused by a virus that settles in the stomach and intestines. This explains why polio victims are paralyzed or have a bad motor. However, fluoride also appears to damage the anterior horn cells.

And while stomach and intestinal problems are typical for the chronic fluoride poisoning syndrome, these conditions also play an important role at M.E.
Severe insomnia or inversion of sleep rhythm, are typical for M.E. Accumulation of large amounts of fluoride in the pineal gland of animals has led to similar problems.

To date, it is not known whether these problems overlap and to what extent fluoride is responsible for the development of M.E. There is evidence that fluoride contributes to it and worsens existing complaints of patients. It is also possible, as suggested by the Dutch author Dr. H.C. Burgh Moolen that M.E. is in fact a final stage of general poisoning with chemicals and fluoride, and fluoride should be considered as one of the largest wrongdoers.

“Early signs of fluoride poisoning ‘

Scientists that have studied 112 cases of fluoroses in Ontario, Ohio, Italy and British
Columbia, discovered the next collective symptoms, that seem to reveal before the bones are affected:

Musculoskeletal: arthritis, especially in the neck, cervical and lumbar, muscle pain, pins and needles and coordination problems.

Digestive tract: stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, a swollen abdomen, diarrhea, constipation, severe shooting pain in the abdomen and inflammation in the mouth

Neurological: on migraine-like headaches, blurred vision moving spots, convulsions, muscle fibrillation

Respiratory: nasal and conjunctiva problems, emphysema, asthma and nasal bleeding

Other symptoms: cough, excessive phlegm, breathing difficulties, sores in the mouth, bleeding gums, heart palpitations, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, extreme thirst, frequent urination, frequent recurrent urinary tract diseases, edema of the hands and ankles, joint pain, stiffness, rheumatic pain, skin rash,
significant mental deterioration, mainly tinnitus memory & concentration problems, extreme fatigue and exhaustion. Many people are bedridden.

“Fluoride, hyperactivity and violence ‘

Several studies have shown that exposure to fluoride can cause changes of behavior. At a conference on fluoride In 1998 Professor Roger Masters in Washington made known that there is a link between the amount of lead in the blood of 280,000 children in Massachusetts and the use of fluorides for the silico fluoride in water, fluoride increases the absorption and toxic effects of lead.

In both Britain and Georgia (U.S) appear behaviors related to lead poisoning, such as violent crime, more to occur in communities where silico fluorides are used than in areas where these salts are not added to drinking water.

At the same conference Dr. Phyllis Mullinix, a toxicologist from neuro Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts, presented the results of a study of the use of two steroids to treat leukemia with young children. One of these include steroids was constructed from a fluoride atom. A further study showed that the average IQ of children with this steroid treatment were significantly decreased, compared to children who received a drug that contains no fluoride.

“How to avoid fluoride poisoning”

To avoid fluoride poisoning: eat low fluoride food, such as milk, eggs, red meat, not organ meat, products with a protective shell, such as watermelon, lemon, banana, coconut, fruit packed in its own juice, pineapple and fruit that is canned in non fluoridated or low-fluoridated areas.

Take adequate amounts of vitamin B6 and C. Take supplements of calcium and magnesium salts to reduce the absorption of fluoride from the stomach and to promote the elimination of fluoride. Provide a healthy body and a healthy teeth by eating varied vegetables, briefly cooked or raw, fresh fruits, legumes and little sugar. If possible, avoid areas with fluoridated water. Avoid the following medicines containing fluoride: Prozac, fluoxetine — Rohypnol, flunitrazepam – Diflucan, fluconazole – Flixonase or Flixotide, fluticasone — Terfluzine trifluoperazine, Fluanxol – flupentixol or Floxapen or Stafoxil — flucloxacillin.

Source: http://users.telenet.be/chantal.van.eenoo/gezondheidsnieuws.html

At the bottom of this blog there will be links to Wikipedia articles that might help understanding some of the terms and names in the article.

So let’s filter the symptoms for your reference, you might need it while reading the blog. It is not said of course that someone with a fluoride poisoning shows all of the symptoms:

• arthritis, especially in the neck, cervical and lumbar
• muscle pain
• pins and needles
• coordination problems
• stomach pain
• nausea
• vomiting
• a swollen abdomen
• diarrhea
• constipation
• severe shooting pain in the abdomen
• inflammation in the mouth
• migraine-like headaches
• blurred vision, moving spots
• convulsions
• muscle fibrillation
• nasal and conjunctiva problems
• emphysema
• asthma
• nasal bleeding
• cough
• excessive phlegm
• breathing difficulties
• sores in the mouth
• bleeding gums
• heart palpitations
• dizziness
• difficulty sleeping
• extreme thirst
• frequent urination
• frequent recurrent urinary tract diseases
• edema of the hands and ankles
• joint pain
• stiffness
• rheumatic pain
• skin rash,
• tinnitus memory & concentration problems
• extreme fatigue
• exhaustion
• tooth decay
• bone abnormalities & osteoporosis
• behavioral problems
• muscle weakening and destruction of muscle tissue
• damage to the nervous system
• link to cancer
• chromosomal damage
• allergic skin disorders
• gastrointestinal symptoms
• thyroid disorders
• anemia
• degenerative changes of collagen fiber and bone tissue
• early puberty
• low blood pressure
• heart abnormalities
• genetic damage and irregular synthesis of DNA of mammalian cells
• insomnia or inversion of sleep rhythm
• Fluoride poisoning damages the immune system

Now let’s look at some pictures and video’s of Mike, that can all be explained by the fluoride poisoning:


Vitiligo is a chronic disorder that causes depigmentation in patches of skin. It occurs when the melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation which are derived from the neural crest, die or are unable to function. The precise pathogenesis, or cause, of vitiligo is complex and not yet fully understood. There is some evidence suggesting it is caused by a combination of autoimmune, genetic, and environmental factors. It is also common in people with thyroid disorders (one of the symptoms of fluoride poisoning, see the symptoms list). The population incidence worldwide is considered to be less than 1 percent. Non-segmental vitiligo has a greater prevalence than the disorder’s other form(s).
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitiligo


Fluoride prematurely ages the body, mainly by distortion of enzyme shape. Again, when enzymes get twisted out of shape, they can’t do their jobs. This results in collagen breakdown, eczema, tissue damage, skin wrinkling, genetic damage, and immune suppression.

Practically any disease you can name may then be caused. All systems of the body are dependent upon enzymes. When fluoride changes the enzymes, this can damage: immune system digestive system respiratory system blood circulation kidney function liver function brain function thyroid function.


Things wear out too fast – the young body becomes old. The distorted enzymes are proteins, but now they have become foreign protein, which we know is the exact cause of autoimmune diseases, such as LUPUS, arthritis, asthma, and arteriosclerosis.
Source: http://www.nontoxic.com/nontoxic/chlorine.html

Signs and symptoms of Lupus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systemic_lupus_erythematosus#Signs_and_symptoms

“My mouth hurts”
Now go back to the list of symptoms of fluoride poisoning and you will find: sores in the mouth and bleeding gums.

“Could have been, I don’t know, I can’t remember, etc.”
One of the symptoms of fluoride poisoning: significant mental deterioration, mainly tinnitus, memory & concentration problems.


It is one of his trademarks, but it can also be explained by the fluoride poisoning. One of the symptoms is migraine-like headaches and blurred vision, moving spots. Also there is a connection between fluoride poisoning and eye diseases like Graves’ ophthalmopathy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graves’_ophthalmopathy).
“Graves’ ophthalmopathy, also known as Graves’ thyroid-associated or dysthyroid orbitopathy, is an autoimmune inflammatory disorder affecting the orbit of the eye, with or without thyroid disorder”



Exophthalmos (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exophthalmos) “Exophthalmos (also called exophthalmia) is a bulging of the eye anteriorly out of the orbit. Exophthalmos can be either bilateral (as is often seen in Graves’ Disease) or unilateral (as is often seen in an orbital tumor). Measurement of the degree of exophthalmos is performed using an exophthalmometer. Complete or partial dislocation from the orbit is also possible from trauma or swelling of surrounding tissue resulting from trauma. In the case of Graves’ Disease, the displacement of the eye is due to abnormal connective tissue deposition in the orbit and extraocular muscles which can be visualized by CT or MRI.”


Mike says he had surgeries to his nose to be able to breathe better and hit higher notes. Another symptom of fluoride poisoning is nasal and conjunctiva problems. Also, Mike once broke his nose and had it fixed. One of the symptoms of fluoride poisoning is bone abnormalities. Once the bone has been damaged, atypical bone development can occur. That might explain the surgery on the nose. Same goes for the bump on his right wrist.


Mike’s beautiful smile, another trademark. But as you can see in this picture, the teeth are different in some pictures. Fluoride poisoning causes tooth decay. That could mean a lot of dental work has been done on his teeth over the years, which would explain these differences.


The wearing of the masks can be explained by different things. Skin rash, but bone abnormalities is also a symptom of fluoride poisoning. If he got small bumps in the face which needed to be removed surgically, it’s not strange he wore a mask to hide them and it would explain the different shape of the face over the years.

Mike often says in interviews that when he was little and had to perform, he often had to vomit and felt sick. Also a symptom of fluoride poisoning.


Vitiligo is sometime associated with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, commonly thyroid overexpression and underexpression.
Inflammation: An abscess on the skin, showing the redness and swelling characteristic of inflammation. Black rings of necrotic tissue surround central areas of pus.


We are sure there are more things that can be explained by the fluoride poisoning, but we made our point and we think you can all try to connect the dots with the above information.

You might think “Why didn’t he tell this?”… Well he did, in his way. The media controls Mike, but Mike also controls the media. Look at the following clues he left over the last 20+ years and mostly the last 5 months:

“Michael Jackson bought the elephant man’s bones”
Bone abnormality is a symptom of fluoride poisoning.

“Michael Jackson sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber”
Difficulty breathing is a symptom of fluoride poisoning.

“Jackson Autopsy — Singer Was a Healthy Mess”
According to a new report, Jackson had osteoarthritis which was visible on his lower spine and fingers. Osteoarthritis is a symptom of fluoride poisoning.
The report says he was balding and suffered a skin disease. Hair loss and skin diseases: both symptoms.
We’ve previously reported Jackson suffered from vitiligo. As mentioned, vitiligo is linked to thyroid disorders, which is also a symptom.
His heart was strong but his lungs were inflamed. Inflamed lungs, another symptom.
Source: http://www.tmz.com/2009/10/01/michael-jackson-autopsy-death-propofol/#ixzz0YCFxRxSp

“Michael Jackson was skinny, didn’t want to eat and was spoon fed”
Loss of appetite is a symptom of fluoride poisoning.

“Michael Jackson was Illuminating”, according to Kenny Ortega on Oprah
Fluoride -> fluorescent -> Illuminating.

“Michael Jackson – The Urination Explaination
“Dr. Klein insists Jackson did not molest the boy, and says the reason he could describe Jackson’s genitals is because Jackson liked to pee in front of other people. Dr. Klein said Jackson thought it was funny.”
Source: http://www.tmz.com/2009/11/04/michael-jackson-the-urination-explanation/#ixzz0YCJUldPG

Frequent urination & frequent recurrent urinary tract diseases, more symptoms.

“Michael Jackson had sleeping disorders”
Insomnia or inversion of sleep rhythm, extreme fatigue, exhaustion. All symptoms.

“Michael Jackson had problems with the in-ears in TII”
One of the symptoms of fluoride poisoningis tinnitus. Tinnitus can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head. It is usually described as a ringing noise, but in some patients it takes the form of a high pitched whining, buzzing, hissing, screaming, humming, tinging or whistling sound, or as ticking, clicking, roaring, “crickets” or “tree frogs” or “locusts,” tunes, songs, beeping, or even a pure steady tone like heard in a hearing test. It has also been described as a “wooshing” sound, as of wind or waves. Tinnitus can be intermittent or it can be continuous in which case it can be the cause of great distress. In some individuals, the intensity of tinnitus can be changed by shoulder, head, tongue, jaw, or eye movements.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinnitus

“Thaffa cool moof (TII)”, the exaggerated bubble gum chewing, “My mouth hurts”
Sores in the mouth, bleeding gums.

“Michael Jackson’s last gigs in O2 arena in London”
O2 = oxygen. Difficulty breathing (lack of oxygen).

“Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest”
If someone has received a lethal dose of Fluoride, a common cause of death is cardiac arrest.

“The Deatbed picture”


Fiji Water: “It turns out that Fiji Water contains significantly more fluoride than any other popular brand. Where there is naturally occurring fluoride found in water ..” Source: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2009/09/fiji-spin-bottle?page=2.
Incontinence pad: Frequent urination & frequent recurrent urinary tract diseases
Orange juice: To avoid fluoride poisoning: take adequate amounts of vitamin B6 and C.
Toothpaste: one of the most commonly known products that contains fluoride.
Glasses case: The problems with the eyes that can be caused by fluoride poisoning.
Air pump: Difficulties breathing
Tourniquet: This made us think of something else, which we will now explain…

The tourniquet, the story that he was “riddled with needle marks” and the story that he was a druggie, makes us think he didn’t get the fluoride poisoning from toothpaste. As TMZ is our leading brickman, we remembered Harvey talk for days about mouth water in the live streams. Mouth water is also known as Sodium Fluoride or Natrium Fluoride (NaF) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_fluoride). While surfing our virtual bible google we bumbed into an article about Sodium Fluoride, or as Dr. Richard Murray calls it, the obedience drug…: http://presselibreinternationale.com/fluor/_PDF/sodium_fluoride_obedience_drug.pdf

A quote from the article:
“During wartime, both the Germans and Russians added sodium fluoride to the water of prisoners of war. Were they interested in preventing tooth decay? According to the documentation of the Australian Ian E. Stephen (1987), both Germans and Russians used fluoridation because they had discovered that it made their prisoners “stupid and docile” (Well Mind Association22).


This “human” experiment was not original. Apparently, the obedience drug-like effect was borrowed from animal studies that showed that breeders of intractable bulls had routinely used sodium fluoride to successfully tranquilize bulls for easier handling.”

Mo remembered Judy Garland’s story and we have found some striking resemblances between her and Mike, read this:

Judy Garland ~ Over The Rainbow

The life of Judy Garland, the world’s most know child star, has been the subject of many books. Through a career that spanned 45 of her 47 years, Judy attained international stardom as an actress in musical and dramatic roles, as a recording artist, and on the concert stage.

Judy’s life was a bitch, she had to fight many battles, personal as well as professional battles. Please allow us to tell you the story of her life…

Judy was born June 10, 1922. Her first appearance came at the age of two-and-a-half when she, together with her two older sisters Mary Jane “Suzy” and Dorothy Virginia “Jimmie”, on the stage of her father’s movie theatre during a Christmas show and sang a chorus of Jingle Bells. Their performances at their father’s theatre continued for the next few years.

In June 1926 the family moved to California, after rumours that her father had made sexual advances toward male ushers at his theatre. Her father, Frank, purchased and operated another theatre in Lancaster, and her mother, Ethel, acting as their manager, began working to get her daughters into motion pictures. Judy was only 4 years old then, and had nothing to say about it.

Ethel dragged her out on the road from town to town, pushing Judy to exhaustion. To keep her going, Ethel started to give Judy pep pills for energy, followed by sleeping pills at the end of the day.

She was always lonesome, and the only time she felt accepted or wanted was when she was on stage performing. The stage was her only friend – the only place where she could feel comfortable. It was the only place where she felt equal and safe. These are Judy’s own words, it’s heartbreaking when you realize she was just so little then…

In August 1935 the trio was broken up, and Judy was signed to a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. She came under the influence of the studio’s boss Louis B. Mayer. He saw that her natural screen presence had the potential to turn her into a star and was soon running virtually every aspect of her life. “In our house the word of Louis B Mayer became the law,” Judy said later.

Mayer sexually molested Judy in his office. He told her that as he put a hand on her left breast that she “sang from the heart”. Judy once said that she often thought she was lucky she didn’t sing from another part of her body. When Judy finally was brave enough to tell him to back off, he wept in shame. After that he told the other MGM executives that Judy was “available” and she had to fend off their advances. This makes you wonder where her mother was when this happened, or if Judy could even tell her mother what was going on…

Judy was the big money-maker at MGM at the time, a big success, but she was the ugly duckling, Charles Walters, who directed Judy in a number of films said. It had a very damaging effect on her emotionally for a long time, it most likely lasted forever. Her insecurity was worsened by the attitude of Mayer, who referred to her as his “little hunchback”.

She had to wear removable caps on her teeth and rubberized disks to reshape her nose, and Mayer said she looked like a little fat monster. Mayer even sent people to spy on her to see if she was sticking to her daily diet of chicken soup, black coffee and 80 cigarettes to curb her appetite. Cheating would result in a reprimand and a trip to a doctor to be given diet pills, which gave her insomnia.

To keep up with the frantic pace of making one film after another, Judy and other young performers were constantly given amphetamines, as well as barbiturates to take before bed. For Judy, this regular dose of drugs led to addiction and a lifelong struggle, and contributed to her eventual demise. She later resented the hectic schedule and felt that her youth had been stolen from her by MGM.

We won’t get in too deep on Judy’s professional career, as that had been done many times before. We want to focus on the personal aspects, on all she had to go through. We do however want to mention “The Wizard of Oz”. Mayer wanted Shirley Temple for the role of Dorothy, but she was signed with 20th Century Fox and was didn’t get permission. The role went to Judy. She was initially outfitted in a blonde wig for the part, but the producers decided against it shortly into filming. Her breasts were bound with tape and she was made to wear a special corset to flatten out her curves and make her appear younger. Her blue gingham dress was also chosen for its blurring effect on her figure.

The Wizard of Oz was a tremendous critical success, and Judy received an Academy Juvenile Award for her performance. However, the phenomenal success of The Wizard of Oz bound her closer to MGM, and she became one of MGM’s most bankable stars.

The studio even controlled her romantic involvements. Judy fell in love with and married composer David Rose in 1941. MGM, however, did not approve this and later forced Judy to have an abortion. They divorced in 1945.

Judy next married Vincente Minnelli, who directed her in the musical Meet Me In St Louis. They had daughter Liza in 1946, which triggered Judy’s post-natal depression. It didn’t take long before rumours of Vincente’s homosexuality reached Judy.

In April 1947, during shooting The Pirate, Judy suffered a nervous breakdown and was placed in a private sanatorium. Three months later she undertook her first suicide attempt.

A year later the film The Barkleys of Broadway went into rehearsals with Judy, but it was soon clear that she would not be physically and emotionally able to do it. It has been written that Judy was taking prescription sleeping medication along with illicitly obtained pills containing morphine. These, in combination with migraine headaches, led her to miss several shootings days in a row. During the shooting of her next two films she was suspended due to failed to appear on the set. MGM fired her in 1950.

In 1951 Judy divorced Vincente Minnelli and it’s said that drinking and drugs took hold. She attempted suicide again and suffered several nervous breakdowns.

Judy hired Sid Luft as her manager and he organised a series of concerts in Europe and New York which were a huge success. The couple married and daughter Lorna was born in November 1952, followed three years later by son Joe.

So successful was her comeback that, despite still being personally unstable, she returned to the screen to star in what many consider to be her finest movie, 1954’s A Star Is Born. She was nominated for an Oscar but when it went to Grace Kelly instead, Judy was devastated.

“I think it was the beginning of her downfall,” said Lauren Bacall. “She was crushed by it.”

Luft, a trained boxer, discovered Judy’s infidelity (with, among others, Frank Sinatra) and dealt with it using his fists on her. Now in her 30s it took some time to finally leave her abusive partner in 1964. She was also forced to snatch her children away from him with the help of four private detectives.

Marriage number four was to actor Mark Herron and was short-lived when he turned out to be gay. Judy’s concerts then deteriorated and audiences often walked out in disgust.

Her drug and alcohol consumption increased, her weight fluctuated and her finances were in a mess. What affected her most, however, was her inability to find true love. “If I’m such a legend, why am I so lonely?” she once asked.

Meeting musician and producer Mickey Deans changed all that but this brief stab at happiness was also destined for failure.

Just weeks into their marriage, Judy’s mood swings and drug dependency were already causing problems. On June 21, 1969, a row broke out in their Lon don home which spilled into the street. Mickey was unable to calm the screaming Judy so he stormed off.

On his return, he found his wife slumped naked and lifeless on the toilet, dead from an accidental overdose of barbiturates. At 47, Judy Garland had finally succumbed to the addiction, despair and torment that had dogged her for much of her tragic life.

Right to the end, however, she hoped that her life was finally turning around for the better. She admitted that meeting Deans was the best thing that had ever happened to her. He was strong and supportive – and not gay. “This is it,” she said. “For the first time in my life, I am really happy. Finally, finally, I am loved.”

But Judy’s problems were too entrenched and her death in Chelsea seemed inevitable.

“I tried my damnedest to believe in that rainbow that I tried to get over and I couldn’t,” she once said. “I just couldn’t.”

The coroner, Gavin Thursdon, stated at the inquest that the cause of death was “an incautious self-over dosage” of barbiturates; her blood contained the equivalent of ten 1.5-grain (97 mg) Seconal capsules. Thursdon stressed that the overdose had been unintentional and that there was no evidence to suggest she had committed suicide. Judy’s autopsy showed that there was no inflammation of her stomach lining and no drug residue in her stomach, which indicated that the drug had been ingested over a long period of time, rather than in one dose. Her death certificate stated that her death had been “accidental.” Even so, a British specialist who had attended Judy said she had been living on borrowed time due to cirrhosis of the liver.

The sad story of Judy’s life shows how much she was controlled. From childhood Judy was placed on drugs – to lose weight or to go to sleep or to wake up. To keep her going, her mother started to give Judy pep pills for energy, followed by sleeping pills at the end of the day.”

Later on, whilst under contract with MGM, she was fed amphetamines as well as barbiturates to keep her going. She was fed drugs to control her weight and increase her productivity Next to that, MGM controlled her personal life, they even forced her to have an abortion.

We don’t know if the Seconal (a barbiturate derivative drug) which caused her death was a result of a drug addiction developed by the forced ingestion of barbiturates by MGM, or if it was still administered. We do know that this story of Judy’s life is true, as it’s based on her own audio recordings. It shows how stars are controlled in every aspect, in order to keep the money making machine going.

This makes you think again about the cause of the addictions and deaths of stars like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain…


Judy Garland Speaks:

Now before we end this post, we would like you to take another look at some of Mike’s lyrics:

This Time Around

Enough said for now…All you reporters that ever addressed Mike as Wacko Jacko, we hope you have the blood risen to your heads and feel deeply ashamed. If not, you have serious social issues or should we say: YOU WOULD BE HEARTLESS.

If you all would really be such great reporters, do you jobs and read into this and clear his name, that would be THE LEAST you could do.

We rest our case…for now.

Links that might help understanding the fluoride poisoning article:


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If the record companies did poison Mike in an attempt to keep him in line they are truly, truly evil in the literal sense of the word. I think people need to understand the flouride poisoning you present would not have been an accident.

Judy Garland’s story is heartbreaking.

They fucked with the wrong guy, I assure you that.

Emily Hutjes
Emily Hutjes

bec—your last sentence sure is well said! Maybe they ‘ain’t seen nothing yet’ from our Hero Michael Jackson?! Oh how that would please me.
e.hutjes@quicknet.nl Emily.


This post really shocked me to say the least.. I don’t think this is an accident either. To show so many symptoms must mean he has been exposed to a lot of fluoride, so in my honest opinion he didn’t get it from toothpaste. Also I don’t see any symptoms with his brothers, so that makes this story even more questionable, since we all know Michael was a little rebel. I never knew it was used as an obedience drug, but that could explain how he got that many fluoride in his body to show that many symptoms. Whoever did… Read more »


Thank you for taking the time to do research on this ladies. After reading your blog post I can only conclude one thing; Michael Jackson was poisoned, and not just once. Holy shit, I’m shocked!
He got fucked, now it’s the offenders turn to get fucked, BIG TIME!


Hey! Look I don’t mean offense but wtf are you two talking about now? Just recently, you said MJ were twins in hiding, and now he is a florinated puppet? You said you two are not fans, so how can you say MJ was this weak sap? You use information about Judy Garland, who was in another time and place in Hollywood during the times where movies moguls controlled the lives of all their stars. And too boot, she was a woman. Judy was on drugs and alcohol early in her life and never figured who or what she was.… Read more »


Hi butterfly,

Did you really READ the entire blog post? I’m having a hard time believing you did, because I think in that case your comment be nothing like this.

Please read it again, unbiased this time, and give it some thought.

Greetz, Mo


Hi Mo: Ok, I read your blog again thoroughly. And as I said before, the research is extensive, informative and commendable. However, what you have done is take a fact of metal/chemical poisoning and applied to MJ without any facts, tests, or first-hand knowledge to back it up. You speculate about the health events in his life attributing it to flouride or what? How MJ looked, what he allowed to be told and what the media lied or speculated about? I am in the medical profession and there is no way any decent physician would diagnosis someone based on what… Read more »


I’m usually not one for crazy theories but what else can explain his swollen hands, his weakness, his mouth and jaw pain.

We know he had lupus, we know he has vitaligo, he said he did but wasn’t going to lower himself to prove it but now we ALL know the truth.
If its not fluoride poisoning then its something similar that has the same effects, but this fluoride theory makes alot of sense since it is used to make someone docile.
They use it in jail drinks and its known for these effects.


butterfly : Hi Mo: Ok, I read your blog again thoroughly. And as I said before, the research is extensive, informative and commendable. However, what you have done is take a fact of metal/chemical poisoning and applied to MJ without any facts, tests, or first-hand knowledge to back it up. You speculate about the health events in his life attributing it to flouride or what? How MJ looked, what he allowed to be told and what the media lied or speculated about? I am in the medical profession and there is no way any decent physician would diagnosis someone based… Read more »


I read the blog and can see where you are going with this and it would make sense and it would fit with what we know about him. We know that he did not like to fly and was kind of a rebel as a child and if what you post about flouride is true then it would calm him for flights ect. This also made me think of when he said, on oprah i think, that when he seen his father it made him wanna throw up. Well maybe joe was the one giving him this floride water i… Read more »



stealthy spy
stealthy spy




Ok, fine if that is your opinion, but do you also have some arguments, or is this the complete comment?

In that case I have to say your comment doesn’t help anyone…

Miss M
Miss M

Great Post !! I guess anything is possible. You really can see in Michael’s life that “money trully is the root of all evil”. Michael just needed to see a psychiatrist for m4ental stress, and an internist for the many medical problems he was experiencing. My bet is Dr Klein madepushed his beliefs on Michael that he was more than a dermatologist. Probaly told him I am a medical doctor as well, we can fix you up right here, no needt to see any other doctors. After all did’nt Dr Klein say that he was doing plastic surgery on Michael’s… Read more »


hi Mo, I know you have done a lot of effort for making this theory and I know this is just a theory. But since I am on medical field — the fluoride theory for me doesn’t matched up with the whole theory. I understand the research you have made for the signs and symptoms — i have patients who are diagnose to have myasthenia gravis – but it needs a thorough study before you can conclude what you have written. A person who can diagnosed such a disease should study physiologically and pathologically the mechanism of the diseases. Otherwise,… Read more »


Hi medproof,

Like you said – it’s a theory. We’re no doctors, so we have to go with the symptoms and the information available on the internet.

You wrote: “The photos you have shown with MJ bulging eyes,inflammations, nasal and conjunctiva as mere coincidence and pathologically speaking, are not signs of person who are suffering from a “fluoride poisoning”.”. I disagree on that. In fact, we found even more symptoms related to fluoride poisoning.

Too bad Mike is not available right now to go through a check up… I guess time will tell.

Greetz, Mo


This is really reaching. I believe that Flouride is problematic; however, MJ was human and 50. I’m in my 30s and have failing kidneys. Maybe Flouride was the culprit behind MJs ailments. But, maybe he had genetic disorders (lupus, vitiligo). Or perhaps, he ate a lot of candy and got a toothache. Maybe he was self-conscious and decided to improve his looks with plastic surgery. My point is just because he was a consummate entertainer and a genius, doesn’t absolve him from the same plights that plague us all.


I agree with Butterfly. Well put.

Emily Hutjes
Emily Hutjes

PianoGames and others, thank you for doing such a good job as detectives! It is very strange indeed that no blood hound reporter has dug into the matter of the strange death of Michael Jackson! I wandered about that for months after he so called ‘died’. I did not get any answers from fanclubs either. Then I found the death hoax series in youtube and they did give me a lot of answers. Dig on people, you are doing an excellent job!


I’ll say this right now, I aint a fan of you too, infact i could say i dislike you very very much, almost hate, ALMOST. You two are honestly retarded if you BELIEVE Michael has a twin and anyone on here that agree’s with the twin thing is a moron, wake up people, only one mj, jeez I can de-bunk everything you said in the twin theory. fluoride poisoning? really? oh man your crazy, you have no proof he even has that let alone enough proof to claim that alllll these things you said are connected,i say it often and… Read more »

Souza & Mo

It’s nice to see you put so much effort into writing your thoughts down. May I suggest you put the same amount of energy into researching the hoax?

Have a great day!

Greetz, Mo

Emily Hutjes
Emily Hutjes

LLaria: and why do YOU THINK michael IS ALIVE? And why do you think he is in hiding? UPON WHAT DO YOU BASE those OPINIONS. Get that hate out of your soul, for it only means you are scared.

Souza & Mo

Ilaria, First of all I feel sad for you that you can have that much anger towards someone you haven’t even met in person, or even talked to on the net. Secondly we are far from retarded, I think this post proves that fact. Whether you want to believe the theory or not, stating we are retarded is A. not based on anything and B. quite disrespectful. Third point: If you can debunk everything, please do so. These are just theories and if you have a better one, I would like to hear your thoughts. Just saying we are retarded… Read more »


The reason I don’t like the theory is pretty simple. You actually are ignoring Michael Jackson’s own words. I don’t think it was purposeful because you are not fans (like you said in the article). It is almost the very same thing that Michael wrote about in his 1988 autobiography “Moonwalk”, where people forget his really just a human and they come up with all sorts of outlandish things to explain his everyday life. He even talks about the mask and how much fun he had with it hiding his face (he received it after having his wisdom teeth removed… Read more »

Keep the faith
Keep the faith

Good research, but I don’t think that it’s right.. this report you made makes me feel like you don’t believe that MJ is alive..?

Souza & Mo

We still think he is alive, no worries. We just think people were after him for a long long time.

Emily Hutjes
Emily Hutjes

Here we go again: video’s have been removed. Are you getting too dangerous for certain people? IF Michael had a twin brother, would he be suffering from Vitiligo too??????


Emily: First of all this has nothing to do with you, so you need to stay away from my post, I’m targetting souza and mo, thank you very much. To answer your lovely questions, I think Michael is alive on the simplest things, unlike most people i dont need to dig into every single tiny detail of his WHOLE life to understand why he did this. He is hiding because he has to, duuh. What exactly am I meant to be scared of? I’d also like to ask you why in the whole fudge would you think michael has a… Read more »

Souza & Mo

First of all, your comment to Emily doesn’t make sense at all. She has the right to reply and you can not tell her what she can or can not do. Secondly, you state the following, and I’ll quote: “you dont need to do all this searching, it’s pointless and stupid. We have gotten the simple facts that show michael is alive, all of us, at mjhd so why in the world are you still going? still digging? why? it doesnt make any f***ing sence, thank you, enough said.” Why, why, why??? are you still here reading this forum and… Read more »


Souza and Mo!
I’m with you guys!
You guys have been doing a great job!
I’m really amazed by everything you’ve written! Food for thought!
I’m dumbfounded but I’ll go on reading!
And Michael, if you’re reading this, I was crying so much while watching your interview to The Sun about the painkillers………in my dreams, I wish I could have been there for you! I’d never let anybody hurt you! Army of Love, babe!

I love you guys for all this!
Congratulations, you’re doing a great job!
Don’t let people put you down! It’s a choice we have to make!

Emily Hutjes
Emily Hutjes

Well now Ilaria, if you would have read all blocks from Mo and Souza, you would know why I asked about the alleged twin brother. Read it well.. I read well, and common sense comes after reading. I just don’t take anyone’s word for the truth when I read MJJ is alive. I want to know exactly why some one thinks that, so I start to read. Then, if it makes sense and there are certain facts in the report, only then I THINK ….oh yes he must be alive. Everyone respects and admires Michael, no question about that. But… Read more »


Souza, I said it before, I am not on here to investigate, im very facinated by the stuff you come up with, but not facinated like other people, no actually i find it extremely amusing, I only come on here to reply now, I only found this place because MJHD redirects here, I dont know why thats happeneing either, thought for a second you guys bought the place. Emily, Im not angry at you, or anyone, part from S&M. I have read their stuff, I really have, I understand why YOU are here, I really do and their is a… Read more »

Little Susie
Little Susie

Guys…there’s no need to get angry and so defensive! PEACE! Peace is all Michael wanted for this world…for us! Peace and harmony…Peace means LOVE!
This is only a theory, one of many others, this is only Mo’s and Souza’s opinion, you don’t have to belive in this, but you must respect these girls! And if you don’t like and disagree, then do not read, do not insist, better stay away from this blog!
God bless you all!


Nice research, but frankly, you’re grasping at straws.


I see clearly now… I believe Michael was the target of “good versus evil” I know in my heart that Michael was a kind and loving person. The media and the circus act that surrounded Michael tried very hard to crush his platform in fear that he would tell the truth about what our media and high ranking officials are trying to do to us, the people. I know that if Michael knew the truths about all the lies and conspiracies he would not be able to live his life in a self perserving bubble and pretend to the public… Read more »


I think the information you posted on floride is very interesting and alarming. It makes me want to do my own research about it. I thank you for that. I don’t agree with your theory. Even though you have researched Judy Garland and floride, you don’t have the proof to make these assertions about Michael. You offer a picture or video, then make a claim that isn’t backed up by what you offer. You make interesting points, but it’s asking the reader to cross a canyon without a bridge. For me this isn’t theory at it’s best. I still plan… Read more »


If its flouride poisoning, why didnt he say so, its not his fault. Or is all of this just on an assumption that he didnt know what was wrong with him? Would’nt this show in the post-mortem?
Miss you Michael, Love you always.xx


Hi everyone, fist I’d like to start by saying that I am not what you would call a fan or fanatic of MJ I didn’t send him fan mail or sign up on the web site or go to a concert mostly because I was too young to go, however in would call myself a lover of MJ. I have the deepest respect for him I love his music and his talent and all the awesome things he has done and my honest to God goal was to one day be able to meet him, not as a fan but… Read more »


I love and admire michael jackson!!!!!He is my greatest inspiration!!!!!Lets all of us spread his message…..LOVE AND PEACE…more and more people need to learn the truth about michael being alive!!!!!!


check this out “F the press” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yfz_tzE69Xo


i just want to ssy GOOD JOB for both of you guys, but honestly im not convinced with your theory, like you’ve said its just your own, i agree with butterfly, ive been on my computer for the last six months trying to read many many blogs about Michael, and beleieve me all those articles that ive red is more convincing than you work on, yours is way to far from the issue itself, for me its not believable, no offense guys im putting it in a diligent way, your research doesnt justify anything, you dont have any back ups… Read more »


im talking about the flouride and the twin stuff, that’s not very convincing at all, way to far from the issue, but the other blogs or haox that you post, that’s very convincing.


WELL. u can have lots of symptoms of the flu and have aids. so its nothing wrong with saying based on what the writers of THIS BLOG found, they can assume that he may have been a victim to flouride poisioning. alot of sicknesses, illness, diseases, etc ALL HAVE COMMON SYMPTOMS. u cant judge his life cuz he had personal demons, and we all do. we dont deserve to be judged. neither does he. he wants to change his nose, SO WHAT? He wants to claim kids that he have raised from birth are his own. SO WHAT??!?!? people should… Read more »


all theories are disturbing. It saddens me so much that people could be so blinded by greed, that they felt the need to control ANY human, but Michael? The theories are fascinating, painful to read, and scary as hell. I believe michael is still alive, I refuse to believe otherwise, my own selfishness yes, but one thing Ilaria said that I also agree with, is (and I paraphrase, so forgive me Ilaria) he shouldn’t come back. Whatever was going on in his life that required him faking his death, hurting the millions of fans who love him and whom he… Read more »


Maybe he got the floride poisoning from the cream for bleaching from vitiligo

Angela Bibee

There are times that i dont read more than two lines but i think you have a unique blog. Bravo !