DH Chronicles No.1 North Carolwood Drive/Monovale

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DH Chronicles No.1 North Carolwood Drive/Monovale

  • on: September 06, 2010, 09:01:13 AM
Just an observation about MJs house. Please delete if posted - didn't find anything about DH chronicle No. 1  ;)  
From the topic Death Hoax Chronicles No. 34 in the Breaking News section I started watching the first one, where karenjoymc shows N. Carolwood Drive and its two entrances (Monovale Dr with the 2nd)  in regards to the ridiculously slow backing out of the ambulance. With google earth she shot a picture to prove correctly, that there was indeed WAAAYY enough room to turn an ambulance car in front of the house to then leave the property in a regular 'forward' mode. I couldn't agree more on that issue. Then she proceeded to show a second 'entrance' or for that matter exit leading from the round about in front of the house to Monovale Drive. This is where I have to disagree:
I went around MJs house last December and this area is quite 'hilly', meaning, from Sunset you go pretty uphill for a moment before it goes downhill, and going right into Monovale Drive then goes downhill again (and pretty steep for my taste  :D ) and this side entrance is right beneath the corner of the house. It is a garage-like entrance. There is no access from Monovale Drive to the roundabout and vice versa. Standing in front of the Monovale entrance you cannot look onto the round about and vice versa. Plus the streets in this area are also pretty narrow and - to me at least - were surpisingly a LOT shorter than they appear.
But due to how Monovale Dr. goes, the narrowness of this street, the trees, bushes, etc. I can imagine that MJ left through this side entrance while the main focus was on the main entrance with this ridiculously slow ambulance manouvre ... Just an observation from me. Thanx.
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