Petition Department stores regarding unsold/damaged stock

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Please read this short article 1st as it will explain some background to my post: ... ion=justin

These are just a few lines from the article. If you have the time please read it in its entirity.

Mr Magro says 10 years ago, when he worked for Mission Australia in Sydney, Myer Grace stores would call him on a weekly basis to say they had stock for him to collect.

"That was going really well for us ... we'd get things like a dinner set, with just a chip in a glass or something," he said.

But all this changed when the company started giving its product to a reverse logistics firm in Melbourne, TIC.

TIC describes reverse logistics as the "backwards flow of merchandise from consumers, to retail stores, and back to distributors, manufacturers or remarketers".

"But then the company started deciding they would put the product online and it would go to the highest bidder, so what's happened now is that not-for-profits don't get a look in because we just get out-bid all the time."

What's more, Mr Magro says donations from the general public have also dropped in quantity and quality.

"The quality of product people are donating into our collection bins is not what it used to be five years ago, 10 years ago," he said.

"People have garage sales, markets, eBay, so then if they don't sell it there we get what's left over."

This  problem is not confined to Australia...many countries I would think are experiencing what is discussed in this article.

Maybe petitioning Department stores to re-establish their past givings of such items to charites. I think this would make a difference to people/families who are struggling and to refugee people/families who have left everything behind and are trying to establish a life in a new country.

Perhaps an effort in donating unwanted clothes, blankets, quilts, crockery, furniture, beds, wardrobes, fridges, cutlery etc to charities to help people less fortunate. Certainly the  global financial crisis hit those people less able to recover from it, as well as so many refugees who have left all their belongings behind in their homelands to escape war and persecution to seek safety in other nations.

Don't sell our unwanted goods like clothes, furniture, whitegoods etc etc on Ebay - donate it to a worthy charity instead who will help people in real need.
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Can't add much to what you already wrote other than that I agree.  :)
Less ebay, more salvos.
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So right.

I have been years donating all my clothes and shoes (in very good shape btw) and brand new clothes I bought in super discount to the slavations army, cáritas, unicef and the local bins for charity among others.
Last Friday I made another bunch! and during summer we (my fam mostly) collected baby clothes,a bed, shoes, meds, diapers....well, all needed for a new born.

Part of the "bunch" we found a week later for sale at the flea market and the person selling was not identified as any of those organizations  :?

In any case, If the money goes to other charity purposes those sales are also welcome  :) but one needs to be awaked and be sure where the items donated goes to. In some cases, sadly, those charity calls can be fraudulent and at the end what one is suporting and paying is the "dose of the day"  :(

Some food donation organizations in USA

The most complete one:

There are on the net many organizations.
I will post this in a nother thread!
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