Taaj Malik's notes on twitter from the hearings yesterday

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Thank you for sharing this!
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  • on: January 06, 2011, 10:28:30 AM
A non-believer wrote these on her twitter. You may know her as she attacks believers a lot. Taaj2001. I thought you may want to know these details.  

From inside this mornings preliminary hearing. 15 members of the Jackson Family present for today's hearings, Mrs.Jackson, Mr.Jackson, Janet, Rebi, Randy, Latoya and extended family members. Full morning session. Alberto Alvarez one of Michaels body guards got a call in the hut to run to the residents. He entered the front door and saw Prince and Paris at the bottom of the stairs and Murray looking down at them. Alberto ran up the stairs taking them two at a time. Alberto followed Murray in to the bedroom and Murray began pumping Michael with one hand. Murray told Alberto that Michael had a reaction then said "call a ambulance". AT that point in time Paris walked in the room and began screaming "daddy, daddy", Alberto said "don't worry about it we'll take care of him", and he ushered her out of the room. Murray told Alberto to get a bag and Murray took a bunch of bottles and dropped them into the bag. Murray then told Alberto to drop that bag into a brown bag. Alberto observed Michael hooked up to a I.V. and another I.V bag with a bottle inside it was dripping which appeared to look like a milky substance. Murray told Alberto to place the I.V in bag also at that point in time he instructed Alberto to call 911. After 911 call made Murray and Alberto lifted Michael and placed him on the floor. Then Michael Amir came into room and Murray asked if they knew C.P.R. Alberto began C.P.R while Murray gave mouth to mouth, he turned to Alberto and said " I have never done this before but I am doing it for my friend". Paramedics arrived and while they were taking Michael down the stairs Alberto moved Prince, Paris and Blanket away so they could not see Michael. At the hospital Murray thanked Alberto for his assistance then asked for a ride back to Carolwood. Alberto said no and Murray left. Alberto received a call asking him to take the childrens dog to Havenhurst. Alberto was very emotional during his testimony and had to stop to hold back tears, you could tell it was still affecting him all this time. Mrs. Jackson sobbed most of the time while Janet, Rebi and Latoya were tearful. Fans cried also it was a very emotional morning in court. Court Resides back at 1pm. These details were given quickly over the phone did my best to cover all the details exactly as given to me.
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Re: From inside the courtroom

  • on: January 07, 2011, 05:10:07 PM
This doesn't make me feel good...  :cry:
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Re: From inside the courtroom

  • on: January 07, 2011, 05:29:18 PM
Quote from: "PureLove"
did my best to cover all the details exactly as given to me.
Hear-say again.
Reminds me of the telephone game.
You never know the outcome in the end.
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