Predicting future dates

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Predicting future dates

  • on: January 13, 2011, 04:02:56 PM
I read this and I think it is such a great idea it deserves it's own thread. I hope it hasn't been done already. If so I'm sorry. Please delete.  :D

Quote from: "Andalusa"
* People are good at recognizing patterns. While this helps people learn to read, count and recognize faces, it can also encourage people to interpret random events as patterns.

I really do think that if we come together to notice a pattern and keep the numerology organized.

What I have done today is I added the dates of a few events. Here is what I have so far. Please add more so we can see if the numbers are pointed directly to certain events and or persons.I think it will help us to predict future dates!

*TII producer claims there were no doubles used
*Janet admits she thinks Murray killed MJ
*Toxicology reports confirm the medications in MJ’s system

*Coroner delays the release of the autopsy report
*The death certificate is amended
*Investigation is complete
*Murray visits MJ’s grave

*The coroner says they got MJ’s remains at 2am and she was stunned to see there was no sign of decomposition or other post mortem. “Plastic” surgery could be the reason.
*Kenny talks about MJ’s kids and MJ the “filmmaker”
*Sony announces TTI is to open on 10/28 not 10/30
*Autopsy is revealed
*Jackson brothers go on CNN to announce their reality show

*Jermaine’s slip up interview where he says airport instead of hospital
*Coroner van video is proven a hoax
*Latoya claims she gets messages from Michael
*MJ’s memorial wins a NAACP award
*Drug stash is found in Michael’s house

*A new MJ song was released on the internet
*Announced that holographic technology will be used to bring MJ “back to life”
*A book “Michael Jackson, The Master of Illusions” surfaced
*Gotham Chapra tweets about Michael’s “mythical death”

*Bloody shirt is found
*TMZ reports MJ has not been buried yet, Murray was not living at the residence
*MJ’s new album announced
*A mistake on the will is found
*TIAI appears on the internet
*Janet Jackson says the inspiration for her new movie comes from the death of MJ

*Coroner van video is leaked
*Ortega admits he was hesitant to take on TII
*Jackson family states the kids are happy
*The bodyguard Alvarez is fired
*3D version of We Are The World is released

*Jermaine interviews and says Ireland was MJ’s getaway and that he would have wanted to do a reality show
*Bearden says MJ was in good shape
*MJ’s grave on 24/7 security watch
*TMZ announces the IMMORTAL tour
*Murray asks to delay the hearing

*Murray releases his youtube video
*Arraignment is rescheduled due to the feud between the LAPD and the DA. Murray’s defense claims the DA is acting “suspiciously slow”
*Travis Payne releases the prison version of “They Don’t Really Care About Us”

*The first information on TII and the poster is revealed
*A clip of “We Are The World” surfaces with a suspicious man in a green suit
*Joe says he doesn’t want MJ fans to attack Murray supporters
*Defense starts claiming MJ killed himself
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Re: Predicting future dates

  • on: January 13, 2011, 04:12:13 PM
i must be thick , i don't understand what you mean!sorry, can someone explain??
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Re: Predicting future dates

  • on: January 13, 2011, 11:16:29 PM
When you have a date you add up all the numbers to get one number. For example June 25, 2009 would be:

 6+2+5+2+0+0+9= 24 and 2+4=6

So June 25 or 6/25 would be put in the 6 category.

 If you feel more comfortable, you can give me a date that you feel is important and I can do the numerology for you and keep a good chart of the date numbers.  Doing this, we can see if certain events take place on certain dates for a reason or if a specific person is linked to a specific number. Then we can go even further and look at the amount of days in between two dates and look even further at the specific times that certain things occur and we can piece it all together.

For example:  MJ died on June 25, 2009 and that is a 6 date. On that date Jermaine announced that MJ had died at 2:26pm. To start we can follow Jermaine and see if there is a pattern. The next date that adds up to 6 is August 14, 2009. On August 14 it was reported that they found Dr. Murray's propofol bottles in the closet.

His next interview after that is July 2, 2009 which is a 2.  7+2+2+0+0+9=20 2+0=2.  That is 7 days after his last interview. If we add 7 days to that date it's July 7, 2009 and that is a 7 date which also happened to be Michael's memorial. We can say that we already have 777, but it's fun to go further.)  

After July 2 the next date to add up to a 2 is August 1, 2009.  On this date Latoya Jackson wrote a heartfelt blog to Michael where she says “I love you deeply and I can’t wait to see you perform again!” Hmmm

His next interview was just a day later July 3, 2009 which gives us a 3 date. The next date after July 3 that adds up to 3 is July 12, 2009. It's Latoya again. In an interview with UK journalist Caroline Graham from The Mail she tells her  “my brother was murdered”.

His next interview is July 18, 2009 which is a 9 date. The next 9 date after that is July 27, 2009. On this day paramedics said that MJ was dead when they arrived.

We could keep going on and on but I'll stop right there for sake of example.  Since we are already almost 19 months into it we can look at the number dates just based on Jermaine's interviews and go back to see what else happened on those number dates to see if anything is relevant in pattern or if there are clues on this number date.  We have 6, 2, 3, and 9.  I'm not even close to having everything so I'm going to go just on what I have so far.

The 6 date-Michael's death-a bunch of propofol bottles were found, (when I was writing this down I was abbreviating and thought it funny that propofol was "prop"), Janet Jackson did a tribute to Michael using a hologram to make him appear "alive", Randy Jackson stated that MJ could not sign his will in 02 because he was miles away, FBI files were released that supported MJ's innocence, a book "Michael Jackson, Master of Illusions" surfaced, Gotham Chapra tweets about Michael's "mythical death".

The 2 date-Latoya blogs that she can't wait to see MJ perform again, TII producer claims no doubles were used, Michael Bearden gave an interview. and said 'I hope I don't get in trouble for this, then said, he asked MJ,  'Where will you be?' MJ replied, 'Where do you think I will be? I will be in bed.' Bearden then asked him, 'What about Orianthi? MJ replied, 'She will be in the bed with me.' MJ then assured Bearden, 'I can handle it.' (This interview was done 5 months after MJ's passing. I wonder why he thought he would get in trouble.)

The 3 date-Latoya says MJ was murdered, Murray's criminal investigation is complete, the death certificate is amended and Murray visits MJ's grave. The coroner delays the release of the autopsy report.

The 9 date-paramedics said MJ was dead when they arrived, Murray's office called his two sisters to go and pick up boxes from a storage facility. The time was reported to be at 9:22am, and Murray asked for the hearing to be delayed. Jermaine gave an interview where he talked about Ireland being Michael's place to escape, Bearden gave another interview stating that MJ was in good shape, MJ's tomb was on 24/7 watch, Evan Chandler committed suicide, Jermaine had another interview where he said "Michael would have wanted to do a reality show",  TMZ reported that MJ was alive at UCLA and they announced the Immortal tour.

Ok. So it is kind of strange that Jermaine's interview dates lead to something else that happens. It's kind of strange that these things happened that are some what related on the same number date, but it's not enough to prove a non believer to believe in the numerology. So let's take it at a different angle.  MJ says that we only have four years left so we are assuming he is talking about 12/21/2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and even says in his lyrics "the planets are linin up so we are bringing a message".  The start of the Mayan calendar is August 11. However, the start of the hoax could not happen until he died. So we can assume the start date was June 25, 2009.  The start date of the mayan calendar is Aug. 11. There are 47 days between those two dates. 4+7=11. The start of Murray's preliminary trial was January 4. There are 146 days between Aug. 11 and January 4. 1+4+6=11. His trial will start January 25th which is 21 days later. 21 is 7x3 so these dates together look like 11:11:777.  

Now we can look at some of the TIMES that we were given. If it is a little ironic that the 911 call was placed at 12:21 and you usually call 911 for help and the end of the mayan calendar is 12/21/2012 when the world will need help...we have to look at ALL the numbers AND all the dates. Murray said he didn't have time to call because he didn't want to neglect his patient yet he was texting like 13 year old school girl. The phone records indicate he sent a text at 12:03, 12:04, 12:15, 12:18, 12:53 and 1:08.  Let's take a look at the dates they would be.

12:03= December 3, 2009 is an 8. So far on this date I have-the coroner van video was released, KO admits that he was a little hesitant to take on TII, the Jackson family states that the kids are happy, Alvarez the bodygaurd is fired, and the 3D version of We Are The World is released (with the suspicious guy in the green suit)

12:04= December 4, 2009 is a 9. Based on what we have above I'm guessing He's in good shape, in Ireland and prepping for the Immortal tour while his grave is on watch so nobody finds out.

12:15= December 15, 2009 is a 2. Based on the information above I'll say that he knows that some people are in anticipation of seeing him perform again, it will be him, not a double, and he can handle it.

12:18= December 18, 2009 is a 5. Jermaine gave an interview where he slipped up and said "airport" instead of hospital", german guys from TMZ went out of their way to prove that the coroner's video was a hoax by sharing their "making of" video (a hoax within a hoax ooooh inception), Latoya speaks again in an interview and said she "receives messages from Michael", the drug stash was found in MJ's home (I asked my sister because she is a pharmacy tech and the midazolam and flumazenil are drugs used to counteract the other drugs found), and Murray saves the life of a person on an airplane.

12:53 we have to do a little maneuvering here. There are 31 days in December and 53-31=22. Go to the next month and we have January 22, 2010. At this time lawyer for John Branca and John McClain asked the court to green light compensation to the tune of 10% of all profits, excluding profits from “This Is It” and profits from the Sony/ATV and Mijac catalog and Michael Jackson’s estate did not want to pay Joe Jackson an allowance, because MJ did not want his dad to be a beneficiary. However; I think since it was placed at 12:53 instead of 1:53 we still have to use the year 2009. So we have January 22, 2009. But MJ wasn't dead at that time so why would we do that?  1+2+2+2+0+0+9=7.  And in time clock it is only the first two sets of numbers we see.

January 22,  is a 7. So far on this date a bloody shirt was found in MJ's closet, TMZ reported that he had not been buried yet, it was announced that MJ was going to have a new album out, it was reported his will had a mistake on it, TIAI appeared on the internet, it is reported that Murray's case will go into 2010, the song "Another Day" is leaked, TMZ reported that Murray will be surrendering and Janet Jackson said in an interview that she "drew inspiration for my upcoming movie from the death of Michael".

1:08= January 8, 2010 is a 3. Based on the information above I would say everything is coming to a conclusion in this part of the drama since Latoya said MJ was murdered, the death certificate was amended, the investigation was complete and Murray said his goodbyes. Even though the coroner delayed the release date of the autopsy report, Katherine released a statement she wanted autopsy images to be kept private and then Joe told TMZ that the burial had been rescheduled. New information on TII song was released, Murray was set to sue AEG for his $300,000 but Joe gets the wrongful death suit rolling, and it is released that Murray's judge will be "Michael Pastor".

So now we are left with the 911 call at 12:21 which is December 21, 2010 and that is another 9. Just for reassurance purposes he's in good health in Ireland.

And last but not least 2:26 the time his death was announced. February 26, 2010 is a 4. Sony announced TII, Murray tried to say that MJ tried to kill himself, Dieter Wiesner was interviewed and gave a list of MJ's enemies, the autopsy was revealed, the coroner stated that they got MJ's remains at 2:00am and was stunned to see there was no decomposition or post mortem effects of any kind. She said it was probably because of his "plastic" surgery, brian oxman said the ambulance picture was photoshopped, the DA still hadn't turned over their documentation and the Murray's defense said they were being "suspiciously slow",  the Jackson brothers went on CNN and announced they were going to start a reality show, the reality show also ended on a 4 date.

So what I see just in the last time and date number is TII was MJ saying...hey, here we go. Then MJ "killed" himself, because of the enemies listend in DW's interview, but it was only a plastic MJ that died, everything else is made up and the DA is involved with this "reality" show or documentation. This is not even scraping off the first layer!  If you have anything to add please, please let me know.

I think it was Dr. Murray with the "props"  "In The Closet"!
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