Michael Jackson lookalike seen in SA

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Michael Jackson lookalike seen in SA

  • on: January 14, 2011, 04:57:43 AM
Michael Jackson lookalike seen in SA

HE HAS met most of the family members, such as Jermaine, Janet, Latoya and the late King of Pop's father, Joe Jackson.

But interestingly he did not meet Michael Jackson when he was alive.
"I have been doing his character for so many years I actually feel like I have met him. As a result I never felt the need to meet him.
"His father Joe has attended my shows though," he said.
I have just met Michael Jackson. Yes, the late King of Pop who died in 2009, complete with a military-style black shirt and matching pair of black trousers, black gloves, tall and soft spoken. The shapely nose and the make-up give you a perfect picture of a Michael Jackson reincarnation.
Our meeting with Kenny Wizz was at the Joburg Theatre where he is billed to perform the role of Michael Jackson in the new musical HIStory – This Is it, straight from a successful season in Las Vegas. Wizz has been performing in this musical for a long time, doing two shows a day.
I had been warned by the show's producers before meeting Wizz that I must be prepared for anything, including the possibility of fainting, because his physical resemblance to the late King of Pop is so striking he could easily be mistaken for a Michael Jackson who has risen from the dead.
I was, of course, sceptical until I met Wizz. He also has the aura of Michael Jackson once he is on stage, those who have worked with him maintain. And when I shook his hand I felt as if I was shaking the hand of the late music icon.
Regarded as the world's best impersonator of Michael Jackson, Wizz related the story of how this came about.
"Like many kids at the time I was a street dancer in Los Angeles where Michael Jackson was based.
To dance in the street was the inthing. In fact, Michael Jackson picked up some of his dance moves from the kids in the streets and moulded them into something that belonged to him.
"If you look at the Michael Jackson dance moves, he was really good at it because he incorporated hip-hop and even jazz dance, creating a dance repertoire that people all over the world came to love," Wizz said.

Wizz, who has been practising the Michael Jackson moves for 26 years, is a seasoned artist who, come January 20, is ready to show South African Jackson fans that he might not be Jackson, but with regards to the dance moves of the late superstar, he is just as good.
"I still practise these dance moves every day, and I have played this role so many times that it is part of me as an artist.

"When I meet people the old ones get frozen, afraid because of the resemblance to Michael Jackson. But, the young ones get excited and just love the image in the same way that they understand Mickey Mouse.

"Whenever I tour a country I try to understand the people and their culture and so I went to the mall yesterday. People are quite friendly here. They are also friendly towards each other.
"One thing that I like about South Africa is the fact that there are so many different languages. The sound is quite exciting. There is so much diversity here," he said.

At this stage I remembered that my 3-year-old son is a staunch fan of Michael Jackson, and with Wizz's astonishing similarity to the late star, why not have a picture with him? It is not something I often do with ordinary artists but, hey, this is no ordinary artist.

HIStory – This Is It runs at the Joburg Theatre from January 20 until February 13

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Re: Michael Jackson lookalike seen in SA

  • on: January 14, 2011, 05:50:34 AM
His performance  ;)

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Re: Michael Jackson lookalike seen in SA

  • on: January 14, 2011, 07:20:43 AM
looks like a statue the picture :lol:
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Re: Michael Jackson lookalike seen in SA

  • on: September 08, 2011, 07:58:41 AM
I met Kenny Wizz in Melbourne. He is a lovely guy, so sweet and quietly spoken.