Murray's Lawyers 'Don't Have The Budget' for Lengthy Trial

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Conrad Murray's Lawyers 'Don't Have The Budget' For Lengthy Michael Jackson Trial
Lawyers representing DR. CONRAD MURRAY have urged a judge not to delay the upcoming involuntary manslaughter trial into MICHAEL JACKSON's death - because they "don't have the budget" for lengthy court proceedings.

The medic stands accused of administering the drug Propofol which killed the King of Pop in June 2009.

The case is scheduled to begin on 24 March (11), but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor could push back the start date of the trial after prosecutors called for a later hearing, according to the Associated Press.

Speaking on Monday (28Feb10), he said, "I am extremely distressed about the state of this case and whether the defense is prepared for trial and its obligations to Dr. Murray."

But Murray's legal team have appealed to Judge Pastor to keep 24 March as the start date - as they are running out of cash.

Defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan pleaded, "We need to go to trial right away. We don't have the budget that would let us draw this out."

Reports suggest prosecutors are objecting to the trial start date because they are entitled to receive discovery of defense evidence 30 days before trial starts - a deadline which has already passed. The judge threatened Murray’s lawyers with hefty fines for failing to share evidence with prosecutors.

He told the attorneys for the pop icon’s personal physician that he would impose the fines or other sanctions on Wednesday (02Mar11) unless they met their legal obligation to turn over witness statements and expert reports to prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the judge has ordered Deputy District Attorney David Walgren to turn over digital photos from Jackson's autopsy as well as all of the surveillance tapes recorded at his home on the day he died. ... al_1204586


A budget?  WTH - so when does a lawyer outwardly admit there is a 'budget' surrounding his client's case, this is just absurd.  Any retainer agreement or otherwise, is between the lawyer and client and not for public consumption.  If Murray can't afford his lawyer get another one lol.....
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This is just as absurd as anything else. First he hires a new lawyer. Second, this new lawyer allegedly has a personal conflict. Total BS by the way. And third, it turns out CM doesnt have money for ANY lawyer.
Oh God, when is this comedy gonna end?
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Hmmm, I don't think this is a budget thing, not really.  I think the hoax has a time-line which will be followed and whether the trial is delayed or not, it's following that time-line.
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:lol:  :lol:  Murray’s running scared of those “fans" that will probably be in town if the trial is still going on on June 25th.  I’ll bet he’s sweating bullets :lol:  :lol:   Can you blame him?
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