TII Transcripts re: doubles n lyrics, part 4 Human Nature

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This project will be posted in multiple pieces in chronological order. For most purposes I will record the lyrics and words that the real Michael Jackson DOES sing/say if he appears in a song, and the lyrics that the fake MJ DOES NOT "sing" when he appears in a song excluvely or nearly exclusively.

Start at Human Nature:
Mostly Fake MJ, starts with Fake MJ in pointy shouldered jacket appearing to be schooled in voice prep for the song. In this way, this scene shows an interesting change in roll from other scenes in TII.

The only lyrics fake MJ did NOT sing:
to touch a stranger

Reaching out, I touch her shoulder
I'm dreaming of the street

Only red 7s shirt/grey jacket is the real Michael Jackson, all the rest are fake MJ. The views switch back and forth between fakes so frequently by the time they get to real Michael Jackson it's an obvious contrast. The real Michael Jackson moves like a guy, fake MJs are effeminate.

Then cut to real Michael Jackson in red 7s shirt with grey suit jacket singing the following:

Why oh why
Oh Why
looking out….
[stop-makes fist, right arm outstretched]
Across the morning
The city’s heart begins to beat

[grabs wrist sorta like taking his pulse]

tell em that is human nature
why why does he do me that way
we say why why
tell em that was human nature
why why
does he do me that way
he say why why
tell them that was human nature
does she do me that way

Cut back to fake MJ repeating the chorus. Ends with the real Michael Jackson singing a single word:Why

End with posibly real Michael Jackson (you only see him fromt he back) motioning for a towel to wipe his face.

End post 4.
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