TII Transcripts re: doubles n lyrics, part 6 TWYMMF

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TII Transcripts re: doubles n lyrics, part 6 TWYMMF

  • on: December 21, 2009, 01:56:30 AM
The Way You Make Me Feel:
Starts with (I think) fake MJ working sound with music director.

Docu footage: "It's really cool for me as a music director because I need the artist to be hands on and MJ is always hands on with everything that he ever does. He knows all of his records, he knows all of his tempos, he knows all of his keys of songs."[/color]

Is the music director saying that fake MJ is an integral part of the team? If he saying that fake MJ does indeed know all these things about Michael's songs and is a necessary in the muscial production staff? Or is this real Michael Jackson? He does remove his sunglasses but his face and eyes are largely obscured by a very messy wig. Just thoughts I had watching this portion.

Fake? MJ: "No no no don't change so soon. Don't change so soon."

"We'll get the sound, we'll get the sound.
Do a sound check"

Music Director:
"That's what we need to do. I know, that's what we doing. That's why we need you to do the sound check because can't nobody can hear what you need to hear. Some people might not want that much..."

Fake? MJ says: "I want it ...the way I wrote it and the way the audience hears it. Right, so whatever the record store sounds like, that's what it's gonna sound like."

(but what is confusing is if as the Music Director says is true about MJ, then why isn't MJ more helpful then this?)

Music Director: "I really want it closer to what you wanna hear, so if you want a little more booty on something something... you know what I mean? That's kinda... "

Fake? MJ snickers: "a little more booty, that's funny"

(Again, fake? MJ is really not helpful.)

Misical Director: "But you knew what I mean, alright.
One more time, take it from the top."

Start Intro TWYMMF.

*growl comes to soon and fake? MJ waves it off and goes into simmer speech*
"why don't we let it simmer. You got a moment and it has to simmer. You're not letting it simmer. Bathe in the moonlight. You have to let it simmer."

Second start over into TWYMMF. Plays green screen of construction workers in backround, Red pants fake MJ on stage.

Fake MJ leaves out these lyrics:
You're Just A Product Of
I Like The Groove Of
Your Walk,
Your Talk, Your Dress

Fake MJ continues singing lyrics, green screen shots interspersed. Again, the growl comes too soon, before fake MJs cue and he stops the music.

Fake MJ: I gotta cue that, I gotta cue that.

Kenny: (sounding irritated) Where's our girl.

Fake MJ: I gotta cue that. You gotta watch me for that growl, k?

As much time as Kenny has spent being respectful to Michael Jackson throught TII, he sounds awful short with MJ here and minimizes fake MJs need to cue the growl.

TWYMMF continues.
Red pants fake MJ opens with girl scene. Cut to real Michael Jackson, red 7s shirt with blue shirt over it. Real Michael Jackson sings:
"Ive never felt so in love before, promise baby you'll love me forever more"

Cut back to red pants fake MJ.

Back to real Michael Jackson:
You really turn me on, you knock me off of my feet now.

Swap back forth between fake MJ and real Michael Jackson, back to fake MJ for dance performance.

Real Michael Jackson sings:
Come on give it to me,

(to crew) one more time, you really turn me on,
that's why we rehearse, it's ok, it's ok, right here, let's go,

Music ends.

You wanted us to take those out.

Real Michael Jackson:
It's ok, just a little too soon.

Kenny (back to being incredibly repectful): I agree, Michael. I think, I think let's add them back...

Real Michael Jackson:
Just leave it. You know be, you know be totally nourished by it, ok?

MJ, we'll also have a fan there, right there in the center,

Real Michael Jackson:
I'm trying to hear you, say it again.

a fan, they're be a fan there for you, right there off the stage, boom.

Cut to red pants fake MJ. Finish number with walk girl off stage, return to green screen, construction workers crawl back up scaffolding.

next post, I Want You Back and tie in to Fist in Ear Monologue.
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