The intriguing death Marlyn Monroe.

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The intriguing death Marlyn Monroe.

  • on: April 21, 2011, 04:39:03 PM
The intriguing death Marlyn Monroe.

I love the Marlyn!

In my opinion never have a woman as charming, beautiful, beloved and unforgettable.
Passed 30 years Marlyn's death, but she remains an icon of beauty of cinema.
The other day I was reading a magazine, and the magazine focused the profit that Marlyn continues even after dead. Marlyn slacktivism today is a great international luxury brand, besides being the female celebrity that disillusionment after dying.
Well, what I'm wanting to say all this?
As the title says, I want to talk about the death of Marlyn Monroe.
People never forgot her talent, beauty, smile and charm, but they forgot his "death".

Marlyn Monroe is killed!" says people.
These people just forgot to look up things before saying something from someone who unfortunately is no longer here.
CALM! This is a Blog about the false death of Michael Jackson, but the goal is to connect it to Michael.
When you search for killing Marlyn on Google, you are faced with the presence of it among the largest Hollywood conspiracy theories.
There is Marlyn alongside Elvis Presley ...
The term CONSPIRACY THEORY does not mean exactly HOAX DEATH, but is a term used to refer to any theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plan, undertaken usually by powerful conspirators maquiavélicos, such as a "secret society" or "shadow government".
IE is the belief that has something hidden behind.
If you ask me about the death of Marlyn Monroe, then I will answer you:
-I think she was murdered!
 But my certainty may not be your sure ...
But in Hollywood, there is a difference in behavior between solve a crime, or SMOTHER a crime. Even more when the killers are part of the top of greatness, and mainly make those that control what you listen, hear, speak and think: the MEDIA!
First let me say that this just like 99% of this Blog is my opinion. The 1% is not to make it clear, as I am "selfish".
Turning death Marlyn, you must be wondering what is the connection of this with Michael.
"What is the link?", asks his mind.
This is the time that begs for open YOUR EYES.
I'm here to guide you, but the way you should go alone.
Forget everything you read today about the term POLITICALLY CORRECT, or anything that has derived the law!
"The law allows much honour condemns."

Makes very little time that I presented to you, the hidden links between Elvis and Michael. Vi people if encantarem if assustarem and fascinarem like me.
Can you feel the difference to see something and QUESTIONING?
I have no doubt that Michael used Elvis as the keyword. And this was ALWAYS the goal of Michael from the beginning.
I tried to make that clear in the videos.
But back to Marlyn Monroe.
I see that Michael also used it as the keyword, but not as deep as used Elvis.
What I said above? Marlyn was murdered
What Joe says about Michael? Michael was murdered.

Marlyn Monroe would have been nothing less than a burning file, because it should not become involved with, and because maybe knew too much.
Many people define Marlyn as "dumb blonde", because it was so that she became known in Hollywood theaters, and thus became what it is.
Why change something that brings fame? The blonde "Airhead" cashed.
Well call us crazy by ai ...
The death of Marlyn Monroe was filed by the FBI, and has as many contradictions as Elvis and Michael together.
Marlyn died at age 36 in 1962 by overdose of barbiturates, and many deal with the death of Marlyn as suicide, because empty bottle that contained approximately 50 capsules nembutal, was found near the bed where his body lay nakedunder a blanket of champagne color.
Why Marlyn would have done this?
Because she was depressed and no longer had the most success he had at the beginning of his career.

Friends have two points of view about the death of Marilyn. Some said that she was very depressed with his career, and therefore lost control. Others said that she was happy about the future.
Look at the contradiction.
Focus here!
Who found the body of Marlyn, was his assistant and housekeeper named Eunice Murray.
Can you accompany me?

Eunice MURRAY!

Murray had gone to bed around midnight, when the lamp was still alight in Marilyn, thought it was something common.
Apparently not wanting to wake up at 3 a.m., she became concerned when the light was still on.
Eunice realized that the mistress is not responding to the knock on the door, and decided to look out the window if everything was fine. It was when she realized that Marlyn was pirate, and phoned the doctor Marlyn; Ralph Greenson; who broke the window and entered the fourth actress.
"I went out and looked through the window and saw Miss Monroe lying on the bed. It was when I called Dr Greenson, "she says.

The surname of cashier Marlyn, has the same surname of doctor Michael.
Coincidence? Me answers after ...
But don't forget everything we've ever seen about Murray.
What I said above?
Marlin died of an overdose of Barbiturates.
The barbiturates cause physical and psychological dependency, decrease in several areas of the brain, depression in respiration and in the central nervous system and can also cause an INDUCED COMA.
Talked about it when the matter was the fact Michael leaving dead in the House, but even so rescue it. Just like when also speak because everyone said that Michael was in a coma.
We can cite some types of medicinal products containing barbiturates. They are: amytal, barbital, butisol, gardenal, luminal, evipal, mebaral, nembutal, ten seconal capsules, surital and delvinal. Such medications have action of barbiturates varied, ranging from action short to intermediate and long-term
Benzodiazepnicos, Diazepam, Zolazepam, Cannulation
Diazepam? Is that now I can call Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson here?
The same remedy used by both, and that killed the two "Kings".

Marlyn died before them.# ficadica
JEEZ! These artists look the others dying because of it, and use the same remedy that so-and-so used.
Note: Marlyn died in August, and Michael was born in August.
The contradictions of death Marlyn:
Nobody really knows what happened that night. He heard the noise of a helicopter. An ambulance was seen waiting outside her house, before the maid of the alarm. The recordings of their phone calls and other evidence disappeared. The autopsy report was lost. All documentation of the FBI about his death was deleted, and the friends of Marilyn who tried to investigate what happened were censored
Conspiracy theorists and coroners also have been inconvenienced, no waste of tablets in stomach Marilyn, and the lack of any glass of water in her apartment with which she could have swallowed the drugs. The Coroners found evidence ofdrugs.

Had no bed side glass, the autopsy was gone, the FBI filed the case and hid the evidence? # pray
Why did it? I attached.
But PLEASE I hope you will not have forgotten the mafia, and its connection with the "death" of Elvis and Michael.
The FBI bugged the Beach House, Lawford and J. Edgar Hoover. The head of the FBI used the recordings to maintain his position when Kennedy tried to fire him. Hoover also hinted that someone else had clipped the House – the mafia, with whom Kennedy cruzara during the elections. Robert Kennedy, the younger brother of the President, sometimes related to women, John.
Hoover was the head (as federal prosecutor), which determined the end with the mafia. Had warned the President to leave Marilyn because the heads mobsters could use the case against him. Despite their illusions, Marilyn knew Kennedy wanted only the sparkling star of film, not the woman she was. He wanted to get rid of it with elegance, after which she sang with lascivious voice "happy birthday, Mr. President", engaged in a dress that the diplomat Adlai Stevenson described as made of leather and pearls.
As you can see, Marlyn became involved with someone very powerful at the time, and it definitely wasn't good for her, and it wasn't good for people who feared what it represented.
Here comes the "x" of the matter, because the assertion is that Marlin killed himself because Kennedy didn't want more.
Returning the mafia and the death of her.
The mafia is a criminal organisation, whose activities are subject to a collegial direction, and that lies hidden in a strategy of infiltration, civil society and institutions.
Italy's industry "protection force" spread to the whole world, in particular for the United States. The movie The Godfather tells the story of the Mafia's growth in the us.
Hmm ...
Anyone who frequents the Internet, know of the conspiracy that also involves the death of Johnny Kennedy.
What this might represent?
"Every dialogue, each situation, everything was documented. Marilyn and JFK were constantly under some kind of surveillance – FBI, CIA, the mafia andby ai goes. All dialogs that used, or situations that I described, were reported by witnesses. If you begin to create stories, lose credibility. "
(Words of the author François Forestier, author of last biography of Marlyn Monroe)
What is concluded with this?
Mafia, Elvis, Michael ….# reflects
Tô reflecting, and I am not saying anything.
Returning to Murray, Eurenice
In a book written after the death of Marlyn in 1974, friend and confidante of actress appears "laughing".
Until Eunice met Anthony Summers, where she admitted that Marilyn Monroe had known the Kennedys, and said that "the doctor" had been in the star's House while she was unconscious, but alive.
She had not been found dead?
Donald Spoto and Rachael Bell, worked in a Monroe biography in the early 1990s, making a documentary for television years later, both speculated without proof that Murray was cloaking inadvertently, a fatal dose of a sedative which caused the death of Marlyn.

Eunice Murray initially repeated the same story, she told Robert Slatzer in 1973 and the police in 1962. She apparently didn't notice the camera when packed my bags, and then said: "why at my age, I still have to cover this thing?" Without that she knew it, the microphone was still on. Murray died on 5 March 1994 without revealing further details. The FBI has documents which places Murray as suspect in murder of Monroe, along with Dr. Greenson and journalist Patwas Newcombe.
Eunice Murray was accused by many tabloid authors, by the LAPD, and Sergeant Jack Clemmons of being involved in a cover-up of Monroe's death.
Dr. Burleson believes there is indisputable evidence that Bobby Kennedy was at the scene of the death of Marilyn. Norman Jeffries, who worked with Marilyn, said that some men arrived at the home of Marilyn around 10: 00 on the night of his death.A man recognized by Mr. Jeffries was Robert Kennedy, who was accompanied by two men he didn't know. Elizabeth Pllard, who lived in the House alongside Marilyn, saw Bobby Kennedy and two other men on the right side of the window, where it ran for the House of Marilyn, and one of the men carried a small black bag of the type that a doctor could carry.
According to Norman Jeffries, Bobby and two mysterious men entered the House and ordered that Norman and Eunice leave.

Norman was hoping a neighbor, until Kennedy and others left the House around 22: 30. Eunice and Norman returned to the House, and discovered that Marily was naked and lying. She was alive, but she was dying.

Dr. Burleson believes that between the time of Bobby Kennedy and his two companions entered the home of Marilyn Monroe, around 10: 00 and the minute they left the House around 10: 30 hours, a disgusting crime was committed. Marilyn clearly didn't expect it survive.
(Biography Marlyn Monroe, page 44)
Isn't it interesting the maid Marlyn have the same surname of doctor Michael, where she is today one of the suspicious death of actress, as well as Murray which is one of the main culprits for the death of Michael?
And then be disclosed that the two had been murdered?
Does Marilyn hoped that his last words, really could demonstrate their wealth, fame, suffering and solitude?
Marlyn said before he died:
"Those who have learned"
-Good Night Honey.
Were his last words to Eunice Murray.
Seized? Why do you seize or censure anyone? Think seriously about it.

Marlyn Monroe and Michael Jackson:
Now comes the interesting,
When you translate the múica Michael "Tabloid Junkie", you note that Michael cited both JFK as Marlyn in music where talks about CIA, slander, lies, oppression and etc
The letter says:
"The media pursues in hysteria
Who will be their next victim?
 JFK quoted the CIA "?
 Its truth is created in a minefield
 You made the story of blackmail his glory
Face to face
 Mind and shames the breed
 Heroin and Marilyn
 The cover story was
 All his glory

This is also a coincidence?
Please search the lyrics of the song and not ignore it.
In the book "The Michael Jackson Tapes", Michael talks about the desire to die young, and CITES Marlyn Monroe as example:

Michael Jackson: Yes, Marilyn Monroe died young. You haven't seen getting older and getting ugly. I want to say that this is the mystery of James Dean.
Yes, I would disappear somehow where nobody could see me until some point and just do what I do for children, but without being seen. Disappear is very important. Are people for change. We must change our lives. That is why we have winter, spring, summer, autumn.
As you can see Michael always wanted to die young.
Remember: "frozen age 50" (clip "Leave me alone)
This is madness? # ava

Michael had a statue of Monroe, and said he was "fascinated" by the tragedy of celebrity.

Michael still had frames Charlin Chaplin, Elvis Presley and etc.
Nobody buys a statue of another person, if you don't feel some admiration, love, sympathy or anything good in relation to another person.
Am I wrong?

I have a frame of Marlin in my room, because I love it.
Then agree with me that Michael as well as 50% of people knew the death of Marlyn Monroe?
And on that basis is not as fascinating to spend time reflecting about what spoke here?

Of course for most this is garbage, or that Michael is crazy.
See as well.
Isn't that Michael was "obsessed", but manages to realize that he used the same remedy that caused her death, the surname of her maid that is the main suspect, had a statue of her in Neverland, also was allegedly victim of the mafiaand which is beside her when the subject is conspiracy theory?
My opinion?
This information makes sense because Michael was fascinated by death of Elvis Presley, and YES I have read the same information that I posted here about the death of Marlyn Monroe. After all, anyone can search about it enough to want to search.

And if he wrote a song about her and JFK, is because he knows the story of her death. Don't you agree?
Any doubt that Michael knew the story that involves the death of Marlyn?
And it is next to Elvis, when the subject is "conspiracy".

Want the truth? The disgrace of an artist sells more than the truth.

"Marlyn Monroe is killed"
This is more attractive than say otherwise.
And another: I have already been robbed a day, and so I'm afraid to walk alone on the street in places that don't know, and if I see someone walking behind me, I already go through the street, or go to some place buzzing. This happens because I'm afraid of being attacked again.
So how Michael uses the same remedy that killed Elvis and Marlyn, if he didn't want to end up like them? Or wanted?
I have no doubt that the HOAX DEATH of Michael was well architected, and everything was very well planned. So much was this Blog have many clues and evidence, and etc.
Then I wonder:
Marlyn-Michael also used as a keyword?
The crazy paving, which later sages traverse. ... yn-monroe/

Translation of the Portuguese to the Englishman... I wait that this good

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Re: The intriguing death Marlyn Monroe.

  • on: April 21, 2011, 05:30:28 PM
A real genious !!! Eunice M.U.R.R.A.Y. connect the dots isn't it  :?:  :P
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Re: The intriguing death Marlyn Monroe.

  • on: April 22, 2011, 07:15:57 AM
Read later
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Re: The intriguing death Marlyn Monroe.

  • on: April 22, 2011, 01:25:18 PM
It has been said that Marlyn Monroe was not dead, under witness protection. Made believe she was dead. This is what Ihave read in the past. I can believe it, since she was involved with the Kennedy's. So many different stories on her death. Indeed she was a beautiful woman classy, with poise.. bless her.
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I'm happy to be alive, I'm happy to be who I am.
Michael Jackson


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