My life and Michael's "very similar"

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My life and Michael's "very similar"

  • on: May 13, 2011, 10:04:35 PM
Hello Everyone

Maybe my story is  not an more interesting  than anyone else's but I wanted to tell it anyway and hope people will read it, because what happend in my life is something I believe has a purpose and I hope that purpose is seeing Michael, like so many of you want to do, and I will tell you why.
My husband an I had the dream to move from holland to spain, and we went to spain from the 21june till 25 june 2009 to look for a buisness and a house.
On our way back from Spain to our house in Holland we heard on the radio that a famous popsinger had died, but I didn't hear it was Michael., but I heard it later on the radio.
So at home I was on CNN to find out what happend to Michael, and later went to bed.
Of course I wanted to watch the memorial, and immediatly I found the speech in will you be there was odd,because it feld like he was saying it live behind a microfoon, but I was grieving and didn't look into it.
Until I watched the first hoaxfilms on youtube from jonellstar and thought "this is strange"
From that time I believed he did fake his death and every spare moment I had I was watching hoax video's,and the more I saw, the more I was convinced he was still alive., and I became a believer.
Michael's and my life are similar in a way, having a buisness in a village, being a "famous"family in that village we were always the subject of a lot of gossip, so in that way I surley can relate to him.
I am a singer, but I sing in my own bar, so I'm not a grand preformer., but one with a good voice
And I also had a lot of things going on in my youth that I won't tell, but I can very much relate to his feelings of feeling lonely and misunderstood.
In spain my daughter got a boyfriend, and his name, could it be else, you've guessed it, Michael.
My husband's name was Peter, and of course, Michael wanted to be like Peter Pan.
Was, yes because he unfortunatly died on 12-01-2011 wich are very important numbers in the deathhoax at the very young age of 44 years old, Also this was an important date because TMZ posted a very important article for the hoax.
My husband was under a lot of stress, one guy in particular is responsible for my husbands death, because he was the one who my husband was so mad at, being on the phone that caused an attack and he died after two days.
Of course this is very difficult to prove, so I also have to go to court with a very difficult to prove case, because can I hold him responsible, he of course was not the only one who caused the stress, but it was the last thing that caused my husband to die, just like in the Conrad Murray case.
So you see, everything in my "new life" started with the death of Michael.
My husband thought I was crazy for believing Michael was still alive, well he must be a knower now, because if Michael is not there where he is right now, he knows he is still alive..,
In my bar in Spain, I met a guy in a very strange way, who just happens to work Los Angeles and that happens to be the city where I would very much like to go to, because of the immortal tour in Las Vegas, an other odd coincedence.
So I ask myself, believing that everything happens for a reason, what was the purpose of my husbands death during the hoax?? Could it be that I really could meet him, maybe sing a song with him, talk about the feelings when you are lonely and misunderstood??if he dicides he will come back??
Maybe I'm dreaming and maybe it will never happen, but Mariah and Whitney (whom I idolize, because I've seen them preform live) and I sing some of their songs, had a song miracles.
There can be miracles if you beLIEve, so I keep on believing and who knows, maybe I can be lucky for once in my life, with a little help from my  "believer"friends.
If you want to reply, please do, because I would like to hear your opinion to see what you think of this story!
Is everything a strange coincidence or do you think this is strange too.
Am I crazy to think this way?? Or not?? I would like to have your input!
Gerda Oldenburger
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Re: My life and Michael's "very similar"

  • on: May 13, 2011, 10:13:34 PM
Thank you for your amazing story and welcome!  "You Are Not Alone"   ;)
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Is it scary for you baby... The evil in truth...Let the performance begin... BAM!

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Re: My life and Michael's "very similar"

  • on: May 14, 2011, 12:45:31 AM
welcome to the forum, and i am sorry to hear about your husband.  You never know what fate has in store, i hope and pray your dream of meeting michael comes true.   michael-jackson/
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Re: My life and Michael's "very similar"

  • on: May 14, 2011, 01:02:34 AM
Thank you for sharing your story with us, and I am so sorry for your loss. May God always bless you Gerda! Welcome to our family dear friend and I hope that all your dreams comes true...Just remember to always "Keep The Faith" and "Believe"!
Sending you Blessings Love and Light! :)
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