MJ takes 1, 4 spot of top 10 all time mobile TV moments

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Michael still takes spot 1 and 4 of Top 10 All Time Mobile TV Moments

MobiTV released an interesting list Friday that sheds light on what kinds of live events drive people to watch television on their phones.

The result is a list of the ten most-viewed live events in MobiTV’s history. Coverage of Michael Jackson’s death and memorial took spots 1 and 4, respectively. The United States vs. Algeria 2010 World Cup Soccer match was 2. Other notables: President Obama’s inauguration took a high spot, but the Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden debate beat out Obama vs. McCain. In the marriage vs. divorce category, Tiger Woods’ confessional press conference beat out last month’s Royal Wedding.

A spokesperson for Mobi said the rankings didn’t come with actual viewer numbers because phone companies generally don’t release that information.

That Michael’s 2009 death remains number 1 shows just how large of a news story that was — and what time of day it broke. For many people in the U.S., the news arrived during work or commute-home hours.

Here’s the list in full:
Rank    Event    Date
1    Michael Jackson’s death    June 25, 2009
2    United States vs. Algeria World Cup 2010 live soccer match    June 23, 2010
3    President Obama’s inauguration    Jan. 20, 2009
4    Michael Jackson’s memorial service    July 7, 2009
5    Japan earthquake and tsunami    April 11, 2011
6    Sarah Palin/Joe Biden vice presidential debate    Oct. 2, 2008
7    Tiger Woods’s press conference    April 5, 2010
8    Barack Obama/John McCain presidential debate    Oct. 15, 2008
9    Dallas Cowboys/New Orleans Saints Saturday Night Football    Dec. 19, 2009
10    Will & Kate’s Royal Wedding    April 29, 2011
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Thanks for sharing. On 06/25/2009 Michael took internet almost with him, says the CNN report. I wonder what happens with internet when/if Michael returns. That news will take the 1st spot definately, I guess.

Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him
June 26, 2009 -- Updated 1902 GMT (0302 HKT)
LONDON, England (CNN) -- How many people does it take to break the Internet? On June 25, we found out it's just one -- if that one is Michael Jackson.
Jackson's death caused Twitter outages, as portrayed by Raul Orozco in this take on Twitter's fail whale

 1 of 3  The biggest showbiz story of the year saw the troubled star take a good slice of the Internet with him, as the ripples caused by the news of his death swept around the globe.

"Between approximately 2:40 p.m. PDT and 3:15 p.m. PDT today, some Google News users experienced difficulty accessing search results for queries related to Michael Jackson," a Google spokesman told CNET, which also reported that Google News users complained that the service was inaccessible for a time. At its peak, Google Trends rated the Jackson story as "volcanic."

As sites fell, users raced to other sites: TechCrunch reported that TMZ, which broke the story, had several outages; users then switched to Perez Hilton's blog, which also struggled to deal with the requests it received.

CNN reported a fivefold rise in traffic and visitors in just over an hour, receiving 20 million page views in the hour the story broke.

Twitter crashed as users saw multiple "fail whales" -- the illustrations the site uses as error messages -- user FoieGrasie posting, "Irony: The protesters in Iran using Twitter as com are unable to get online because of all the posts of 'Michael Jackson RIP.' Well done." The site's status blog said that Twitter had had to temporarily disable its search results, saved searches and trend topics.

Wikipedia saw a flurry of activity, with close to 500 edits made to Jackson's entry in less than 24 hours. CNET reported that by 3:15 p.m. PT, Wikipedia seemed to be "temporarily overloaded."

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Videos:  Reaction to his death; news of the day
The Los Angeles Times, the first news organization to confirm Jackson's death, suffered outages. The site also reported that AOL's instant messenger service had been hit, quoting an AOL statement that said, "AIM was down for approximately 40 minutes this afternoon." The statement said, "Today was a seminal moment in Internet history. We've never seen anything like it in terms of scope or depth."

That was backed up by AOL consumer adviser Regina Lewis, who said that, although the numbers weren't in yet, the day should prove a historic milestone for mobile Internet traffic.

"It could go down as the biggest mobile event in history," Lewis said. She felt that was in part because people were checking news headlines from work. "People wanted to keep tabs on this story, but if you're an accountant you're supposed to be working on your spreadsheet. So they were using their personal cell phones to do so," she explained.  Watch Lewis explain the overload »

While the scale of response to Jackson's death might be unprecedented, the pattern of it was not, Lewis added.

"With the advent of social networking, we saw a sequence that we traditionally see around the death of celebrities," she said.

"One, people clamor for the latest news; two, they share it; three, they react; and then the next stage, which we're seeing alive and well on video sites ... are tributes. In the case of Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett, [people have] a lot to work with in terms of images and video," she said.

By Friday morning, news sites seemed to be coping with traffic, but Jackson fan site mjfanclub.net was still performing sluggishly. Mashable.com reported that tributes to, and remarks upon, Michael Jackson's death were responsible for 30 percent of tweets.

As with any breaking piece of news on the Web, the reports of Jackson's death sparked something of a feeding frenzy -- and with that came rumors that dragged in other celebrities completely unconnected to the "King of Pop's" death.

One Wikipedia prankster wrote that Jackson had been "savagely murdered" by his brother Tito, who had strangled him "with a microphone cord."

Soon rumors spread online that movie star Jeff Goldblum had fallen from the Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand while filming his latest movie. On several search engines, "Jeff Goldblum" soon became the only non-Jackson-related term to crop up in the top 10.

The rumors forced Goldblum's publicist to issue a statement to media outlets, saying: "Reports that Jeff Goldblum has passed away are completely untrue. He is fine and in Los Angeles."

At the same time, Harrison Ford was also rumored to have fallen from a yacht off the south of France.

Web site snopes.com, which shoots down rumors, gossip and urban legends -- and how they originated -- said the likely culprit was a Web site that allows users to input celebrity names -- and then inserts them into fake templated stories (a further variant has stars dying in a plane crash).

In a sense the feeding frenzy was understandable -- Jackson's death, coming only hours after that of 1970s icon Farah Fawcett, left many Web users shocked by the news and asking what would happen next. In this febrile climate, any rumor runs the risk of being seized on, believed and treated with more credulity than usual.

The need of the professional media to be first with the news -- many did for a short time report the Goldblum rumor as fact -- adds further veracity. And, of course, the whole process is speeded up by the Web.

There is also, of course, the old adage that celebrities die in threes, with the deaths of Gianni Versace, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa in 1997 frequently held up as an example of this.

But while Diana and Teresa passed away within seven days of each other in August and September, Versace was killed in early July. Their deaths were most keenly mourned by the same broad sections of the public -- and hence were inextricably interlinked.

The Web can disseminate news -- but like any form of communication it can also help us create what we expect to see next
http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/06/26/ ... index.html
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ONLY Michael can make the world come to a stand still!!!
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Quote from: "MJmakesmespeechless"
ONLY Michael can make the world come to a stand still!!!
People asked MJ if he could ever top Thriller, and he has been somewhat chasing that goal all these years. Seems to me that there's only one thing that could top Thriller or his "death", and that is either not going to happen, or it is going to be beyond anyone's expectations for BIGGER, the earth will so-to-speak stand still in shock. penguin/  party/
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