Aaron Carter Vs. Former Manager - Over Michael Jackson Jacke

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Aaron Carter Vs. Former Manager - Over Michael Jackson Jacket!


The National Enquirer is reporting that Aaron Carter is up in arms with his former manager, Aldo DiSorbo, because he apparently took a crystal-studded jacket that the pop star claims that was given to him by Michael Jackson!

However, DiSorbo claims that this version of events is completely false, and that Aaron borrowed $100,000 from him to help him get his life back on track, and that they both agreed that the jacket was collateral.

He explains:

"I have nothing against Aaron, once he pays the $100,000 he owes me - he can have his jacket back."

Ouch! Guess that's that, then!

Hopefully he got it in writing, and that if this goes to court, there won't be much of a case!

What do U think? Is Aaron telling the truth, or his ex-manager?!

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Thank you for sharing this article...keeping in mind that it is tabloid and is probably blown out of proportion.

I remember when Aaron was on DWTS and he wore that jacket. He was so proud of it.

Question: If this were given as collateral why would Aaron be so upset? He agreed to it. On the other hand, if he didn't give it to him as collateral it would be stealing. And Aaron could just call the cops and get the jacket back.

So, I'm not so sure this story is all accurate. I'm leaving my verdict open on this. Blessings :)
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i am always kinda  :roll:  when i see these kind of articles about celebrity involving amounts like that. like the ones about jermaine being behind in child support of like 91,000. really this is not big money for these people and everyone is all  errrr i don't get it.
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