Michael Jackson A Death Hoax: Alleged Friend of Michael Jack

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Michael Jackson A Death Hoax: Alleged Friend of Michael Jackson Reveals Pieces of the Death Hoax?!?

Please watch this video, I wonder if this informer is real.. I have intuitions that he is telling the truth. The other informers that stated they knew Michael I felt they were lying, for some odd reason i believe this person. Let me know what you guys think.. I checked and this video was not posted yet, if it was please lock it, and sorry about that..

<!-- m -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-50Rdnc9n8M<!-- m -->
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I don't think this person is credible: June has finished - and no clues from the family about the hoax so far.... Only from La Toya that MJ was murdered. Yeah... it' ain't sounding like a hoax clue...  :roll:
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I dont think  this person knows anything... its jst a lot of " maybe" "who knows".. and about Bam's day he say it might be in JUly if MJ doesnt changes his mind... mmm great save...
and what about june info.. la toya.. nothing new there....
bams day again... a pressconference  about someone and something somewhere.. but the press dont know who, when and where... mmmmm.... naaaa dont think so...
this person  dont give any sure answers only things that can be answerd later with " mj changed his mind"...
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