La Toya Jackson was paid to have sex with Mike Tyson?

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Michael Jackson’s sister, La Toya Jackson, makes shocking revealings: her former husband, Jack Gordon, made a proposal to Mike Tyson to pay to have sex with La Toya.
La Toya also talked about how much she suffered while she was married to her former manager, who forced her to marry him in 1987, after which he abused her over the course of their marriage. And now, La Toya continues to make shocking revealings: ” Mike Tyson told my parents that Gordon told him to sleep with me and to pay him 100,000 dollars” she said during the The Talk tv show.
[highlight=#ffff00:29ki68vt]Also, her former husband forced her to attend sexual orgies and ordered her to pose for Playboy[/highlight:29ki68vt]. At least this is what La Toya Jackson is saying. ... ike-tyson/

Can this be true? Wow!
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seems as though she would not be deemed a very reliable witness. ;)
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There is a slight twisting of the words. I read half of the book and she does mention that yes, her husband did try to bribe Mike Tyson into having sex with her wife for a price. LaToya heard it apparently from Tyson who refused to do it and LaToya was obviously hurt and that made her really want to get out of the marriage, which was also forced by the way.  So she did not actually have sex with Mike nor was she ever paid to have sex with Mike. And the playboy thing, according to her, was forced by her husband. I am not sure where the orgies came from. I don't remember reading that anywhere unless that's further in the book or I overlooked that part.
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