Sony's '7,7,7' retweet

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Sony's '7,7,7' retweet

  • on: July 31, 2011, 12:15:21 AM
RT @Pottermore: 7 books, 7 days, 7 chances: how you could be one of the first million people to experience Pottermore!/Sony/status/97502945943363586

entirely a coincidence, of course.

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Re: Sony's '7,7,7' retweet

  • on: July 31, 2011, 02:04:26 AM
Okay, not to be killjoy but I see 777 everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I got a ticket at a carnival yesterday and the number is 777. My friend's locker number is 777. I think it's just a common number.

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Re: Sony's '7,7,7' retweet

  • on: July 31, 2011, 03:04:56 AM
Ok This is REALLY interesting. Remember the blog post that linked Michael to being the millionaire who met J K Rowling on the train and asked her to write the books with his input.

Then of course he met her and asked her to make it into a musical but she rejected it.

J.K. Rowling Turned Down Michael Jackson ForHarry Potter Musical

Michael Jackson Loves "Harry Potter." Is Anyone Surprised?

Stars Share Michael Jackson Memories At ‘Harry Potter’ NY Premiere (July 9, 2009)

Michael Jackson Summons the ‘Harry Potter’ Cast. This Can’t Possibly End Well
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Re: Sony's '7,7,7' retweet

  • on: July 31, 2011, 04:35:20 AM

   Pottermore Insider
 7 books, 7 days, 7 chances 

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted the hidden link in our ‘You ask, we answer’ blog post from
 19 July, which took you to an interview J.K. Rowling gave in 2000.
 In that interview was some interesting information about a Magical Quill, located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Magical Quill detects the birth of a magical child and writes their name down in a large book. Every year, Professor McGonagall checks the book and sends owls to the children who are turning eleven, to inform them that they have a place at Hogwarts.
 Each day for seven days, from 31 July to 6 August, we will be placing a clue on the Pottermore homepage to help you locate The Magical Quill. If you find it, you’ll have the chance to gain early access to Pottermore.
 There will be a new clue every day, and each clue will relate to a different book in the Harry Potter series. On Day 1 the clue will relate to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, on Day 2 the clue will relate to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and so forth. The clues will also vary in difficulty. On Days 1-3 the clues will be harder, and on Days 4-7 the clues will be easier.
 To find The Magical Quill, you need to solve the clue and add the answer to the end of the web address This will lead you to a website where The Magical Quill will be located while early access places are available. The Magical Quill’s location will change every day.
 Clue: How many books are there in the Harry Potter series? Multiply this number by 10.
 Answer: 70
 Add this number to the end of the website address. (In this case it would be
 Hit ‘Return’ to go to the website where The Magical Quill is located.
 Once you have found The Magical Quill, you will be redirected to If the registration process is still open for that day, you will be able to submit your details to register to access Pottermore early.
 It’s important to note that finding The Magical Quill does not guarantee you access to registration, as registration will only remain open while the early access places allocated for the relevant day are available.
 Don’t worry if you don’t manage to register first time. There will be plenty of opportunities to find The Magical Quill as we will be revealing a new clue each day from 31 July to 6 August. For those who miss out on early access to Pottermore, please note the site will be open to all from October. Keep visiting Pottermore to find out when registration commences.
 We won’t be telling you when a clue goes live, so you’ll need to keep a careful eye on over the seven-day period. However, we will let you know, via and the Insider, when registration for a particular day has come to an end.
 Finally, we will not be enabling early access to the site straight away. Once The Magical Quill challenge is over, we will send successful early access registrants a Welcome email, letting them know when they will be able to access Pottermore. We won’t be able to let everyone into the Beta site at the same time, so please be patient with us. You may have to wait a few weeks for your Welcome email to arrive.
 For more information about The Magical Quill and early registration for Pottermore please visit the Help section of

   Posted by Pottermore Ed'   at 03:11   

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Re: Sony's '7,7,7' retweet

  • on: July 31, 2011, 04:46:41 AM
I don't want to be a killer in this but I realized that ever since we found several koinkidances in Michael's public life made accessible for everybody (and being sure to be on one forum that is being superwatched and superanalyzed), too many moneymakers are coming up with the now programmed numbers to draw attention to what is obviously not directly linked to Michael.

Now we conclude that whereever we notice these numbers, Michael must be behind and that this indicates a new "clue", jump into positive emotions, find it great and may even get attached to the new object/subject of moneymaking.
I'd rather say that whereever these numbers have been placed in a marketing campaign, very clever folks are behind, not necessarily Michael.

The fog thickens and we are being played with more and more.
I am just raising my hand with the love.

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Re: Sony's '7,7,7' retweet

  • on: July 31, 2011, 08:23:03 AM
I do strongly believe, anyone can come into this forum and read everything we have found. It can be even the people who are after Michael! Anyone. Sometimes we need to be careful what we write so we can protect Michael.

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