MJ's physician says MJ INSISTED on an anesthesiologist when given Propofol

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Hey guys, I don't know if you've seen this but I thought it was very interesting. If you skip to about 4:06 on the video, it has an interview with Aphrodite Jones and Dr. Patrick Treacy, MJ's cosmetic surgeon in Ireland from July 2006-early 2007 and shortly before his death. Here is the link:


He said that whenever he had to administer propofol as an anesthetic that MJ insisted on having an anesthesiologist. He even talks about one instance when he had to do a procedure to his nose and they couldn't get an anesthesiologist and even though Dr. Treacy could administer the propofol himself, MJ refused to do it without an anesthesiologist. He also notably says that when he treated MJ, he did not have any insomnia problems nor did he ever find any type of drug in his home or noticed MJ being on any type of drug. He even says that he finds it hard to believe that someone so cautious and self-informed about his health care would all of a sudden change and allow Murray to not only administer propofol but all those other drugs as well.

I think he pretty much confirms what we knew all along  penguin/
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On New Years, I posted that my friend saw Michael in disguise, N. of San Diego! The second house is within that area.  ;))

I also believe THIS doctor!
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