35 Michael Jackson communities oppose Tribute concert

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It seems that fans of Michael Jackson aren’t all getting behind the planned tribute concert in Cardiff, with over 30 fan communities have joined together to demand it be cancelled.
The letter, which is being led by the largest online community linked to the late star, states that they refuse to support the concert and claimed the gig is “doomed” already. It also claims that some reasons for the refusal to back the concert are the inclusion and subsequent removal of Gene Simmons, who publicly called Jackson a paedophile, and the fact that the concert is being held during the trial of Conrad Murray.
Despite the growing pressure on Global Live Events to cancel the gig, from Randy and Jermaine Jackson among others, organiser Paul Ring recently said  to the BBC that the concert is “very much going ahead.” We shall see. 


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It truly wracks my brain trying to understand the meaning of all of this.  If Mike's alive, which I believe he is...then he, most likely, has his hand in this tribute.  He may very well be behind inviting Simmons, knowing full well that a lot of fans would oppose...likewise, the family division over it adds to the opposition.  Its just so full of controversy...so much so, that 35 MJ communities are now against it even happening.  If Mike's 'controlling' this tribute, then he had to know that this would happen...because it has been "doomed from the start".  So why would Mike set the wheels in motion, knowing full well it'd come to a screeching halt?

I really wish TS would give us some guidance about all this...like he gave us his opinion on trying to reach the media about Elvis.  It wouldn't solve the riddle, so to speak...but it might help us see which end is up.

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Once again, we only know what the media gives us.  Really, the whole INFORMATION ABOUT  the tribute could be the entire performance!  It may be part of the hoax.  We really didn't think it would come off anyhow...just like others failed.  But, there may just be clues in it sent out to us.  As Gene Simmons...the crazy commercial for the tribute...which holds many clues to me.  The fact that this supposed big company uses Wordpress...  I just think we should sit back and see what clues we get...see if it does happen at all, or if the real show is in the clues and not a tribute at all.  I mean...Michael's OWN fans don't want a tribute show?????  Amazing