Michael Jackson Death Hoax - 'A professional actor - DCM' [HD]

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I haven't checked to verify this information but it's interesting to think about. If this is true then it's safe to say there are people in the entertainment industry who know Dr Murray's true identity but are keeping quiet? Thoughts?



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Thank you for posting this video.. I do not find any similarities between cm the actor and cm the doctor.. Maybe like the video said, he was much younger and thinner.. 

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I do have to say it looks very much like him, but the problem I have is that if he indeed was in that movie, there must have been people working with him, that actually even know him by the name Conrad Murray. Where are they, why haven't we heard them yet? They must have realized that this is all fishy as hell. So i am not sure on this one, but they sure look alike!

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a few months ago I to publish an interview in which Randy Quaid says that Murray is a police. and this man to look oneself like to Murray but young  smiley_spider .


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