Conrad Murray Trial MJ Believers Where's Your Faith?

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Conrad Murray Trial MJ Believers Where's Your Faith?

  • on: September 30, 2011, 09:25:54 AM
  I have to admit that It's kida hard for me to watch the TRIAL.I a way I never believed it will ever take place,but it did  :( ,and it turned my LIFE UPSIDE DOWN.Seeing all that people who knows Michael every day there,hearing them talking about him,made me have some doubts about the Hoax.My life is a mess right now,I just lost my job  :'( and I hope things will be better soon.
This trial is a CIRCUS and for some of us is to much to watch,and for those who FAITH was put on a test,jackieblue64 has done a wonderful video.Michael needs all our strength, patients and endurance, and its nothing to be nervous about.ENJOY:

Conrad Murray Trial MJ Believers Where's Your Faith?


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Re: Conrad Murray Trial MJ Believers Where's Your Faith?

  • on: September 30, 2011, 10:07:39 AM
Hi Applehead...thanks for posting this vid and thanks to jackieblue for making it!  Sorry to hear about you losing your job and the struggles you are living through right now.  There's a reason for everything and although you may not see it right now, trust that something better is on the horizon for you.
With L.O.V.E. always.
The beauty of Michael Jackson is found in his heart and soul...his enormous talent is a bonus and what a bonus it is.

~PLAY the moments...PAUSE the memories...STOP the pain...REWIND the happiness~

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Re: Conrad Murray Trial MJ Believers Where's Your Faith?

  • on: September 30, 2011, 10:15:07 AM
First of all, I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your job Applehead. But I'm sure that you will be finding a better one. And about the trial, I've always thought that there was going to be the trial, so there's nothing shocking or depressing for me. Actually as much as I watch the trial, ı believe MORE that Michael is alive. I can see how the witnesses' stories contradict with each other and I find very funny things like the proforol bottle inside the serum bag (sorry I forgot the name of it now), Kai went to the kitchen to cook just after she saw Murray in a panic, 32 stars in the seal etc. All of these are proofs that this is a big hoax. So, there's nothing we need to worry about. Calm down, take deep breaths and remember everything we have found during these 2 years. Do not watch the trial if you feel better. Because there're still things to be found out at the trial but we need to read btw the lines and these lines are too long and can be depressing for some of us. Believe and trust Michael. He is the BOSS and everything is under his control.   8-)
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