MJ Autopsy Photo Displayed As Defense Theory Takes a Hit

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MJ Autopsy Photo Displayed As Defense Theory Takes a Hit

Michael Jackson did not self administer the lethal dose of propofol and his manner of death was homicide, according to Dr. Christopher Rogers who conducted the autopsy of the pop icon.

In captivating testimony this afternoon, Dr. Rogers dealt a blow to the defense’s claim that it was Jackson himself, not Dr. Conrad Murray, who delivered a fatal amount of the drug.  The L.A. County Deputy Medical Examiner testified he thought the more likely scenario was that Dr. Murray miscalculated and gave Jackson too much of the anesthetic.

Later in Dr. Rogers’ testimony, prosecutors displayed a photo of a deceased Michael Jackson which was taken as part of the autopsy report.  Our producer in the courtroom says that Jackson’s family was warned beforehand the photo would be displayed. One Jackson fan left the courtroom in tears when the photo was presented, though jurors displayed no outward emotion.

The autopsy was performed the day after Jackson died and Dr. Rogers said he couldn’t determine a cause of death at that time. After receiving the toxicology report and other reports from various specialists Dr. Rogers was able to draw his conclusions, including that Jackson died of acute propofol intoxication with contributory affects of benzodiazepines.

Dr. Rogers also testified that Jackson was in better health than the average 50-year-old man.  He reported that at the time of his death, Jackson was 5’9″ and weighed 136 pounds.


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You mean to tell me that picture is a man of  136 lbs?? No way Jose. The  picture they displayed looks like a quasi anorexic person. That proves to us that it is not Michael again but MicHeal..

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I totally agree with you all4loveandbelieve when I first saw that photo I could not believe that the person that the doctor described as being healthier than the average 50 yr old person and the person in that photo was the same.  The first thing I said when I saw that was this is definitely not Michael that looked like a malnutrition or anorexic person but definitely not Michael Jackson.