A New Look at "Forever Michael" from 2010

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A New Look at "Forever Michael" from 2010

  • on: October 14, 2011, 01:43:24 PM
As we all know, in 2010, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, there was an event called "Forever Michael." It was endorsed, I believe, by Katherine Jackson.

Just today, I was looking through Michael's various albums (on Wikipedia) and noticed that there was one called...you guessed it..."FOREVER, MICHAEL."

When I saw this, I clicked the page and started to read. Here is a list of songs on the album:

1. We're Almost There
2. Take Me Back
3. One Day in Your Life
4. Cinderella Stay Awhile
5. We've Got Forever
6. Just a Little Bit of You
7. You Are There
8. Dapper Dan
9. Dear Michael
10. I'll Come Home to You

Quite a few songs on this album can describe the hoax or the standing of the hoax at that time.

1. We're Almost There - the hoax is almost done, just hang on a little longer
2. Take Me Back - he hopes his fans won't hate him for "fooling" them
3. One Day in Your Life - he talks about how he'll still be there even when it seems he's gone
4. Cinderella Stay Awhile - A few verses are interesting
a) Midnight is so near
 Please don't disappear
 Now that you are here
 Stay awhile
b) Cinderella, stay awhile
 This is like a fairytale with you
 Cinderella, when you smile
 All my fairytales are coming true
5. We've Got Forever - He talks about how we've got all the time in the world (possibly also refers to how the hoax will be taking a while (2009 to 2012?)
6. Just A Little Bit of You - talks about how "a little bit of you keeps the doctor away." (possibly refers to how he constantly give us little clues (or pieces of himself). Also reminds me of the verse from Breaking News, "everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson."
7. You Are There - was he possibly telling us that he was there? the song also says "everywhere, you are there." reminds me of Threatened where it says "he can be in two places at the same time." Also says, "And as the years go by we'll stay as true," which, to me, is telling us that the hoax will be spanning a few years (again, 2009 to 2012? four years to get it right?)
8. Dapper Dan - talks about how "he can do it, watch him do it." he knows what he is doing, don't worry
9. Dear Michael - talks about how he wants to write the girl back (IMO, it is saying that he wants to be back, like many people (TS, etc) have said).
10. I'll Come Home to You - I think the meaning of this one is self-explanatory ;)

I know, I know...this album was released in 1975...how could it possibly be hoax clues? Well, maybe he is using it as a clue...much like he used Invincible, Thriller, Bad (especially Liberian Girl), Dangerous, etc.


There is also numerology hidden in the song lengths:

1. We're Almost There - 3:42 (3+4+2 = 9)
2. Take Me Back - 3:24 (3+2+4 = 9)

And the album length:

3+3 = 6; 3+6 = 9
6 and 9...turn the 666 into 999

And Michael was 16 when the album released (1+6 = 7)

The album was released 1/16/1975 (1+16+1975 = 1992; 1+9+9+2 = 21 or 777)


Now could this be a clue? Maybe. Maybe not. Thoughts?

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Re: A New Look at "Forever Michael" from 2010

  • on: October 14, 2011, 02:29:27 PM
Thank you for posting this information. Very good interpretation.

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Re: A New Look at "Forever Michael" from 2010

  • on: October 14, 2011, 02:49:22 PM
Thanks!  I agree it's worth it to look 'Back' into ALL previous history of projects MJ had his hand in.

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Re: A New Look at "Forever Michael" from 2010

  • on: October 15, 2011, 01:52:44 AM
Thank you so much for posting this information along with your findings.

I think the songs could also be another message for us, for sure. What is even more intriguing is that the title "Forever Michael" is something that some associate with Michael and continuing his legacy after June 25, 2009. This would beg to differ with that meaning. Yes, it could have that meaning, I suppose, but if he recorded this in 1975 (when he was still a child) then it doesn't solely have the meaning that fans believe it to have.

I need to think about this some more but your post is very interesting. Thanks again.

Blessings to you.
I'm proud to be a child of God and a member of MJ's Army of L.O.V.E.
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