Whoohoo...Shrek Thriller....Jackie Blue on cue again....

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Absolutely awesome....it's close to midnight.....

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Thanks RK - I think Jackie Blue has great insight into the hoax. I will make a point of watching this.

Blessings to you :)
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Thank you so much for posting this video. Wow! it is amazing to see all clues all over the place.. A special thanks to Jackie blue that makes all these connections. blessings.

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Just thought I would post the whole Shrek video for those who would like to see it! The video is awesome! looks like even Shrek wanted to get in on the Michael action!  lolol/


I LOVE you all! bearhug

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I love these kinds of movies. MJ's name is written ALL over it. Gotta love it! Long live the king! respect/ bow/ typing/
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thank you very much for the video, it's very interesting with all the obvious clues! I'm very grateful to some people who do all of this hard work to let us fans know about the clues...hats off to them :)
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OMG OMG lollllll i loved it!! Donkey is sooooooooo cute lolllll and little cookie too lollll thanks for that video

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cant believe i bought the shrek dvd over a week ago and its sat on my cabinet waiting for me to find the time to watch it! its going on the dvd player asap now lol
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Absolutely awesome....it's close to midnight.....

Thank you very much RK for this video,it's very funny lol  :lol:!!!!!

Make this Halloween a thriller with DreamWorks' Hallowen Double DVD Party Pack! Watch your spooktacular favorites "Scared Shrekless" and "Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space" with the all-new SHREKed out parody of Michael Jackson's Thriller!

Let's see it seems that DREAM-WORKS did it again  ;D
Since when DreamWork and Michael Jackson get along together???Didn't Steven Spielberg stole  the logo ideea from Michael  :roll:??? STRANGE mmmmmm............  :lol:


It seems that Shrek really likes to dance on Thriller music lol,enjoy  :)!!!!

Shrek does Thriller


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wow, thank u RK, made me smile from ear to ear.

LOVE  bearhug
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Mr King of Halloween! :lol: This is amazing. I knew Michael gotta do something with Shrek. :lol: