RIO (film) and MJ air

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RIO (film) and MJ air

  • on: October 24, 2011, 09:03:50 PM

I want to deal between Michael and Rio connection
First I put a wikilink to "introduce you to the monster":

In a part of the movie, the main character Blu had to learn to fly. In book we can see a bird in a drawing. Like the perfect man draw by Leonardo da Vinci, beside this there is the word believe surrounded. He is checking characteristics of bird as a plane, and adds THIS IS IT (min 10 and 40s). "Lets fly" on the runway
When blu and Jeel (other bird) get caught, they are playing death. There is death hoax, that doesn't work.

Blu isn't only the colour of the sky, but also a colour of depth and dreams. The color of travel to death from ancient egyptians.
I don't want suggest that Blu is another avatar of Michael, or a bluman, no more  that a Doodoo who one of his main characteristic is that he can't fly. But It's very funny
Thank you

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