Pearl Jr & Cherilyn Lee (Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Trial)

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Pearl Jr & Cherilyn Lee (Michael Jackson Conrad Murray Trial)

Part 7 - Pearl Jr reveals meeting Cherilyn Lee before the death announcement of Michael Jackson. Was it a coincidence or not? You DECIDE!

And why was Easter  8-) so prominent in the testimony of Nurse Cherilyn Lee?

Pearl do you really want to know WHY EASTER was so prominent,beside of RESSURECTION??? Because she was not telling the TRUTH,like almost of all the people involved in this HOAX.They change their story like a mother change diapers  :lol:.Look here is Chelyn Lee telling  Larry King that she called Michael on Easter,pardon me  :roll:......Father's day,lol at 5:30 :lol:!!!!!!

Michael Jackson's Nurse on Larry King CNN

It seems to me that Pearl "COINCIDENCLY" knows/meet alot of people INVOLVED in this HOAX,and this must have been PLANNED,there is no OTHER WAY  ;)!!!!

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Interesting that Cherilyn Lee uses almost exactly the same wording and phrases in this interview with Larry King, as she did in court. As if she'd memorised a script!

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always seemed to me that she had a screenplay in the trial in each question she consult notes

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