KATHERINE & JOE JACKSON We're Shackin' Up Near the Courthouse

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We're Shackin' Up Near the Courthouse

Katherine and Joe Jackson are currently on their way to a hotel near the L.A. County Superior courthouse ... so when the jury finally reaches a verdict, they're right near the action.

Katherine and Joe live in Calabasas -- with traffic, it could take over two hours to get to the courthouse ... and we're told, they just didn't want to chance missing a beat.

According to sources, they plan to check in and stay for as long as it takes the jury to come to a decision.

It's unclear if other members of the Jackson family also plan to crash nearby the courthouse.


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I don't know why... but the way this article is written, gives me the impression to read between the lines (it is also possible that I'm a bit hoax feverish :oops: atm). Why so explicitly written about the distance & time between the house in Calabasas and the 'action', for what purpose? Katherine and Joe prefered a hotel near the 'action', like Michael did, as has been discussed on this forum. Michael rented a hotel about 1 mi from the 'action' at Carolwood Dr.

And..what about the dots? Lindsay Lohan wore a black/white (or marine/white) dotted top during court a few days ago. Katherine is wearing a black/white dotted blazer. Is it a fashion trend, a coincidence or a connection=dot?
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I did not know that Joe lived with katherine in Calabasas! I thought that Joe lived elsewhere.. That is great, the children needs a father figure since Michael is not around often to guide them. For me if they booked a hotel room maybe Michael is there with them.. who knows!

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