MSNBC TO LA TOYA JACKSON Go Pound Sand We're Airing the Doc Murray Doc

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Go Pound Sand
We're Airing the Doc Murray Doc

La Toya Jackson made a valiant effort to stop MSNBC from running the Conrad Murray documentary Friday night, but in the end business is business and the network will air the show.

La Toya tells TMZ ... MSNBC Prez Phil Griffin responded to La Toya's plea directly, but she says, "due to their first amendment rights, I am unable to prevent its airing."

La Toya wants viewers to put anything Murray says in perspective, saying, "What I would encourage the public to take away from the situation is that Michael is an irreplaceable artist and human, whose talent and love for the world will forever go unmatched."
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Well, La Toya you gave it a shot. ;)

.....the media does what the media wants to do....and it will hang them in the end  crash/

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..... and of course, the more publicity there is about it beforehand, the more will watch! Nice one LaToya!

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I'll definitely keep this in perspective LaToya.... hoax perspective!  ;)

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The Jacksons know how the media works, and they played that card.
Bad publicity aka if you are against something and promote it, it will awaken curiosity in even more people to watch it.
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I never have said this before, but I am really happy that LaToya is on Michaels side with this.  It seems like she is the one always in the media talking about what happened to him and who was out to get him.  Not many of the Jackson's are doing that.  Not sure if she is doing it for her own benefit (meaning money) or if she is doing it to really defend and protect her brother.  But, I am thankful that someone is really speaking out.