MICHAEL JACKSON'S KIDS Hit Up Cirque du Soleil Premiere

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MICHAEL JACKSON'S KIDS Hit Up Cirque du Soleil Premiere

  • on: December 04, 2011, 06:26:18 PM
Hit Up Cirque du Soleil Premiere

12/4/2011 7:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's three kids -- Paris, Prince and Blanket -- along with a few other family members, attended "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil" in Las Vegas last night.

The show starts its tour in Vegas before making its across the U.S. in 2012

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Thank you for sharing this article. It's nice to see Blanket smiling for a change. The few times I remember him smiling are when he was with his dad.

So - they made the premiere in Montreal (the kick-off) and they made the premiere in Las Vegas (the US kick-off). I can only believe that Michael was somewhere close by. I hope Cirque does as well here in the US tour as it's done around the world.

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Thanks for sharing. I'm really wishing we went this weekend instead of next weekend so we could have maybe seen the kids. Oh well! It's going to be awesome any way! Maybe they will go next weekend also? (I can always hope!)
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Oh my gosh, Blanket looks so happy in all these pictures. <33

He's sooo precious!

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I am so happy Blanket is smiling, I guess Michael is not to far away from him..

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For the first time I see Blanket smiling. Michael's treasure his kids, THEY ARE GORGEOUS. WHERE ARE YOU MICHAEL? FUCK MAN, WILL YOU BE BACK or what?

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Blanket is so adorable!!!! He looks so much like Michael. I love that he looks happy in those pictures  :) :)
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I don't think any of them look like Michael but little Blanket is adorable and I think he will turn into a heartbreaker ;D.
He's a beautiful little boy. bearhug

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Man I feel old....the kids grew up sooooo fast!

They look so warm and happy hanging out with their cousins.

Beautiful.....just beautiful  :'(  :)

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It's great that they are having fun! Many of us just go crying at a concert in tribute to Michael!  :-\
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Awww how precious!! That statue reminds me of the statues of the kids from Neverland. IS that actually a statue or a girl dressed up in paint? If it is a statue how did Randy get his arm in there? Looks a lil snug to me lol

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Thanks  Souza for sharing this.... bearhug...That beautiful smile has Blanket   :)  Is so beautiful to see.... ::P.... is a joy  bearhug

Blanket is wonderful..... bearhug bearhug