Message from Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett to MJ Fans

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Message from Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett to MJ Fans

  • on: December 27, 2011, 08:25:58 PM
Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett
‎"FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR 'ALL' . . . . ." My Message to ALL Michael Jacksons Fans, and My Friends, Fans, Family and Associates Here on My Facebook pages. May you 'ALL' Realize 'How Blessed We Are', . . . . No Matter 'What' we're are going through in Life's Experiences and Challenges. Because if we 'ARE' going through them, . . . that means, . . . . . "WE ARE 'STILL ALIVE' in this plain of Life, to be able to face it or them. And 'THAT' means, . . . . that as long we 'Are Alive', . . . . "We STILL Have a Chance", to Heal, Make a Change in Whatever is of issue, Improve Our Situations, Correct a Wrong, Continue What's 'Right', Show More Love, Diminish Hate, Repair A Broken Relationship, Continue a 'Working One', and 'Most Of All', . . . . . REFOCUS our Efforts, . . . . to 'SURVIVE'..... So in light of these Vital Realizations, . . . . I wish to reflect my Christmas Message to You, on the following realities and observations. "Food For Thought For ALL"._ Merry Christmas..... .......“Enjoy the Christmas Holidays this and every year with this message in heart and mind........_ "The First Gift of Christmas was a CHILD Who was given unto me and you. Twas GOD wishing you A ‘Happy Holiday’ of love and giving. The Baby JESUS, given by GOD, . . . to bless the world of man with forgiveness, love and compassion. There Would Be No precious holiday called Christmas, were it not for this act of kindness, caring and generosity from GOD, through his SON. So Never Forget, . . . . Never let this holiday go unappreciated. 'The Lamb' has been sacrificed, that You/We may find and have salvation at the end of your lives. It was the LORD’s wish. The LORD’S sacrifice for you and yours . . . . 'Ours'..... And now, all these great many years later, we’ve come to know and benefit from another of HIS gifts and demonstrations of the measure of HIS love. An example of caring, sharing and the potential of the greatness of a man’s capabilities. HE sent us, MICHAEL!!!. As he had sent others before him, to demonstrate by example how a man shall live and BE an example. Not so much as for his greatness of multitudes of talents and creative gifts, but more for his generosity to others outside of his known family. Strangers to some, but family to Michael. In his heart, in his mind, . . . giving from his soul, freely. By his own internal design, . . . his humility off stage, coinciding with and in sharp contrast to his strength, power and aggressiveness on stage. The alter egos of both qualities of man, yet fortified by GOD. Like Moses, Abraham, Joshua, and King David. All great men. All anointed and appointed by GOD. For greatness comes 'Not' from man, but by way of GOD. He, Michael, may not have been perfect in all things and ways, . . . . but, neither were any of the aforementioned. For they were All Still "Men Of Man". Imperfect, in mans’ ways. For only GOD, and thus JESUS CHRIST were considered perfect....... We can all be ever thankful for a boy to have become a man, . . . yet shown as a "Man-Child" named Michael Jackson. To have been entrusted to our lifetime, that we may come to witness his greatness in measure and magnitude. His kindness, his generosity, his measure of humility and regard for others. To "Beacon The Light" towards the way we should love, live and care for and to one another....... May you have a Blessed Christmas One And All my Beloved Friends. And please remember, . . . . WHY it is called 'CHRISTMAS'. For it is the 'Christ', that makes it Christmas and 'HIS' Holiday. Now, let us celebrate, HIS Love, Caring and Giving with 'HIM' in Mind… Merry Christmas and Much Love to All! “ONE LOVE FOR ALL, ‘ALL, FOR ONE LOVE’!” Jonathan Phillip Moffett “Sugarfoot” Michael Jackson’s “Foot”!!!!/2300makeapact

2300makeapact 2300
A beautiful Christmas message from Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett...(aka "Michael Jackson's Foot!")
43 minutes ago
I'm proud to be a child of God and a member of MJ's Army of L.O.V.E.
"Press coverage of my life is like [watching] a fictitious watching science fiction. It's not true." ~Michael Jackson (2005)

"You should not believe everything you read. You are missing the most important revelations". Craig Harvey 3-15-2012

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thank you voice
"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves."  

Why not just tell people I'm an alien from Mars? Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight. They'll believe anything you say, because you're a reporter. But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say, "I'm an alien from Mars and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight," people would say, "Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He's cracked up. You can't believe a single word that comes out of his mouth."

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Great Christmas message. Thankyou voice for posting this as I would have missed it.  :-*

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  • BE LOVE..LIVE LOVE! I LOVE you all, so very much!
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Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us!
Blessings LOVE and LIGHT to all!!!

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That's really beautiful, thanks for sharing  bearhug

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Thanks to caress my heart, I send my love  moonwalk_/


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