9/11 coloring book

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Re: 9/11 coloring book

  • on: January 19, 2012, 10:20:37 PM

As long as American's keep believing the lies our government tells, there is no need to tell the truth. With 9-11 you have to research what took place years before 9-11. It's not been a conspiracy theory. It's a conspiracy FACT!!.. Everyone can come to their own conclusion, including yourself. I've come to the conclusion it's an inside job. As long as the government keeps the fear of 9-11 going, all our freedoms are slipping away. I will not be fooled. Just like with Michael, Tink, they only put out there what they want you to know....period. There has been multiple investigations for 9-11, & government just keeps paying the scientist, architechs, 9-11 Commission Report, to keep saying it was Bin Laden, Muslins, etc....so American's keep believing the LIES!!  The same thing we say here beLIEve the lies. Sorry won't be fooled.