Just a thought ...

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Just a thought ...

  • on: December 04, 2012, 04:21:54 PM
Hello Guys ,
so ,  i've just been trying  again to get everything straight , and I kept on reading the archived posts and stepped on this one by mere coincidence  : http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/forum/index.php/topic,14260.0.html 

And thus , I formed a thought ( I don't call it a theory coz it's not well-developed ) , though it's a pretty high possibility

Well what if  there was no 'real' autopsy , and no 'real' 911 call at all . What if all the scenes , pictures and videos to which we've been exposed were 'already made ' ?

I know that this might sound like the weirdest thing you guys have ever read in this forum but just think about it . We have been tod that Michael was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on that day , but we also know that this Medical Center pronounced so many celebrities 'dead' over the years ! 


( For those who can't read French , just focus on the pictures )

  I believe that on the first picture , there is the real Michael . This picture seems to me that it must have been taken years ago when Michael suffered from  depression after the Evan ( Evil)  Chandler case . I believe that I heard somewhere Lisa Mary Presely saying that he was taken to hospistal or so in an interview that I don't seem to have anymore ! And Obviously , the guy on the second picture ,( if by any means he was a real human being ), is NOT Michael . Just  take a deep look on that chest , doesn't it look 'photoshoped' ? Make a comparison between the two pictures , and you'll see what I am trying to say .

So, if the only pictures we have of the autopsy are proven to be fake , doesn't it mean that the autopsy itself is fake ? And that no autopsy took place at all ?
Now , what about the 911 ? was it a real 'death or life ' case ?  Of course not ! I say that call was the biggest and clearest clue of them all !! We're speaking about Michael Jackson , The king of pop 's shortness of breath , unresponsiveness ! And there was no panick in Connie's voice ? No trembling ? No shaking ?

An LAFD spokesman said of the recording: "I couldn't confirm that is one of our workers. It could be. They refer to 'pop star Michael Jackson' but it is not our practice to name names."   So Mr 'spokesman' is actually telling us that they didn't receive that call , and that it wasn't them who answered it . 

Then all of this would result in this : The ambulance + the autopsy + the call + the announcement =  fake . And by 'fake' I mean ' They were professionally shot / pictured / filmed before we got the chance to question them and even before they were reported by the media ' .  In fact , I started to think that Michael himself ( with the help of others , of course ) spread the news to the first source ( Magasine , tv channel , websites , radio .. ) of media that reported his 'death' . 


Well Of course  It is not It ! It can't be . =)

Love u .  :bearhug:

ps : Sorry if the thought has already been thought about !

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Re: Just a thought ...

  • on: December 04, 2012, 05:40:46 PM
I love your enthusiasm but I'm going to close this. The forum is separated into categories of discussion and there are many existing threads outlying the theories you touch on. I am thrilled you are getting started. I know we would all love to hear your take on things but the collective good of keeping organized material for ease of reference necessitates that I ask you to familiarize yourself with the information by participating in the active threads. New threads are generally used for new information. Thank you so much for your cooperation and welcome to the community.
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