Arsenio Hall to Oprah: Michael Jackson Is Watching My Show… From Heaven

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To illustrate the passing of time, “The Arsenio Hall Show” host remembered discussing the comeback while attending a party along with rapper, Sean “Diddy” Combs and, wait for it, Michael Jackson.

“One of those parties,” he explained. “Diddy said, ‘You’ve got to come back.’ And I’m like, ‘I want to. But it ain’t that easy.’ And the reason I bring up Michael’s name [is] because Michael’s gone now and that’s how long it’s been.”

Of course, Winfrey had to ask whether the late King of Pop believed Hall should return to TV.

“Michael was like, ‘You should have never left,” Hall recalled. “And I know he’s watching.”

There is also a video so please watch it's very funny. ;)  :icon_e_wink: .
One has to wonder ,why now  :icon_geek:? And talking about Heaven,lol he is not the only one who mention this related with MJ.Remember that message to him  :icon_question:: See you in Heaven Michael hahaha!!  :LolLolLolLol:
This moth alot of people mentioned Michael,even spoke very bad and strange things about him ,lol,that he sabotaged his career  :suspect:   :icon_e_confused: :icon_lol: .Nevermind,let people talk,cause the people who loves Mike knows the truth ,right  :)??

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