Great Blog about the "TwitterDead"

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Great Blog about the "TwitterDead"

  • on: January 08, 2010, 07:29:36 PM ... -twitterde

Note what is said about TMZ

These celebrities are definitely Really Dead: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon. (Please folks, no more mention of the tired theory that celebrity deaths always happen in threes.)

These celebrities are alive but TwitterDead: George Clooney, Jeff Goldblum, Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, Randy Jackson and Britney Spears.
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TwitterDead is defined as someone who is said to have died in a tweet, which is retweeted so often that it trends in Twitter so others believe the celebrity is Really Dead. (If you can't follow the previous sentence, you need to get a lesson on Twitter because many people believe it is the future of the web.)

OK, I just made up the term TwitterDead. But I needed a word to describe the phenomenon of social media moving so fast that a rumor of a celebrity death is picked up by other media, but ends up being a fire drill.

TwitterDead is the modern version of the great Mark Twain quote: "The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated."

The first TwitterDead on the day Michael died was Randy Jackson of American Idol, which I noticed in trending topics. Bless his still-beating heart, Randy was TwitterDead because of his last name.

Next came the trending of actor Jeff Goldblum who was so TwitterDead that he had to dispel the rumors by going on camera to deny to TMZ and then to appear on the "The Colbert Report."

Other celebrities who got killed off Twitter-style at the end of last week were Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman and Miley Cyrus. Britney Spears was TwitterDead by the weekend.

All's fair in the twitterverse since it's just basically an enormous high school rumor mill. But, my Twitter friends, you have gone too far when you TwitterKill George Clooney. NOT CLOONEY. ANYONE but Clooney!

Stan Rosenfield, Clooney's publicist, contacted TMZ -- which apparently is running the world now -- to dispel the death rumors because he was inundated with calls from mainstream media outlets.

If you filter through rumor and TwitterDead, Twitter is still the fastest way to get real news, whether about political protests in Iran or the celebrity deaths last week. I found out about Michael Jackson being Really Dead from Twitter, too.

The first tweet from TMZ Harvey Levin: Michael Jackson taken to hospital for cardiac arrest!!!! PM Jun 25th .

Minutes later, a confirmation tweet from TV reality show M.D. Dr. Drew: retweet RT @daxholt: HOLY S---!!CRAZY S--- GOING ON W/ MICHAEL JACKSON!! RUSHED TO HOSPITAL PM Jun 25th.

So it's time to update the quote attributed to W.C. Fields when asked about how his tombstone should read: "On the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia." The 2009 version is: "On the whole, I'd rather be TwitterDead."
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Re: Great Blog about the "TwitterDead"

  • on: January 09, 2010, 07:28:05 AM
Wierd. But how can that person who wrote that article know that Michael is really dead.
-We know more than her. :roll: She is just writing what is on the news.
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Re: Great Blog about the "TwitterDead"

  • on: January 09, 2010, 01:05:07 PM
I guess it could be taken two ways.  One, the writer believes that of all the tweets, Michael Jackson's was the real one. Not Clooney, or the others, as you still see them walking and talking.  They dispelled the rumors.  But, Michael has not dispelled the rumors - at least not in person.  Second, you could take it the second way - the writer was talking about how you can't always believe the information you get in a tweet. For instance, TMZ tweeted that Michael was taken to the hospital and then Dr Drew comments on that.  Is the writer giving an example of how bad information can quickly get out of hand?  Michael may not be here in person to dispell the rumors but there continue to be plenty of conflicting stories all the same. I found the comments about TMZ interesting.  It does seem like they have a lot of "breaking" news.
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Re: Great Blog about the "TwitterDead"

  • on: January 19, 2010, 01:32:38 PM
Seems to me that Michael wouldn't want to dispel the rumors.  Isn't that the whole point?
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