Illuminati and Michael...what i think

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Illuminati and Michael...what i think

  • on: January 27, 2010, 03:12:22 PM
If you havent noticed something MAJOR happens to Michael RIGHT AFTER he does or says something thats such a powerful message.
Like when he started becoming HUGE icon and wasnt sending out the "right" message that they wanted...CHILD ALLEGATIONS WERE PUT OUT THERE
Like when he talked about Sony in 2002?...hmm strange how soon after in 2003 the allegations were put out there about child abuse AGAIN
 The Government thought they took him down finally after the 2005 trials. They thought they ruined MJs reputaion after the second round...well then 2009 comes around and once again Michael comes out and announces his 10 concerts in London at the O2 conference..Well after the tickets sold out SO QUICKLY they realized that Michael was still a major artists and influencer! They knew Michael has had enough of the illuminati, Michael was going to send out a HUGE message during the concerts to millions of people at once! Michael has had enough and he was done with it all! The illuminati knew that Michael had to be stopped. They first tried to discourage him by changing the 10 shows to 50 shows!! Without Mjs consent to this.  But anyways they realized MJ was pressing forward..And i read that Dr.Murray was hired to work for MJ for the TII concerts 11 days before MJs death...I also read that Murray was hired by AEG. I think the illuminati hired Murray to try and kill MJ. Thats probably why Murray is feeling nice and comfortable with his status in this investigations.
Anyways the illuminati was confirmed by Jermaines interview the other night...he basically said that the Government killed Michael they planned this all the FBI as well..they been researching MJ for 16 years becaue Michaels kindness and influence was a threat to they tried to take him down first by the first child allegations in 93...but MJ came back he kept going and then they throught the 2nd allegations out at him...that one hurt him and they could tell it def. got to MJ physically and emotionally and mentally. We didnt hear much about Michael after the 2005 allegations and i know the illuminati were pleased with that. they finally thought thay had him where they wanted...
While MJ was in seclusion from the crowd from 2005 to 2009 he was thinking...WHY do i need to stay away and live my life like this? I am showing fear from this..I am doing what they want me to do which is hide!! The fans still love me they still support me right? I need to open the eyes of the people and tell them whats going on but how? And I BELIEVE PERSONALLY ( so dont bash me please) That Michael came up with the London concerts as a test. A test of what you ask? A test to see what the Government was going to do with him after they notice whats going on...and surely the test failed...they bumped up the concerts to 50, they started talking about him and his weight, and his health on major news. MJ knew what had to be done to open the eyes of us prove that none of what they say is the truth! He wanted to show how far the media can go to lie to people!
During those 4 years i believe Michael was coming up with a HUGE plan to change the world and begin the HEALING process...but the only way to do this is to damage the illuminati...the only way to hurt the illuminati is to use there weapons against them...the media.

You guys this is the healing process!! We need to spread this message! Even if people dont believe you atleast they got the idea in their mind...what if?
When MJ sees that we are making a change and sees how aware we are he will then come back..because he will be safe.
In so many interviews he basically talks about the conspiracy in the USA same with Jermaine now please you have to listen to MJ and Jermaine...its the truth his family is trying to tell us MJ is ALIVE but we need to be AWARE of WHY he had to "DIE" and once we starte to actually LISTEN instead of just HEARING he will return!! So there is no specific return date! Its when we WAKE UP AND REALIZE THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT WHAT IT IS OUT TO BE!! Once we realize about the minipulations we will start to heal the world and make the world a better place...
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Re: Illuminati and Michael...what i think

  • on: January 28, 2010, 10:02:26 AM
You have done your homework buddy=)
It may have been a trick of Michael to see how they would react..right..and this jermiane interview is the ultimative prrof that the government and Obama and and and..were never and are never going to be on his side...this all prooves the Illuminati theory.
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Re: Illuminati and Michael...what i think

  • on: January 28, 2010, 10:16:49 AM
Even though Michael is not visible right now he is very much in control and is, IMO, still involved in getting his message out.
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