The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

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The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  • on: February 02, 2010, 07:12:01 AM
The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

Sep 25th, 2009 | By Vigilant | Category: Vigilant Reports

From unexpected drama to shocking performances, MTV’s 2009 Video Music Awards managed once again to raise eyebrows and get people talking. What most people missed, however,  were the occult meanings encoded in the VMAs. The TV event was in fact a large scale occult ceremony, complete with an initiation, a prayer and even a blood sacrifice. We’ll look at the symbolism that appeared during the show.

MTV’s Video Music Awards have often incorporated dark and strange acts, containing some occult symbolism. This year’s version, however, outdid itself. The show left most people wondering what was wrong with Kanye West or trying compute the madness of Lady Gaga’s performance. The only way to understand the full meaning behind those performances is to look into esoteric teachings. The fact is that the whole awards show took the most common rituals of occult orders and re-enacted them in a show witnessed by the entire world.

This year’s VMA’s were very different from other awards shows. They focused on a very limited number of artists (Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga), while ignoring many others who were equally successful. The “chosen” artists became characters in the VMA’s ceremony and acted out different ritual dramas. This might sound totally crazy to the average MTV viewer but those acquainted with the practices of occult orders (such as Freemasonry) can decode the references to sacred rituals.  There are numerous types of fraternities and rituals, from the most noble to the most infernal, and they have existed throughout History. The VMAs were decisively inspired by dark, sinister and even Satanic ceremonies.  Let’s look at those rituals.

The High Priestess’ Words of Wisdom

Madonna’s sermon

Madonna, the music industry’s High Priestess, the revered “elder” of MTV, opens the show with a very solemn eulogy for Michael Jackson. She admitted never really knowing or “connecting” with him, but she was still chosen to pay him tribute. Madonna is a well known and publicized adept of the Kaballah, the esoteric school of Judaism which is studied in most occult orders.  Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok explained how she uses (or abuses) Kaballah symbolism in her music:

“I discovered that Madonna’s famous dabbling with sacred Jewish mysticism has taken an interesting turn. In her latest music video for the theme song of a new James Bond movie, the “material girl” of old is transforming herself into a “Kabbalah girl.” Aside from the traditional Madonna blend of music and sensuality, in this video we see Madonna has a Holy Name of G-d tattooed onto her right shoulder. Tattooing, mind you, is a practice forbidden under Torah Law, all the more so abhorred by the Kabbalah. Granted the tattoo may not be real or only temporary but nonetheless, any expression of performing a forbidden act is itself forbidden and inexcusable. Unfortunately, Madonna’s abuse of Kabbalah and traditional Torah Judaism does not stop here.

Later in the video we see Madonna winding leather straps around her left arm in the exact same format and style as holy tefillin are worn by religious Jewish men. Tefillin consist of a small leather box containing scared parchments. These are then strapped to one’s left biceps, and the strap is wound down the left arm and around the hand. Granted Madonna did not go so far as to defame the tefillin boxes themselves. Yet, it is quite clear that the wrapping of the straps around her arm is done in orthodox Torah style. This act of hers is pure sacrilege.”

-Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, Madonna’s Kabbalah – Not Kosher

Madonna’s tribute focused on the fact that MJ was “otherworldly” and “a king” but  she insisted on the fact that he was also a human being. It was wisdom that could only be imparted by the High Priestess.  Members of the audience bowed their heads and meditated on her words. They had a deep Kabbalisitic resonance.  The speech was followed by a video tribute to Jackson, beginning oddly with ‘Thriller’ and displaying the face of MJ as a decaying zombie, risen from the dead, on a huge screen. We then hear Price’s verse in the song saying:

“Darkness falls across the land
The midnite hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize yawls neighbourhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpses shell
The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzy ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller”

It is only fitting that MJ’s greatest was included in his tribute, but this did seem a rather gruesome way to start a posthumous tribute. Someone, somewhere made some odd choices, but this somehow fitted the “vibe” of the rest of the show.

Taylor Swift’s Initiation

“I’mma let you finish!”

Taylor Swift wins the “Best Female Video” award and goes up on stage to give her thank yous. Kanye West pops out of nowhere, taking the mic from her hand, and informs her that Beyonce has “one of the best videos of all time“. This scene has caused much controversy and has earned Kanye the title of “Douchebag of the year” plus a the honor of being called a “jackass” by the President of the United States. I might shock some people by saying this… but this “unexpected” event was… STAGED! There I said it. Did you ever watch a crappy reality show and had the gut feeling that the whole thing was scripted? Well, I’ve got an overload of that feeling while watching this scene. None of the people involved (not even Beyonce making her “I can’t believe this is happening” face) are good actors. Furthermore, I’ve been following Kanye’s career since his beginnings and I’ve retained one important fact about him:  the only thing Kanye West cares about, is Kanye West. So if he had to throw a hissy fit about something, it would had been about him not winning. Not Beyonce. Him.

This scene is in fact Taylor Swift’s initiation into what I call “The Circle of Chosen Artists”. The pupil is humiliated in front of her peers and told that she is not worthy to be on the same stage as Beyonce, the queen of the ceremony.  Almost all groups, fraternities and gangs carry out an initiation process to test the recruit’s character, strength and worth. Swift’s ordeal was to have Kanye ruin her first award ever and to be told that she didn’t deserve this recognition. The rapper is known for bitching during award shows so he was the perfect candidate to make it all seem “unexpected”.

The Prayer

“Who wants to pray to the devil with me?”

Jack Black comes out dressed as a heavy metal guy on steroids to promote a video game. At one point he asks the audience to put their devil horns in the air and the proceeds to pray to the “darklord Satan”. The whole thing is light-hearted and comical but I don’t see any other way a prayer to Satan can be inserted into a primetime show without getting a truckload of complaints from “concerned parents”. The scene starts off semi-funny but Jack Black finishes off on a more serious note by saying: “I ask you to grant tonight’s nominees with continued success in the music industry“. This last phrase actually reveals a dark truth about the entertainment business.

So the net result of this scene is this: everybody threw up their “devil horns” hand sign, then took each other’s hands and prayed to Satan. This piece of  pre-rehearsed comedy might have been an insignificant skit in another show. But in the context of this one, with its many recreations of occult rituals, the skit takes on a whole other, sinister meaning.

The Blood Sacrifice

Lady Gaga’s performance was hailed as “brilliant” by many music fans. If you however ask them what it symbolizes,  their expression becomes questioning. Here’s what Gaga said about her performance during an interview at

“Do you think it will be one of those defining moments people will remember at the VMAs?”
“I know it will. I sort of have this philosophy about things: there’s never a reason to do something unless it’s going to be memorable, unless it’s going to change things, unless it’s going to inspire a movement. With the song and with the performance, I hope to say something very grave about fame and the price of it.”

“Something grave? What?”
“You’ll have to see.”

“What are you going to wear? “
“I would say that the fashion for the performance is a representation of the most stoic and memorable martyrs of fame in history. It’s intended to be an iconic image that represents people. I think after watching the performance and maybe studying it after you watch it on YouTube, you’ll see the references and the symbols come through.”

The setting for the performance is very symbolic. Gaga performs in a temple or maybe an  aristocratic mansion, complete with columns, chandeliers and paintings. Occult rituals, mind control experiments and even human sacrifices have  constantly been rumored to take place in those kinds of settings. One feature I cannot ignore is the presence of two massive pillars beneath an arch.

Decor of Gaga’s performance. Notice the two pillars and the arch above

They are unmistakable Masonic symbols, as depicted on this lithograph:

This obvious reference to Freemasonry hints to the occult and ritualistic aspect of Gaga’s performance. Masons are known to carry out ritual dramas in their lodges;  live re-enactments of allegorical stories. Gaga’s performance symbolizes her rise to fame and the sacrifice she had to make in order to succeed.

When the bloody Gaga is lifted into the air, an eerie light comes out from between the pillars and the dancers lift their arms in the air in praise. Many ancient religions carried out ritual sacrifices to please the gods. Blood sacrifices have also been viewed by black magicians as the ultimate way to collect spiritual energy. The final scene of the performance conveys the presence of this mysterious “force” after a sacrifice.

Rising star

Right after her performance, Gaga appears dressed all in red, with her face completely covered in red. She is basically a walking, talking blood sacrifice. It represents the aftermath of fame, the hellish life that follows the sacrifice, the selling of the soul for success in the music industry.

“This is for God and the gays”

Pink’s Masonic Initiation

There is no way a Mason could watch this performance without recalling his initiation into the First Degree. Here’s a description by Mark Stavish:

“The candidate for initiation is stripped of all material possessions and dressed in a strange and peculiar garb (…). This includes a blindfold and a length of rope called a cable tow.”

He continues

“The blindfold used represents secrecy, darkness and ignorance as well as trust. The candidate is led into the lodge room for initiation but is not able to see what is happening. He is bound about the waist and arm with the cable tow.”
-Mark Stavish, Freemasonry: Rituals, Symbols and History of the Secret Society

The initiate is blindfolded and attached to a cord with the left breast and left leg exposed

Pink is blindfolded and bound with ropes. Her costume exposes her left breast, as is the case with Masonic initiates. Instead of having her left leg exposed, Pink’s costume bears a diamond pattern which is very reminiscent of the floors in Masonic lodges.

Eastern Star Lodge

Pink’s performance was a dizzying display of acrobatics which undoubtedly left her (and the viewers) totally disoriented. This is also a feature of Freemasonry’s First Degree initiation:

“He is then blindfolded and a cord in the form of a noose is passed round his neck. At this point the novice is entering the marginal stage, associated with ordeals; he cannot see, his sense of direction has been confused and he has been dressed like a victim for execution.”
-J.S. La Fontaine, Initiation – Ritual Drama and secret knowledge across the world

Pink’s performance was yet another blatant reference to ritual dramas in occult orders.

Taylor Swift’s Acceptance into the Order

“Can we try this again now?”

After Swift’s public humiliation, Beyonce, the queen of the ceremony, calls her up on stage to let her “have her moment”. She appears from backstage (as if awaiting her cue) in a red dress which is  strikingly similar to Beyonce’s. A reader of this site has noticed that, at the moment the two singers hug, a strange phrase appears on the screen behind them saying “RDFO IL 40 PRO DEL ATO”. I have no idea what that means, but it was there. If you solve this enigma, be sure to post it in the comments. **Editor’s note** Pretty sure it means “Ilford Delta Pro film”.

Is this a computer glitch or a coded message?

Taylor Swift being called on stage represents the fact that she has now been  accepted as an equal to Beyonce and has become one of the “chosen ones”. The matching dresses also convey this sense of belonging to a new group. She has “passed the test” – the ordeal of being humiliated – and she can now reap the rewards of being an insider.

In Conclusion

Award ceremonies like the VMAs define and crystallize the pop culture of an era. They consecrate the chosen artists while leaving the others dwelling in the shadows of anonymity. As shown above, the whole show was heavily permeated with occult symbolism, primarily focusing on the “initiation” aspect of it. Why is MTV exposing young people (who know nothing about occultism) to such rituals? Is there a subliminal effect on the viewers? Are we educating the new generation to accept these symbols as part of popular culture? There is definitely a second layer of interpretation in many of MTV’s products. To decode the symbols is to understand the inner-workings of the entertainment industry.
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Re: The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  • on: February 02, 2010, 07:26:41 AM
Wow! thank you for posting this, I was reading about this yesterday though.
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Re: The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  • on: February 02, 2010, 07:36:32 AM
@ Souza
First, I want to say that I appreciate your posts because you always provide evidence, and examples :mrgreen:

Now, for me these are very significant parallels, It's quite disturbing..
I personally have not watched the VMA's since they tried to humiliate Michael, it was apparent then they they had a cruel agenda.
The music industry is an unbelievably evil industry, and all of these performances are definitely not coincidences.
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Re: The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  • on: February 02, 2010, 08:55:06 AM
I went to the vigilant site and read the comments since they are often as intriguing as the original articles. Two things were mentioned among the comments that caught my attention. The word "smile" is an MK Uktra trigger word and the emphasis on how the number 40 applies to resurrection and return. Two weird thoughts are rolling in my head but I'll have to think them through first before commenting.
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Re: The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  • on: February 02, 2010, 10:15:13 AM
I read this article on the weekend while scanning you tube for videos to become familial with illuminati and freemasonry stuff(I really never bothered with it before) the article and the comments from ppl are just eerie! :o
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Re: The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  • on: February 02, 2010, 06:40:52 PM
Very interesting, thanks for posting it. It certainly is eerie and creepy but that's the way it is, and we better know what we have to deal with  ;)
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Re: The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  • on: February 28, 2010, 01:22:03 PM
Dear Mo and Souza i follow your site from a long time now.I only come here to read , because i noticed  that some really "weird" things are hapening in the WORLD.I dont know if I become crazy or no but I'm begining to be addicted about Mj.I love Michael and his music since school,but this subject about iluminati,mk-ultra and masons is strating to upset me.I believe with all my heart that we ,ALL ARE VICTIMS OF THIS RITUALS .I'm starting to realise that we common people,who are going to work and school every day ,are like robots,you know.Every day we do the same things:wake up,eat,go to work,go to school,wach television,play computer,games,watching movies,etc.EVERY DAY THE SAME THING.I noticed also that alot of kids have idols ,they see in today celebrites IDOLS,thay want to become like theyr idols.And i think this iS WRONG.
Since june-july,last year i stoped wach TV,and iI try every day to be a loving person,to be good, to not judge people around me,but is very hard you know.
Sometimes i stop and look at people on the streets,they are so selfish,they dont CARE and dont SEE what is around them.WE ARE BECOMING LIKE ROBOTS and this is scary for me.I'm sorry to say but MJ "death" didnt change nothing,people are the same every day:selfish and bad.
Please if you have time,explain me what about Peter pan programing,I really believe that they use this on Mj.He always acts like a child,and he is always aroud kids.I dont say this is bad,but this proves that he is/was a slave also.He has many faces:child,angry black man,sexi man.And what about us,we his fans,in wich way this affects us?Becasue I sometimes act like a child,and I'm 28 now.I talked with some people and they feel the same,they refuse to grow up.
Thank you for your time.
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Re: The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  • on: February 28, 2010, 02:36:54 PM
I don't know if we need to initiate young folks to dark thinking by MTV or other channels.
I guess the young folks are already surrounded by that darkness of spirit wherever they look.

Take the apparel industry. Clothes for young folks are preferably black and - especially for young men - printed with whatever disgusting dark messages & symbols you can imagine.
This starts with skulls for kindergarden kids now. You may have to start seeking to still find "normal" cloths without death messages and depressing design. ALL major apparel brands are doing it.

I don't think that MTV is showing a particular effort in transporting darkness and depression.
This has become mainstream. MTV may lead that path to darkness in some ways.
It is however embarrassing that persons may be humiliated in public without anybody standing up and saying STOP. This is the most alarming aspect. That persons who dare standing up to say NO are being beaten to death in public with spectators watching and not helping.
MTV is IMO only showing this as the peak of the iceberg that has taken over public conscience.
This does not shovel the guilt of participating from their shoulders. Sadly, ignorance and violence in public has become regular behaviour.

I remember well that our youth days were also marked by black and grey and skulls and revolution against our parents' style. We also would wear and do what was the complete opposite of their world.
I do however not remember that death, hate, violence and bad feelings were all over the place. We had to search for our protest outfit. We had to work for our protest to get it and be able to show it.
Today the protest of young adults is much commercialized.

What else do you need in entertainment than to celebrate death in public to be really shocking?
A bath in blood and fat? Joseph Beuys in video and music industry?
I think Lady Gaga is taking that part of Joseph Beuys.
She is well aware of what she's doing as her interviews show.
Occult rituals? I see where the authors are coming from. Is that really it?
We had KISS e.g. and other dark cellars - were they dangerous? Yes and No.

The real danger these days IMO is the commercialization of each and everything that proved successful in the past or has become essential to western lifestyle.

It seems to be very "chic" these days to have a graveyard attitude.
Watch trade fairs - they are full of black and grey as colours of choice for furniture, home decoration, carpets. Black is even popular as wallpaper.
As if we were in wartimes when black wallpapers were essential to suppress any light and thus detection by foes.

We are behaving as if the end of all times were near yet are still living in the richest of countries. I bet my parents had more reason to think they would not live tomorrow than I ever would.

What to do about this black world?
Not participate. Think. Not believe that colours are infectious.
Don't think black when the sun is shining. Is the sun black? I bet no.
Refrain. Be yourself and not the mainstream. Not watch TV. Not watch soaps for dummies. Not eat pre-cooked food from a "food-chain". Throw the chains of your life out of the window and get free of the garbage others want your money for.
Stop being the Barbie for other person's portemonnaie.
Start living YOUR life.
Start LOVING YOUR life.
Appreciate what you have and what doesn't bother you.
Share with those who have less.
Don't pay for THEIR darkness.
There is nobody saying you must participate.
You are free to leave.

If you cannot get out otherwise and throwing your TV has not proven successful:
hoax your death.
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Create your day. Create the most astounding year of your life. Be the change you want to see in the world! L.O.V.E.
"I am tired, I am really tired of manipulation." Michael Jackson, Harlem, New York, NY, July 6, 2002
******* Let's tear the walls in the brains of this world down.*******

Time to BE.


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Re: The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

  • on: February 28, 2010, 06:44:01 PM
i peeped this right after JJ left the stage... I wasn't planning to watch the whole thing but i did, just to see the "weirdness"  i felt like it was a stab in the back to MJ's legacy, as if to say "yay the king is dead, these are the new rulers" :x ... lol...  during the "so called" satanic prayer, i just kept calling the names of god in every language i knew, only because my lil one was watching and i was worried that they were trying to possess people. what i got from it...

1. disrespect of children/young ones: one of the characteristics of the wicked one is that, the he really hates children... children represent the power god has given us to divinely create life. when kanye comes out to interrupt taylor, thats what i felt.

2. lady gaga set reminded me of the movie carrie. all i could think is "they're all gonna laugh at you, they're all gonna laugh at you" lol then i thought of carrie killing everybody lol

3.madge speech i totally ignored although it did have some touching moments... where were you when ppl were accusing him of horrible things? I'm sure a speech from her would have been some support he needed...

4. I did peep the red dress similarity thing...

most of the time, i see things different from the person standing right next to me lol
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