Tension Between LAPD and D.A. in Jackson Case

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Tension Between LAPD and D.A. in Jackson Case

  • on: February 04, 2010, 11:02:03 AM
TMZ posted this:

Tension Between LAPD and D.A. in Jackson Case
Posted Feb 4th 2010 9:27AM by TMZ Staff

LAPD officials feel slighted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney in the Michael Jackson case, and the cops made their point clear in a secret meeting yesterday .... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources say there was a "high level meeting" yesterday between officials from both departments. The D.A. had kept the LAPD in the dark over the arrest and prosecution of Dr. Conrad Murray. In fact, until yesterday the LAPD was not informed of any plan for the arrest or surrender of Murray on involuntary manslaughter charges.

We reported earlier in the week that lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray had been in touch with the D.A. and planned to drive the doctor themselves to the courthouse where he would be arraigned. That plan would have completely excluded the LAPD from the process.

The D.A.'s plan was especially maddening for the LAPD because detectives in the Robbery Homicide Division had spent months putting the complicated case together. Inside sources say it's one of the best, most thorough investigations the LAPD has conducted in years.

The upshot of yesterday's meeting -- the D.A. and LAPD made a plan -- the LAPD will place Dr. Murray under arrest on Friday morning, handcuff and book him, then take him to court at 1:30 where he will be arraigned.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0eaEgDS3a

What do you think? the plan?? this news it´s little odd to me
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Re: Tension Between LAPD and D.A. in Jackson Case

  • on: February 04, 2010, 11:08:44 AM
the most thorough investigation the LAPD has done? are you kidding me? we're talking about the same investigation right? lol as far as i'm concerned, they've been taking their sweet time & not doing what they would have done right away in any other case - arresting murray right away when they got the confession that he gave mj the drugs that killed him!! this is nonsense, it's as if they're trying to put stories out there because people have been saying why is it taking so long to arrest & charge dr. murray? so they say there's tension between the DA & LAPD they had to have a meeting to come up with a plan, blah blah blah. so that's why there's a hold up now, but what about the other 6 months they could have arrested him? like they kept saying they were going to?
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