MJ is Not Far Away...Jus Hear Me Out

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MJ is Not Far Away...Jus Hear Me Out

  • on: February 09, 2010, 02:36:03 AM
Dear My MJ Family,

I know today has been a very stressful day, we all went through our ups and downs today, and some of us lost a lil faith. Well, let us never ever forget WHY we first came here. We obviously saw or heard a few things that just doesnt seem right, its inconsistant, and many contradictions. Why let 7months of hard work go down the drain b.c a court case was filmed with a man who had ONLY a $75,000 bail 4 "killing" the biggest superstar in the world, a "yellow brick road" on the judges desk(if u kno about the wiz, as im sure many of u do, b4 they discovered the actual road they well dorthy called the Cabs, the yellow brick road), and not to mention the garbage cans and the autopsy report that has a different story than the 911 call. My point is, wheres the concrete evidence saying hes dead? y throw away 7months of hard work? wen u signed up to the forum u knew what u was getting yourself into...everyday was and is not going to be peaches and cream. "Give me your patients" was MJ's words...lets give it to him. I must admit i am not nor was i a full blown 100% hoax beLIEver BUT i knew something fishy was going on, and thas y i signed up and im NOT giving up until i find the TRUTH.....You Shouldnt Either......not too long ago i was listening to a song and the 1st person that popped into my head was Michael. The song is called Never Too Far by Mariah Carey.....and it made me think, whether MJ is passed or alive I KNOW hes never too far away and hes with us every step of the way....So too give you guys some comfort just watch this and think to yourself, Michael is right here....wherever I Go...Just call His Name...I Love You All, Keep The Faith, God Bless you!


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