MJ slept several hrs that night & other questions

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MJ slept several hrs that night & other questions

  • on: February 10, 2010, 11:58:17 PM
Guys, below are some things that raise red flags for me.  I'd appreciate your comments and opinions.

1.  According to the autopsy report (page 2), MJ slept for "several hours" on the night of June 24-25, during which time Murray was at his bedside.  If so, I don't understand why he would still try to sleep (and ask for propofol or something!) after 10 AM, given that his kids had breakfast around 9 and MJ was typically up by 10-10:30 (the time when Murray usually delivered breakfast to him, according to Kai Chase). And 12-12:30 was when MJ had lunch with the kids!  Moreover, I understand he was going to have rehearsals later in the day, starting around 2 PM...

2. "Numerous punctures on both arms" (page 13 of the autopsy report, under the heading "Evidence Of Recent Therapy" + drawing).  According to the video linked below, MJ had a fitting with his main costume designer "maybe a week before he passed", at which point his arms showed no needle marks or contusions:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lxarTRj ... re=related
Note also the "evidence of recent therapy" heading.  How recent was it?  Could it be that Murray only administered propofol to MJ on June 25, but tried to create the impression that he'd done it before?!

3.  MJ was not sleeping in his usual bedroom, which was "down the hall" (page 3 of report).  

4. The autopsy report states that there is NO known case of propofol being used to treat insomnia.
So why was Murray doing it?!  I find it hard to believe that a layman would know about the anesthetic propofol AND somehow get the idea that it could be used to treat insomnia, given that there were no known cases of such use!  Also, MJ should have known there's a difference between falling asleep and being knocked unconscious!  So I can't believe that MJ was "asking for it", and if he did he must have used propofol before and/or been introduced to it by someone else.  Either way, *someone* must have suggested it to him!!  They probably said something like, "Oh, I know something that'll really help you sleep."  :evil:  Even so, would Michael just sit there and let someone like Murray put all those IVs (3) in him?!  I recall reading that Michael once said (after his last tour) that he'd never tour again, because that would kill him -- the reason being that he tends to exert himself and not eat properly and suffer from dehydration!!  He also mentioned something like, "during the Bad (?) tour they made me walk around with IVs".  This says 3 things: Michael was very aware of the precise problems he faced when touring; he probably didn't want to kill himself (supported by what Kai Chase said about his trying to eat healthy); and he disliked having to use IVs (something I infer; he just didn't seem like a drug addict or someone who's used to IVs).  

5. Multiple bottles of propofol were found (many emptied of almost all of the contents), but no prescription for propofol was found, and no name of a doctor or patient.  I find this very sketchy, especially since Murray HAD prescribed other anti-insomnia drugs to MJ.

6. According to the report (page 2), MJ called Murray at 1 AM on June 25 and complained of being DEHYDRATED and unable to sleep.  I think this is important!  The dehydration itself could be a sign that MJ needed to be taken to the hospital, and if Murray didn't address it then that could indicate incompetence or criminal intentions or utter recklessness.  We don't know if Murray did anything to address that... The report only says: "Dr. Murray went to the decedent's residence and administered medical care. The details and extent of this medical care are currently unknown; though the decedent slept for several hours and Dr. Murray was at the bedside."

This reminds me of something that has been on my mind: Why was a CARDIOLOGIST hired for MJ? If the doctor's job was to take care of MJ and keep him in good health for the concerts, wouldn't a nutritionist or GP have been more appropriate?! The main problems MJ seemed to face when touring or rehearsing a lot were eating, staying hydrated and sleeping. A cardiologist doesn't seem the kind of doctor needed to address those problems, and MJ didn't have a history of heart troubles (even the autopsy report notes that his heart was healthy and normal).  

7. Just an observation, not necessarily a red flag: Place of death is said to be UCLA.  MJ is said to be "asystolic" and with "fixed and dilated pupils" when paramedics arrived at his home.  This seems to indicate that MJ really died at the hospital, but was barely alive when paramedics arrived?
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Re: MJ slept several hrs that night & other questions

  • on: February 11, 2010, 12:45:08 AM
Good observations. I honestly haven't keep up with everything that's been "reported", however I do seem to recall that Kai Chase said that Murray came in at night to spend the night, didn't she?

If so, then why would Murray need to be called in at 1am? And come to think of it, what time was it supposed to be when MJ left the rehearsal & arrived at home?

I know that it wasn't any secret that MJ needed sleep & that he had an addiction to prescription meds a number of yrs ago. If indeed he was still using, then I wouldn't be surprised that he was desperate to be "knocked" out.

Wasn't there also confirmed reports of MJ using alias to get the drugs recently? I think there was?

I think that MJ trusted too many ppl and yes I could sadly conceive of him trusting Murray  to administer because he is supposed to be a cardiologist as opposed to a nutritionalist. So, it makes sense that he would have such a person near by.

In addition I don't think it was MJ that did the actual hiring of Murray? It is said that Murray was hired in order to provide AIG with a proper physical that would "pass" so that MJ could be insured for the tour.

Still Murray has alot more to say I am sure of & when it comes out I'm betting it will be extremely interesting!
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Re: MJ slept several hrs that night & other questions

  • on: February 12, 2010, 12:34:58 PM
If my recollection is correct, wasn't murray only formally interviewed by police a few days after the death (27th June), and that he went missing during this intervening period?

In the case report (attached to the autopsy report) written by Elissa Fleak (investigator) under 'Information/Witness statements' it says the information provided is preliminary and subject to change after further investigation. Elissa Fleak got the initial information from Detective Smith LAPD on the 25th June. In the affidavit, it says that upon arrival at the hospital Detective Smith could not locate Murray to re-interview him. Detective Smith did however interview Murray on the 27th June, providing a fuller (but also different) account of what happened.

It is clear then that the information given under 'Information/Witness statements' is based on what Murray told the Paramedics and hospital staff, and also what Murray told the Jackson family before leaving the hospital. This is consistent with what the paramedics reported at the time, and what Dr.Cooper (ER doc) was told (see affidavit). The case report by Elissa Fleak is signed 6/26/2009. So everything presented here is what police knew at the time before they formally interviewed Murray on 27th June. This explains why there are contradictions in the case report account and the affidavit (which is Murray's most recent testimony) - Murray changed his story. What you are seeing there is very hard witness proof that Murray lied.
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Re: MJ slept several hrs that night & other questions

  • on: February 17, 2010, 07:23:13 PM
Thanks, QuirkyDiana!

I always thought Murray's behavior was suspicious... It did look like he lied about some things.  I watched Arnold Klein's interview today (posted by someone on this forum) and he said that if Murray was administering the propofol throughout the night, he might have become sedated (and "fallen asleep") as a result of Michael exhaling propofol.  Now I'm not sure if that's possible - and we don't even know exactly when and how CM was administering the propofol... And I doubt that Klein always tells the truth, but some things he says do seem to make sense.  And in this interview he appeared to be quite knowledgeable about propofol and other drugs (and said he worked with drug addicts in England for one year).

There are so many inconsistencies and weird things, sometimes I just think, "OK, this is too crazy!  Michael MUST be alive!"... Guess we just have to keep digging.  :?
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Yep the truth will come out because I am telling you guys that either this is a HOAX or this is just COLD BLOODED MURDER with Murray hired to do it! Remember "Murder for CONTRACT" I am telling you I have never saw anything like this. :?  ANd if Murray did Murder him who is behind it?
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