Michael Jackson: 'I Feel Very Young' at 50

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Michael Jackson: 'I Feel Very Young' at 50

  • on: February 12, 2010, 07:27:06 PM
Michael Jackson: 'I Feel Very Young' at 50

Jackson Speaks Exclusively to 'GMA' About His Past, His Future, His Dreams for His Children

Aug. 28, 2008

He first became a star as a young boy, then endured superstardom, scandals and a legal prosecution, but as he turns 50, Michael Jackson told "Good Morning America" in an exclusive interview, he is "having a wonderful time."

Speaking by phone from his home in California, at times so softly he was barely audible, Jackson said he was listening to a little James Brown and preparing for his 50th birthday Friday, when he will have a little cake and watch cartoons with his children, and then get back to work.

Watch "Good Morning America" Friday at 7 a.m. ET for more on this exclusive interview.

Does turning 50 mean he now has an AARP card?

"Not that I know of!" Jackson said, laughing.

He said he still can do all his famous dance moves and "more."

"I feel very young," he said.

Reflecting back, Jackson said the happiest time in his life was probably when he was recording his hit solo albums "Thriller" and "Off the Wall" –- which propelled him to the height of his stardom.

Asked to pick a single song as his greatest achievement, Jackson went back to the same period.

"Oh boy, that's a hard one," he said, before singling out "We Are the World," and "Billie Jean," adding that there were "so many others."

But Jackson was not content to rest on his laurels, saying, "I am still looking forward to doing more."

He hopes to release new music and tour, though he doesn't have dates set.

"I am writing all the time," he said. "I love it."

He said he hopes to "be myself" in his future work, but also be "inspired by great artists," noting he wished he could have worked with Brown or Fred Astaire.

He sees his influence in some of today's artists, specifically mentioning Chris Brown.

Asked if his kids are good dancers, Jackson said, "I don't push them."

Asked if he'd like them to have the same sort of upbringing as him, he said he'd prefer to let them "enjoy their childhood" as much as possible.

It "means a lot when I see them on a ride," he said, "having a really good time."

If he could go back and give himself some advice at age 9 or 10, he would advise himself to know his craft and be tough, but also to have "rhinoceros skin."

ABC News' Thea Trachtenberg contributed to this report.

[Source: ABC News]

Beautiful... I love you more Michael!
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Re: Michael Jackson: 'I Feel Very Young' at 50

  • on: July 11, 2011, 12:18:33 PM
Aww that's so beautiful :D

Love you mike!
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Re: Michael Jackson: 'I Feel Very Young' at 50

  • on: July 12, 2011, 09:55:03 AM
Thanks for sharing that......
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Re: Michael Jackson: 'I Feel Very Young' at 50

  • on: July 12, 2011, 03:25:09 PM
[fade:rlo73g58]MICHAEL IS THE ONLY ONE !!![/fade:rlo73g58][/size] lolol/

Thanks for sharing these words !!

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Re: Michael Jackson: 'I Feel Very Young' at 50

  • on: July 12, 2011, 03:58:19 PM
Reminds us that he was ready, able and willing to give us more, more, more.  Not on his deathbed and not infused with drugs.  How did that picture “allegedly" change so drastically in less than 10 months ? I remember this conversation and Michael sounded relaxed, calm and very much at peace in his life.
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