FASCINATING Article from Firpo Carr... MUST READ!

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FASCINATING Article from Firpo Carr... MUST READ!

  • on: February 19, 2010, 05:21:11 PM

Michael & the Mob

On Jackson did "they" do a job?

By Dr. Firpo Carr

Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper

February 18 - 24, 2010
Day 238, Week 34, Article 33

Care should be exercised in identifying a criminal organization. Indiscriminately labeling an organization "criminal" may be as reckless as Italian mobsters gunning down innocent White men, women, and children on the streets of Chicago during the Roaring ‘20s; or African American gangbangers in L.A.'s inner city enclaves mowing down Black bystanders of all ages here in the new millennium. According to the ungodly, immoral, and unethical laws codified in America's southern states, Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad, responsible for freeing numerous slaves, was a "criminal organization." In countries like the Russian Federation where Jehovah's Witnesses continue to preach the Bible-based good news of God's kingdom--a work that Michael Joseph Jackson was enamored with--despite being banned or restricted in some way, the Witnesses are viewed as a "criminal organization." These realities notwithstanding, there are organizations legitimately called "criminal."  

Michael & "the Mafia": Michael himself was very aware of criminal organizations connected with the music industry. Moreover, he purposefully chose to deal with them! The King of Pop was well aware of the cleverly titled book, Hit Men (1990), by Fredric Dannen. "Since the Depression," writes Dannen, "the Mafia has played a key role in artist management and booking." Dannen then candidly confesses, "especially of black performers." The author even goes so far as to describe Frank Dileo as a "convicted bookie who became Michael Jackson's manager." For a certainty, the book helps those interested to better appreciate the complexities of the intricate connections between the music business and criminal organizations.    

Intriguingly, even prior to the publication of Hit Men, criminal organizations excited Michael's inquisitive nature; elevating sheer curiosity to outright fascination. Evidence of this can be seen in a few of his music videos (or "film shorts"). In Smooth Criminal (1988; originally titled Al Capone in 1986) he associates with and is in the company of violent mobsters, greedy gamblers, and pretty prostitutes. Jackson shoots an assailant who creeps up behind him with a rather large knife, and when the nightclub ("Club 30s") is surrounded by armed law-enforcement personnel, the King of Pop pops off a number of machine gun rounds in the agents' direction. (In assessing Michael fairly, it should be noted that he also had great admiration for law enforcement officers the world over, often posing in pictures and being videoed with them. Even the Smooth Criminal video has a remote association with famed detective novelist Mickey Spillane, who himself was one of Jehovah's Witnesses.)    

In the film short You Rock My World (2001) Michael follows an attractive woman into a club full of mobsters. Eventually he and his own thuggish hat-wearing friends take on the mobsters whose boss is none other than Marlon Brando of The Godfather (1972) fame.  

Running with the Russians: Michael Jackson's music was prohibited in the Soviet Union. Consequently, said music became a black market item. As such, it was controlled by the Vory v Zakone, better known as the Russian Mafia. The communist empire may have fallen, but not so with the Vory. CNN reports that Michael was "the first international popstar to perform in post-Soviet-era Russia." And when he toured there and later released Stranger in Moscow (1996), observers have concluded that this all had to be done with the permission and cooperation of the Russian Mafia.

Being Bad with Brazilians: Michael Jackson filmed They Don't Care About Us (1996) in Dona Marta, one of Brazil's shantytowns or favelas. Although "1,500 policemen and 50 residents acting as security guards effectively sealed off" the area, it "was alleged that Jackson's production team had negotiated with drug dealers in order to gain permission to film," according to several reputable sources. Highly sophisticated criminal organizations operate in the favelas. Having visited the area, it is not at all difficult to imagine Michael having to deal with the dealers.

Jackson & the Japanese: Long-time Jackson critic Maureen Orth suggested in a 2004 Vanity Fair article that Michael routinely offered alcohol to minor boys. "She also recounted a 1998 incident," says one source, "in which Jackson took the 13-year-old son of a Japanese business partner to an amusement park ‘and allegedly he was also given Jesus' juice, and it blew the whole [business] deal.'" Of course, that Japanese youth, Richard Matsuura (18 in 2004), contacted me and declared that Orth was ‘a goddamn liar.' Michael's obvious innocence aside, if there ever was a business deal in the works, the Yakuza, a "shadow government" that has been identified as a criminal organization, would have inescapably been in the mix.

Bopping with Beelzebub?: Why would Michael interact with criminal organizations? As odd as it may seem, even unrepentant criminals have there place in the grand scheme of things. "Everything Jehovah has made for his purpose," says the Bible, "yes, even the wicked one for the evil day." (Proverbs 16:4) Put simply, Michael made an "inescapable choice" to deal with criminals as he carried out his globe-encompassing record-setting benevolent work. Yes, he ‘danced with the Devil,' as it were. In this, it has been said that he imitated the Lord Jesus Christ, who himself dialogued with the Devil several times before opting to abruptly terminate the discussion. (Matt 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13) Why did Jesus engage in the verbal exchange? Perhaps to demonstrate his allegiance to God under these extenuating circumstances and to show others how to overcome tests that we all inevitably encounter. Just as the Devil used human agencies to kill Jesus, did he use criminal organizations to kill Michael? Many think so. God knows for sure, and sooner or later the whole truth will reveal itself. Meanwhile, we can be sure that Jesus' motivations in dealing with the Devil were for the good of all, just as are the motivations of Rebbie Jackson, et al.  

Jacksons Jam for Haitian Nation: "For the first time since the death of megastar Michael Jackson, family members of the King of Pop, led by older sister Rebbie Jackson, will perform a full-fledged concert which will include a very special nod to the late Thriller singer," states an official press release from the family. "‘A Nod To Greatness: Motown and Michael Jackson,' [is] a very special concert to benefit Haiti Earthquake relief efforts and scholarships at Lackawanna College." Rebbie Jackson states: "As everyone knows, my family and I have had a difficult year, but I'm looking forward to getting on stage in Scranton and giving the audience a great show. There is going to be some surprises, so be there."

"Ms. Jackson, who has already donated money for Haiti earthquake relief, said seeing the images from Haiti and knowing the suffering of the people has really had an impact on her. She said she looks forward to doing even more for those who have been less fortunate than she. Ms. Jackson said she and her family choose Scranton for the first Jackson concert since Michael's passing because ‘I'm a low key person and when you do something so special, it's often best not to make too much of it.'" Tickets for the show went on sale this past Monday, Feb. 15, 2010, and will be available at http://www.lackawanna.edu/; http://www.etix.com/ and by calling (570) 955-1455. The concert will be held at The Mellow Theater, 501 Vine Street, Scranton, PA. 7 p.m. Saturday, April 24, 2010." Michael, I am sure, would be proud. Amen.
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Re: FASCINATING Article from Firpo Carr... MUST READ!

  • on: February 20, 2010, 01:07:36 PM
Wonder if this "low key" concert will actually take place.
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Re: FASCINATING Article from Firpo Carr... MUST READ!

  • on: February 20, 2010, 01:17:27 PM
oooooo so rebbie is making an appearence now!! very interesting!!  :shock:
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Re: FASCINATING Article from Firpo Carr... MUST READ!

  • on: February 20, 2010, 01:59:05 PM
Great read - thank you for posting it here.  I have long believed that the dangers Michael dealt with were far greater than any of us ever imagined and if Mr Carr is correct (and I believe he is) it's not far fetched to believe that Michael is in protective custody. If there are these known criminal associations being mentioned then there are probably more not mentioned. What purpose is served by Mr Carr bringing this to our attention...maybe to give us direction without naming the responsible party?  We already know that other family members fear for their own lives (LaToya).  Michael - God is mighty and powerful. I pray He keep you and your family safe and bring to light the evil forces seeking to bring destruction.
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I'm proud to be a child of God and a member of MJ's Army of L.O.V.E.
"Press coverage of my life is like [watching] a fictitious movie...like watching science fiction. It's not true." ~Michael Jackson (2005)

"You should not believe everything you read. You are missing the most important revelations". Craig Harvey 3-15-2012

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Re: FASCINATING Article from Firpo Carr... MUST READ!

  • on: February 20, 2010, 02:17:04 PM
While this article contains some very interesting information, some of which may very well be true, I highly doubt the credibility of this article. The way in which it is written seems to be for the sole purpose of inciting conflict and provoking controversy.
Do I believe that some shady people were after michael? Yes, that I do believe.
Do I believe that Michael flirted witht he Mafia? No, that I don't believe.
Although he is rich, he does have morals, and he does have kids.
any sort of intentional dealings with illegal groups would automatically put his kids in danger due to the inherent risks of dealing with an illegal group.
Furthermore, his life would not only be owned by the media, but it would be owned by this group, too. If even anything he does begins to remotely irritate or bother this group, his life, property, assets, and children would be at their mercy.
Frankly, this article reads like something off of a certain magazine that exists to smear dirt on people. Look at those headings. Bopping with Belzebub? They're filled with trigger words that are designed to incite aversion toward whomever or whatever they're writing about.
Be careful. In my humble opinion, this article demonstrates poor journalism.
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Re: FASCINATING Article from Firpo Carr... MUST READ!

  • on: February 20, 2010, 05:45:09 PM
Well Firpo carr was Mj's spiritual advisor, amd Michael did work with and for many criminal elements.
1 being Frank Dileo, and he was fascinated by Adolf Hitler, ie. the armbands he wore.  I believe some
criminal element made him an offer he could not refuse, then Michael renigged and threats were made.
I am hoping that he is under the witness peotection program, because I am noticing how hard the Jacksons are working to clear and help his image after death, when they should have been doing these same things after the child molestation trials.
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Re: FASCINATING Article from Firpo Carr... MUST READ!

  • on: February 21, 2010, 01:52:44 AM
Yes, but just because Frank was involved in criminal activity does not mean that Michael was. Guilt by association should not apply here.
From this link that i've found,
http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/frie ... -Witnesses
I gather that he was a former family advisor. I don't know. I just think that although he seems genuine, his article just left me witha  bad impression.
By putting in print that one speculates that Michael Jackson was associating with criminal groups really does not do justice to the person's reputation.
In my opinion if he'd wanted to inform the world about Michael's activities with criminal groups, he should have written a well-researched, properly worded, scholarly serious article, not a newspaper, headline-grabbing article designed to attract readers.
It upsets me that someone would do this to him.
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