Inlighten the world

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Inlighten the world

  • on: December 06, 2009, 07:56:29 AM
Hi everyone, my name is Bex and i believe Michael  wants to help all the world .He is well educated, and with all his travels around the world he is A very inlightened and loving man. He is warning us of evils, past and present ,He , with the love he has for all living and dying things, wants to see a brighter future for us all, *dont we all want that? Michael has taken giant steps to wake us all up , *SO EVERYONE PLEASE WAKE UP!!!! The steps he has already taken have been very well thought out before employing them, A learning process for us . Many evils will be exposed. (a couple in mind) pharmacutical companys producing meds for things you never knew existed, and the doctors who prescribe them knowing full well the potiental for addiction. Addiction should never ,ever, be a solution, it takes away our ability  to listen to the soul.   People!! we dont even use our intuition .  (that is feeling before thought)   We are not robots!!!!!!  They dont really care about us!!! only $$$$$$,  Michael Jackson has  a great understanding about love, he is special, and he knows this, and is compelled to do every thing  in his power (that is love) to inlighten the world, to truth and untruths.Because of the media, we believe all sorts of lies, past ,present and future, we send our sons and daughters to get killed in wars, that to me, only line the pockets of the elite .Michael is doing all for many reasons that need to turn to love   .Michael you fascinate me with your love and kindness, you have always been in my life,I have always felt this overwhelming connection to you ,yet ive never met you. I feel your love , and I feel your pain . and I love you  back.     love Bex.
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Re: Inlighten the world

  • on: December 06, 2009, 04:50:59 PM
Bex, that was a fantastic post!

Cant add to it. Just to say I am with you 100% on everything you say. :)

xxx melanie xxx
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Re: Inlighten the world

  • on: December 06, 2009, 04:57:03 PM
One of the best quotes i heard from Michael was that the reason kids are going to school with guns and knives is because they just want to be loved and held.

I agree with that.  I live in an inner city with gangs and violence... and i see these young kids who get into gangs and drugs and they are always from broken homes.  I used to be intimidated by them but that was before i understood this.
Now i look at them and i know why they are doing this... because they havent felt love and all they want is love and attention.

Michael knew this and tried to tell the world but no-one really listened to him (apart from us)

I even understood where he was coming from with the Bulger killing case.  He doesnt believe children are born evil but are made evil by society.  Its all our own doing.
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Re: Inlighten the world

  • on: December 07, 2009, 01:28:46 AM
Thank you for your kind thoughts ! I totally agree with everything you wrote in your post and i think the 'peaks' of the world would be woken up first because they have the power in their hands. Of course we all, together, could change something but, unfortunately , we have to admit that without the unlimited power of $$$$$$$ we cannot do too much. To help a child or an old man, to plant a tree or to save an animal ...yes this is for each of us but the major changes, the most important ones  which threaten people's lives in wars or destroy the earth must be done 'up' there first and this is a very difficult task because when someone reaches the tops and they are intoxicated with the power in their hands it's hard for to look back at the mud you left back. Michael was a special person and his good , loving and caring soul was totally wrong understood exactly by those who could bear a hand in all his humanitarian actions. It's so painful to see all that unjustice and lies, to understand what's happening but not to be able to do something for revealing the truth...I've read many of the books written about Michael  and some of them left a bitter taste in my mouth when seeing -again and again- how people of weight forgot about good behaviour, honesty, good manners, honor and all the other human qualities when was about money. Michael was special , very special but alone. ALONE in capital letters and his loneliness is so painful !!!
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