MJ Co-Writes Comic About Popstar Faking His Death

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MJ Co-Writes Comic About Popstar Faking His Death

  • on: April 09, 2010, 06:16:10 PM
I'm new here on MJHD and this is my first post. I plan to post more often after this. Anyway, I found this interesting. It seems as though Michael "just so happened" to co-write a comic about a reclusive pops who fakes his death. Heres the link:

http://www.anorak.co.uk/227508/celebrit ... -star.html

Now at first I was drawn in, because logically thinking... what are the odds that he writes about a popstar faking his death? And a reclusive one at that. I mean, how obvious can you get? The only think that troubled me was the suicide part. That didn't fit what was really happening. But after TMZ put up it's ever-so-famous post about Murray's defense team saying he actually killed himself, it put everything in perspective for me.

Some people (usually those who don't believe in the hoax) say it's pure coincidence. And "besides, his name is Gabriel Star in the book." Well interesting enough, on the picture beside the summary in the link it says, "Michael, my name is Shari..." Well if this is truly supposed to be 'Gabriel' why is the woman calling him Michael? And isn't it odd that the main character looks oddly similiar to Michael... Thriller era? (and we all know about Michael and his proclaimed psychic abilites). Just food for your thought.

Maybe the ending to the comic will be the ending in real life <- Just wishful thinking ;)

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this has been debunked
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