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Information about the new MJDHI website


Dear MJDHI members and moderators,

Here is an updated post about the website. As you may have noticed, I have been working a lot on the website the past month which is why it has been down a few times and extremely slow at certain points.

The forum software I initially installed and migrated the old forum to did not have the features I liked and it wasn’t running as smooth as I wanted to. Plus I thought it didn’t look very good. I found a new forum plugin (WPforo) and had to migrate the forum again to this software and that gave some database issues, which is why the website was so slow. I moved the website to an even bigger hosting package and the WPforo support made sure the database tables for this new forum got fixed. Excellent service for a free plugin I think!

Besides that, some other updates needed to be made to make the site look exactly the way I wanted it to look. I do have some little things to add later on but nothing huge so the website is finally ready to use without you having to pull your hair out because your page takes 30 seconds to load!

This post’s intend is to inform you about the structure of the website, how to use it and how you can contribute.


All users from the old forum are imported. If you can’t log in, please ask for a new password, it might be possible that your password didn’t convert right. If you tried everything and still have issues logging in, please send me an e-mail at info@michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com. If you click ‘Members’ in the menu you will not see all registered members, you will only see those who have logged in to the new website but all members are in the system.

If you see a member with an orange verified icon next to their name, it means that person is either and admin or a moderator and if you have any questions, you can always ask them.

Every member, with the exception of admins and moderators, have the standard ‘Hoaxer’ membership for the community and ‘Registered’ membership for the forum. That means you can comment on news and blogs, open forum topics and reply. If you’d like to contribute more to the website, there are a few options for you to consider.

  • You can become a journalist. A journalist can post news articles and/or blog posts to the website and is essential in keeping the website as up-to-date as possible.
  • You can become a forum moderator, which means you keep an eye on the topics that will be posted and check them for foul language and spammers.
  • You can be both!

Make sure you check your profile where you can change your profile picture and cover photo Facebook-style!

Website structure

First of all this website is different from what you are used to and you might need some time to adjust to it, which is ok. Just make sure to ask whenever you have questions so we will know what the problem is and will be able to help you out. There is a new forum category called ‘Support Forum’ with a special Q&A section where you can post any questions you have: https://community.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/forum/support-forum/.

The website has four main categories: News, Groups, Forum and Blog. The website is set up like that to make everything easily accessible and the overview clear and clean.

The news section holds all the latest Michael Jackson, MJDHI and Jackson Family news. This section is updated by the admins, global moderators and journalists. Posts in this section will show up in the main banner of the website and in the left sidebar. Everyone can comment on them though and you can treat any of these news articles as you would treat a forum posts.

The groups are small little websites within a website. You can make a group about whatever you want, also off topic things. If someone doesn’t want to be updated about your group on their portal, they simply won’t join. That way the website stays relevant for people who only visit for actual Michael Jackson (hoax) news.

The forum is migrated from the old forum and contains most of the old posts. It is a migration so the layout may not always be perfect, but you can always visit the old forum through the forum archives (see small top menu under logo). This forum is for Michael Jackson and hoax related things only, just like the old forum was and you can just continue your investigation where you left of. I migrated the news categories as well for the information in them, but with the news articles on the website that category won’t be used much anymore.  The forum does not update on the activity at the homepage but updates can be seen in the right sidebar on the homepage, and in the website footer on every page.

The blog is (for now) just the MJDHI blog but if you like writing and you have theories to share please let us know so you can become a Journalist and update the blog as well. Where the news section is for actual news articles, the blog is where you have the freedom to express your opinions and thoughts.


The portal is where everything comes together and you can see the latest updates anywhere on the website. Have something to say? Shout it out in the activity stream, which can be seen in full when you click ‘Activity’ in the menu.


The video section is the MJDHI YouTube channel integrated in the website. Whenever we upload a new video it will be displayed on top.


[Still to come]


The docs section holds all the uploaded docs in the groups, or you can upload docs in the docs section itself and assign it to a certain group, or none at all. You can also set privacy settings for every document you upload.


The website has a calendar as well. Heard of a tribute concert? Is a movie coming out about MJ? Court dates? You can add your event with venue and organizer and they will show up on the home page in the right sidebar so no one will miss any important upcoming dates.


The MJDHI chatroom is back! Including sound options so you can just leave it open and continue with your work and you will be notified when someone else joins or talks. Do you have a German group and need a chatroom for that group? That’s possible. Just let me know and I can add a chatroom especially for your group.

So far so good, I hope this post helps you finding your way here. Please do not hesitate to ask if there are any problems or if you have suggestions.

Happy hoaxing!



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