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I have no idea how obsessed some people can be that they keep trolling this site (and probably also others) for that long, but I’m guessing it has to be a form of personality disorder, someone that doesn’t have a voice in real life or something like that. I noticed though that many of the old trolls are still around after three years, trying to create a following that they can be the ‘leader’ of. A blog by TheUpperFoot about @MJVIVA/@ASMICHAELSAYSIT/@ASMICHAELJOESAY and @DMovie27 is another read I recommend: hoaxcrispies. I have spoken with TheUpperFoot and since this person does not even believe in the hoax, and blogs about this purely because they see people get hurt, it might be a refreshing read from a non-believers point of view. Is all the information accurate in that blog? I don’t know, just as I don’t know if all my thoughts are accurate which I will display below, but there is enough information to see that all of these people are manipulative and trying to make people follow them like sheep. These are people that want to know who you are, what you do, where you live and what you look like and they will let you tell so yourself with their manipulative ways. They know what attracts people in certain communities and they will seem to be standing for a good cause. Mostly though, they don’t even stand for it themselves, but use it to gather a following. Sometimes they might stand behind what they preach, but that doesn’t justify the manipulation that comes with it.These internet trolls will make you believe they have inside information and mostly coming from Michael himself. Or they just let you believe they are Michael himself. They will not let you investigate for yourself, they will feed you information. They can even come up with false BAM dates and get away with it; people will still believe the person is as legit as can be.Before anyone will ask why Front and TS aren’t banned, I will answer that quickly and simple. TS has stated from the beginning that he is NOT Michael. You can choose not believe that, but that is not his fault. TS is not someone trying to get people to like him or send suspicious pm’s to ask you to follow, to convince you or anything else like that. He is posting information and even challenging you to research it for yourself. He does not get nasty when you disagree with him, he will even take the time to address your questions. TS is therefore a member like anyone else, not claiming to be anyone, just sharing his information.
Front never ever in the past 1+ year sent even one pm to any member. He posts cryptic messages, yes, but since he seems to have a link to the family, I allow that. That is my call because I do believe there are legit insiders out there and as long as Front seems to have this prophetic gift, he is welcome to post whatever he wants. It’s all out in the open, everyone can read it and there is no suspicious talk in pm from him trying to get people on his side.Both members are still here because I see no danger in either one of them. That doesn’t mean you should follow them to be on here, that is your own call. I don’t care what you choose to believe or not as long as it stays respectful. I don’t allow disrespectful attacks towards any member, whether that is me, a mod, Front, TS or any other member and if you can’t behave and ignore a warning, you’re out too. Compared to other forums that have minors on board (about any subject) I am not even that strict. I just don’t like bullies. Freedom of speech does have a limit in my book and it is fine if you don’t agree with my limits, but if you don’t, just join a community where you can say whatever you want and don’t keep infecting this website with your venom. No one is keeping you chained here.Having that addressed, I would like to share with you the definition of an internet troll and the dangers of online deception. This is NOT a problem only occurring on MJ hoax websites, it is a problem in any community. I have posted this all before, but I think it’s important to keep repeating it. What is a troll? In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. (Source: Wikipedia)Here is again an old post from MJKIT by annieisnotokey from November 2009 discussing fake MJ’s and internet dangers:





There is at least one (if not more) very skilled con artist that knows exactly how to manipulate members into thinking they are talking to Michael Jackson. This person is a liar & a fake. He is NOT Michael Jackson, no matter how convinced you are he is.

I’m pretty sure that at least one person who will read this post is chatting with him right now and is going to hate me for posting this. If you are the one who thinks you are talking to Michael, please take a HUGE step back, rethink the whole situation, analyze it with a cool mind and ask yourself if the way this guy makes you feel (anguished, paranoid, upset, stressed out) is really the way the REAL Michael Jackson would want his fans to feel…

If you have ANY doubts, even the slightest one, talk to somebody you trust. A friend who doesn’t believe too much in the hoax (therefore, will keep a more objective look on the whole thing) or a family member. If you have no one to talk to, ask me. I won’t judge, I won’t divulge your secrets. I will help you understand why this person is NOT who he claims to be.

For those who are lucky enough to have not encountered this guy (yet), let me describe you his m.o. (modus operandi). Why am I doing this instead of exposing his screen name? Because as soon as we (more on who is the WE later) blew his cover, he closed his accounts. But I’m willing to bet my house that he’s already at it, with a new member name, a new email account or a new twitter account. Screen names can change. Even real names can change. But m.o.’s rarely vary. Even serial killers are caught by the subtleties of their modus operandi.

If you are still here with me, please read this carefully. It can save you from a lot of heartache and pain & maybe even from something much worse.

1) The first thing this guy does is get your attention. Remember, he’s smooth. He’s not going to open an account called “ImightbeMJ” and type “Shamone Shamone” every other sentence. He’s going to delicately get your attention. A few mysterious tweets, a false slip up, sharing some information that’s hard to know or a very rare photo.


2) Once he has your attention, he’s going to start sharing information with you. In phase two, you’ll find yourself flooded with information, shared in a private manner (dms, pms, private chat, email, etc). Although every single piece of information this person is sharing with you can be found on the net if you take your time to do your research properly, you’ll be so overwhelmed with so much info in such a short time, that you will begin to wonder “How does this person know all this…?”. When you ask why he is sharing this with you, he will tell you that he somehow trusts you. That you are sweet, that he enjoyed reading your posts, that your avatar picture is beautiful. Anything that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.


3) Now you are interested, you trust this person out of loyalty (if he trusted me & I HAVE to trust him) and you are VERY curious. Let’s face it, we all want to know about MJ. Is he alive? Is he ok? Is he hiding? Where is he? Will I be the one who finds him? If I find him, will he fall in love with me & marry me & have beautiful mini MJs with me? (ok, ok, I went too far  , but you get the idea). As your curiosity and loyalty get the best of you, he starts finding out about you. How trusting you are, who your friends are, if you tend to share information or keep it to yourself, etc.


4) Once he makes sure he can trust you (which in reality means that you are vulnerable enough to let him play with your head), he starts hinting that he might be MJ. Subtly, nothing off the wall. Nothing that will make you say: “WOW this guy is such a faker”. You will probably start thinking that he is MJ and doesn’t want to say but somehow he really likes you and hates lying to you, so he’s hinting it, but not saying. You do all the work for him. You fool yourself and you can’t think rationally anymore. There’s no way in hell you will jeopardize this connection! You will play by his rules because you don’t want to loose your apparent friendship with The King of Pop.


5) It will come a moment in time that if you don’t flat out ask if he is MJ, he will tell you. And you will flip. You will NOT think straight anymore. You will NOT ask for proof (even if you do, he will deflect). You are flooded with emotions & he knows it. You are in a fog and without realizing it, you are at your most vulnerable time.


6) Pretending to be MJ, he will play with your head big time! The first thing that he will do is make you paranoid about your friends. He will make you think that your friends will betray you, that your friends are out to get him (as MJ) to cash a reward, that your friends don’t really love MJ, etc. In reality, this has NOTHING to do with MJ. He wants you to cut all ties with anybody who might open your eyes or find inconsistencies. As you are blinded by your emotions, you will only listen to him.
He will continue to provide information or tell you this is all a reality show or that the numbers are the answers. Anything he gives you comes from internet research or theories posted in the forums, but you are too confused to realize that now.
When you ask him for solid proof (if you dare) he won’t refuse, but deflect. Maybe tomorrow, he still not sure if he can trust you, he suddenly has a phone call or an urgent meeting. If you get particularly insistent he will disappear for a couple of days (enough time to make you freak out & trick yourself into believing that you’d rather blindly trust him than loose him forever). He is a MASTER MANIPULATOR & you are HIS PUPPET.


Am I intentionally trying to scare you? YES. BIG TIME YES. And I hope you are, because fear prevents us from doing stupid things.

Why am I telling you all this? Because one of my dearest friends has just been through this situation. I will not post her name out of respect. I’m sure that eventually, once the hurt and anger goes away, she will add a post to this thread and tell you about all the pain this person caused her.

Thankfully, our friendship & trust in each other was stronger than this guy’s manipulative skills (but just by the thinnest of hairs). It took hours chatting, getting offline to cool off & going back online, refined research & knowledge to figure out that he was lying. My friend was his victim but he almost had me going too. Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) is exempt from being fooled by this manipulator. The only way to stop this guy is by collaborative effort. We won because we compared notes. We won because real L.O.V.E. is stronger than

any LIE.


Description: http://wiki.uiowa.edu/download/attachments/42010818/internetcaution.jpg?version=1&modificationDate=1287069142830

Internet Dangers for Children and Teenagers

The Internet contains an infinite number of high-quality, interesting, intriguing, and well-designed sites, and surfing on the Web is usually a source of enjoyment and acquisition of knowledge. However, because there is no supervision in this environment, it is sometimes difficult to know when positive activity could become dangerous and cause damage. It is thus important for you to be aware of the dangers lurking on the Internet for your children, and that you discuss these with them.

Exposure to Inappropriate Content

Internet content is totally uncensored. Because of this, children surfing the Web can be exposed to sexual, malicious, racist and violent content in e-mail messages, chats and forums. Limit your children to participate in forums on sites appropriate to their age.

Crime Related Dangers

Groups of Web offenders (hackers, crackers) operate on the Internet, breaking into the computers of companies and government agencies in order to destroy and leak information. These offenders sometimes try to recruit children to carry out these assignments.

Sex Related Dangers

While surfing the Internet, children make friends and meet new people, and sometimes they are tempted to meet them outside the virtual space. Meetings of this kind could endanger your child’s safety. Sexual offenders are liable to use chats, forums and instant messaging software (ICQ, Messenger or Odigo) to gain the child’s trust and to arrange a face-to-face meeting for sexual exploitation purposes.

Politically Related Dangers

Extreme groups or organizations could use children surfing the Internet as a means of achieving nationalistic goals. As in the case of the late Ofir Rahum.

Love on the Internet

Romantic relationships on the Web are widespread for all ages, often relationships are created with people not in your child’s age group. In many cases, relationships of this kind move from the virtual to the real world and could result in undesirable consequences, even extortion or sexual abuse.

Intimidation, Annoying and Harassment

Children are likely to encounter disturbing, humiliating, insulting or aggressive content in e-mail messages or in chats. Private chat rooms could turn into dangerous places because not all participants can see the conversation, and it is therefore easier to extort or harass someone.

Privacy Violation

Sites, commercial organizations and harassers of various kinds try to extract personal information from children surfing the Web – name, age, address, telephone number, and the schools they attend. This type of information is often used for commercial purposes and, in more serious cases, for enticing and exploiting children.

Drugs, Alcohol and Other Dangers

One of the major disadvantages of the Internet is the lack of supervision of the content. For this reason, it is possible to find various types of information on the Web, from encouragement of illegal drug use through alcohol use, and up to information about preparing explosives.




So on to the latest problem on here. I don’t think many noticed though because this member was banned after 3 days already, but here is what went on.


I was contacted by a member named Virtually Visible through the chat. This member was new and was overly polite, apologizing that they were sorry they didn’t introduce themselves the minute I came online. That alone was odd to me because new members usually don’t do that, nor have to do that. The politeness seemed forced and I simply had alarm bells going off. It felt as though they were testing me out. Just a feeling, but my feeling is mostly right. I didn’t do anything with it though because there were no strange posts on the site itself so I forgot about it. But a little later I checked into the admin panel of the chat room and I can see the last few chats on the homepage. People might go ‘omg she reads pm’s’ now, but I am an admin. I can read everything that is typed on the site, the forum and the chats. I have to open the database if I really want to read everything and I can tell you I don’t do that, nor have time for that, unless I don’t trust something. So I do not read all of your chats, don’t worry. But I can. And if you are uncomfortable with that, then use your email to discuss certain things. I have said that before but might be good to repeat it.


Anyway, I saw a message on that first page from this new member to one of the members where she was asking about me, which makes my alarm bells go off even louder. If you are new and you don’t know me but want to ask me something, you can ask me personally. You don’t go fish with other members. So I decided to open the database and I searched for all the messages in private chat from this member and I was shocked when I saw almost a thousand messages to nearly every member that had been online in the last 3 days. So I opened them all and I read every single message and my suspicion seemed grounded. I copied about half of them in a word file and I sent it to a few people to see what they thought. So I am in no way the only person with this opinion, in case you wondered I am the only one who thinks this was suspicious and even dangerous trolling behavior.


Minutes after I banned this person, a new member signed up with a username that Virtually Visible had in one of their posted pictures, so I immediately contacted this person. I told my suspicion and they denied knowing anything about that. I acted like I believed it but I went back to the database and bingo!


I will post about half of the messages from Virtually Visible, and I will post the messages from the newly signed up member, who now is also banned. I do this because I am sick of the trolling and I have decided to post everything from trolls from now on, including their IP addresses/proxies, so that other admins can add them to their ban list. The moment you start infecting a site where hundreds, if not thousands of people have spent so much time on to get to where it is now, you gamble with your right of privacy. I am sick and tired of it and I have a zero tolerance policy for trolling. I spent thousands of hours keeping this up, Chris (Badkolo) has paid literally thousands of dollars for hosting this thing, the members all together have spent millions of hours making it what it is now and I will not allow some kind of low-life ruin it. Besides that, it is disrespectful towards Michael and his family if you try to fulfill your hidden agenda using his name or that of his family.


Before you start reading the messages below, I would like to point out what I noticed while reading, which will show why I see this as dangerous, or at least trolling behavior from someone who definitely has something to hide.


The messages are in random order and without context because I couldn’t see what the other side wrote back. I could have looked it up but that would take me days with that many messages, so I didn’t. I don’t have time for that and I didn’t find it necessary anyway, because I had seen enough.


While going through the messages you will see that this person is working on a ‘project’ and wants to recruit people.

  • They ask the members to contact them so that they know where to send ‘stuff’ to. Whether or not they will ask for a physical address, they will have your email address and IP address when you send that email, which can be enough. The project seems to be a good idea, but there is not even a website, yet this person wants to make this a global thing. If you have a project like that, you go to Facebook, make a page and make a noise. You don’t go to this MJ death hoax site and pm maybe a hundred members about it. That is utter bull crap.
  • You will also see that this person contacted probably every member online, instead of the other way around, clearly to see how many would fall for it.
  • They claim to know and have inside information through someone in the family/knows the family.
  • They try to ‘kill’ the hoax by repeating Michael will not return, probably to have people leave this site and focus on their ‘project’.
  • They are trying to mimic Michael’s public persona in many ways throughout the chats but this politeness is clearly forced. Typical for MJ posers. The fact that they say they are ‘female’ and from the ‘UK’ doesn’t mean a thing because they know some people might not believe THAT part and think they are communicating with Michael Jackson himself.
  • They are playing the ‘mysterious’ card; not wanting to say their name and not willing to send pictures etc. That in itself is not strange, but the fact that they mention it will make them mysterious and that is exactly what they want. They even mention that they can’t ‘disclose information’ and are even mentioning a confidentiality agreement.
  • They are overly nice and even personal with people ONLINE they JUST MET, all to gain trust.
  • They are inconsistent. One moment they say that it is possible MJ died, the othet moment they are 100% certain that he did not.
  • They claim to have followed the hoax since 6.25.09, but just registered this website, which they think is ‘interesting’, indicating they just recently found it, yet later on they say they knew about it for years. Which is more believable since they are asking other people behind my back about me, clearly knowing I hate trolling, and the fact that this website is on top of Google when you search for the hoax. My guess is that this is a banned member.
  • They keep repeating that Michael is behind all this movies now and in the future. Make of that what you want, but after the recent outing of Dmovie27, this seems not really a coincidence.
  • They find the brain ‘fascinating’ and even wrote a piece about perception and manipulation. So we can safely assume they know how to manipulate.
  • They have this ‘huge, global’ project to launch, so big they don’t even have time to create a website for it, but then in a chat mention that they ‘plan to write a little’ and are ‘unsure of plans otherwise at the moment’.
  • They use V for Vendetta for the obvious reason that nearly everyone on this website embraces it as a hoax ‘clue’ and a subject that is important in the hoax.
  • They don’t seem to like the ‘army of love’ concept and even implies that we are cause of some fan fights. Tries to recruit people for this new ‘movement’ and even calls the ones participating ‘chosen’ ones. To me that sounds even blasphemous.
  • They are oh so surprised when people ask them if they are MJ and ironically don’t like internet posers. Right…

I could go on and on, but you get the point.


Right after they were banned, they signed up again, and told me they had no idea what I was talking about when I confronted them. I will share the pm’s from this member as well right after the 400+ ones I copied from this Virtually Visible person. Decide for yourself and if you have anything to add, please comment. People like this are annoying, irritating, delusional, sick and can even be dangerous, definitely when they want to know who you are.

For those interested, the IP addresses for these two members are: (Virtually Visible) and (We’ve.had.enough, second sign-up).


As I already said, I have sent this to other people who read these messages too and they all agreed, this is not something only I think. I asked MaryK if she could write down her opinion about this for this blog and here is what she said:



This is about the new member Virtually Visible (V V).

I am sure that most of you noticed that she introduced herself in the community on hoaxbook with some posts in a very conspicuous style.

Shortly after she signed up a member contacted me and told me that V V had contacted her via chat and talked to her using cryptic words and trying to chat about personal things. The member in questions thought she seemed very suspicous.

One day later V V contacted me in the same manner. The most suspicious thing to me seemed that she talked about certain things, hinting at mind control and about a project that she is working on called the V V Nation project. She told me that she wants to introduce it to us on hoaxbook first and then take it to a global scale. That´s when my alarm went off and I decided to watch her activities.

On the next day I was contacted by Souza, who had also been contacted by V V. She also thought V V was very suspicious and possibly a troll or even dangerous. That´s why she then opened the database to check on the activities of V V.  And she found that V V had sent over 1000 messages in 3 days to almost every member of the community! Talking to them about the V V Nation project, trying to recute them for the project and trying to get private informations from them.

It is obvious that V V is a very intelligent person who knows exactly how to talk to different people in a way that appeals to them.

Her words certainly appealed to many of us when she first posted. That´s (in my opinion) basically the reason why her requests for contact and chats fell on fertile ground.

As you can see from my words above there seems to be an agenda behind her activities and it seems to be very dubious, if not dangerous.

Please be aware that you are not the only person that she contacted and please understand that Souza had to take this action of opening the database in order to check on V V. It was a necessary measure for the sake of the safety of us all here.


Here are the messages from Virtually Visible in a random order and without context:


  • I know many things. And subsequently have had many varying stories to sift through
  • If Mr Jackson HAS indeed ‘disappeared’ well then he has done so for personal and deep rooted reasons.
  • It is what I stand for ‘represent’ if you will.
  • I think his music was wonderful. But I also feel that his intellect not only captured but captivated. He really knew how to educate the masses.
  • I feel he would not have gone so far with things, if he was planning to return someday. Because some egotistical Nut would weed him out and kill him for real. It would be way too dangerous in my humble opinion. (said with love)
  • Bless you and have a wonderful day too my dear.
  • people keep asking for my pictures
  • Now that WOULD be interesting
  • International is always rather nice.
  • Good morning to you 2 good 2b true. And how are you?
  • Now there’s a turn up for the books. I was just thinking about you
  • I can tell you. That I have been told several times now that Mr Jackson has ‘gone’ to in my opinion to deter or re direct away from the TRUTH. I do believe that he is gone. but not in the context they were referring to
  • So that leaves us with two scenarios. 1. He has actually passed. or 2. He has gone never to ‘physically’ return.
  • I apologize 2good2btrue. Where are my manners. I joined you last night my name is Virtually Visible.
  • I think he is gonna be behind a few cinematographic master pieces
  • Good morning to you mjselfsweet
  • Bless you and thank you
  • Well if he HAS passed. He was murdered no question about it in my mind at all my dear. If he has removed himself then I cannot see him returning. He has to think of not only his safety but that of his children and loved ones too.
  • I find the brain fascinating
  • We meet again ilovemj2. How are you?
  • I believe solely that he has already had several fingers in several pies
  • There is a final possibility. Which is that he suspected he maybe in real trouble ( life threatening trouble) and began documenting things going on in his life secretly thus taken by us believers to be clues or facts) which they I guess would be if that were the case. Just in a different context.
  • director. producer. maybe even using some form of title for a company so that it is clear for all who wish to know that he is behind the scenes should they wish to know
  • I do thumb through many few books. As I feel that feeding the brain feeds the heart. very important.
  • It is a fine morning here also. I am just enjoying some tea. I hope you have a wonderful last day. I am sure you will
  • People such as Mr Jackson and others have paid the price for other peoples greed and need for power. It is my job at V V to ensure that others do not meet the same fate. Nor feel obligated to turn there whole lives upside down simply to be happy.
  • You have a heart of gold I can feel it.
  • Good day BrokenStar
  • Good day to you Souza. My apologies I did not see you enter as I was talking with some of the beautiful people on here
  • because I believe that this is NOT what is going on
  • Mr Jackson as we know has always be noted for his intellect so again THIS would gel with him documenting things for a ‘just in case scenario’ I hope I am making sense here?
  • I agree and what makes us who we are.
  • I plan to write a little. Unsure of my plans otherwise at the moment.
  • and I you. So tell me Karine. what brings you to this site?
  • I am self employed
  • I am just having a look around MJDHI It is very interesting.
  • Hey MMJ
  • Good day to you. Sandythyme
  • Good day to you Florine
  • Good day to you marumjj012
  • Good morning MJonmind. And how are you ?
  • This is why I believe. Because I feel that he was SO intelligent that I could not seeing him rolling over just to be shot in the head if you get my meaning.
  • My name is V. Pleased to meet you.
  • I agree with you. I feel that was something he wanted to partake more of before he. chose to take his life in another direction. Now he has all the time in the world to indulge in his passion for film.
  • Good morning Angerona.
  • Sometimes ones own company more than suffices.
  • I apologize I only just noticed your message. I am well thank you. and yourself Final Curtain?
  • good morning FinalCurtain
  • I do not believe that ‘he’ has passed but I also do not believe that he will ‘come back’ or forward as people hope.
  • I believe in what I am doing. And feel that in order to make a change we firstly need to become that change.
  • I feel i much more likely he figured things out way back and planned accordingly.
  • O.k Here is what I need you to do source as many people as you can with true love in there hearts that wish to take part in the V.V NATION project. I will then once completed send all members a run down of what we are all about. So as you are aware this does not have anything to do with or has in anyway got any link with Mr Jackson or his family. This is an independent project inspired by Mr Jackson and others like him. Who have given selflessly in the name of LOVE
  • Good day to you Salah.
  • Je ne parle pas très bien français.
  • I am female lol
  • I live in the U.K. Yourself?
  • Yes I joined on August 31st
  • Good morning to you swetsunsetwithMJ
  • Good morning to you Helen
  • As I believe he may have even become so particular he could and would in my opinion have left no stone unturned.
  • Good morning Souza my dear. And how are you today?
  • I think it means that you are one clever young lady.
  • quelle partie de la France vivez-vous. J’habite à écossaise.
  • I believe Conrad is an actor (so to speak) anyway He certainly is not a cardio DR
  • Good morning Truth. And how are you today?
  • My style changes with my mood my dear. So who knows
  • Excusez mon français insuffiçant
  • Truth LOVE and Humanity
  • Even the most non medically knowledgeable person on this earth would know you cannot successfully administer  CPR on a patient lying in there bed.
  • You read in to people. You see through facades and drapery. And that is a good trait to own.
  • Wonderful. And friends are always nice to have around you.
  • Because he has not gone to all of this ‘trouble’ to re enter the lime light again.
  • I mean quite simply that he will pin an ‘invisible badge’ on every film or piece he has a hand in directing, producing or writing. How will we know. He will find a way to tell us through imagery wording or the companies logo
  • O.K I need you to recruit as many people with TRUE LOVE In there hearts together who wish to be involved with the V.V NATION project these chosen people will become V.V NATION activists who will be responsible for spreading LOVE around the globe and helping to make the world a better place.
  • Wonderful. I am doing just fine my dear. Thank you.
  • I am new here myself. I joined last night. Interesting place.
  • I am  ut a lass lol
  • Ne jamais laisser son message est oubliée
  • Good evening to you my dear. Thank you for your message.
  • Bless your heart.
  • Oh I have been on top of everything since 25.6.09
  • I understand. Sometimes it is better to know than to not though my dear.
  • Who is FRONt?
  • Do you enjoy the topics of conversation here?
  • either are both feasible
  • Good evening to you Maryk. Thank you for your comment.
  • AS much as it would be amazing to see those peoples faces of those who stabbed him in the back the second they ‘thought’ he had gone. That was never the point.
  • Good morning popisdead
  • A marvelous mind without question.
  • WHY am i getting asked if i am Michael?
  • I am currently pulling together that now. and will have something soon to give to you so that you are easier able to spread the word.
  • I reside in the U.K
  • Good morning Karinejelly
  • The more I watched the more suspect I became. Especially with regards to most of the medical information that was being laid on the table.
  • I am very well thank you my dear. How are you?
  • I believe in truth. And I believe in sharing that knowledge for good of LOVE one another and our children.
  • I am living in the U.K
  • I believe something so awful was going on that Conrad was paid to murder Mr Jackson. OR Mr Jackson staged the whole production.
  • Then you are already a V.V NATION activists and didn’t even know it
  • That is good. It never does anyone any good to walk around with there eyes wide shut. For sure.
  • You are but an hour ahead of myself. I am however sure the sun will be shining over you.
  • As in life. So in death. Life is all to often controlled by Monarchs. I am not referring to blue blood.
  • He has always been with us. In our hearts.
  • Excuse me for the pause there. I had to speak with my son Karine.
  • Not introducing myself when you initially came online.
  • maybe that was ‘The ONLY way’?
  • It is time to make THAT change and spread the LOVE our world needs to become a happier healthier one
  • I believe that the TRUTH is the truth and the answer.
  • A winged variety that shape shifts  through silk papered walls and dictatorial chamber.
  • Weather he has gone or GONE the above will always be the case. And what prey tell makes you feel that.
  • He will not use his name or anything M.J related of name or icon as he will be reinventing himself
  • Good morning MaarineBeLIEve
  • front?
  • they think front is who?
  • Good day to you AnoukLovesMJ
  • He will pick something that will make us think of him somehow I am sure we will know when we see it.
  • Mr Jackson was BUT a star for most. So how do you know his hand was not forced?
  • It is simply just a case of mind (over) matter my dear.
  • Je ne sais pas très bien le français.
  • Good morning Karine. How are you today?
  • I am sure he will soon get tired and disappear in to the sunset with his tail between his legs. nonchalant others will soon deter him I am sure.
  • I feel that all that was missing was a little white rabbit. OH wait a minute that’s right there was a little white rabbit in the court room 😛
  • Good day to you mattie.
  • J’espère que nous pourrons en reparler bientôt
  • my name is V pleased to meet you.
  • We must stop focusing on the WHEN will he return and more along the lines of ..When will be get to share in his new life. As a movie maker extraordinaire :
  • I must dash for now. But I will return soon. LYM and bless you for being you.
  • My dear girl. What each of us believe to be or not is our own right. If you are unsure then I fear you are certainly not of the minority
  • I was in Spain not too long ago. I remember it well. beautiful sunsets. and wonderful sunrises.
  • Bless you. And Have a wonderful day my dear.
  • Come now my dear. Your English is excellent. Do not put yourself down so
  • No one does. And I think the point.
  • Saying that he administered Propofol introv himself was in my humble opinion ridiculous. As a person with some medical training can tell you right off the bat that the amount of Propofol singularly found in Mr Jacksons body was a very small amount and not enough to kill him on it’s own meaning he would have had to have purposefully O’D ‘d himself which I know he would have NEVER done.
  • There is a a lot we may NEVER be   allowed to know. And maybe it is best that way. And thank you.
  • La plupart des gens m’appellent VnI hope I have translated that correctly) If not please excuse  my poor French.
  • why are people so be sotted
  • Down the rabbit hole with Alice. Drink me. Eat me? watch me grow watch me become invisibly small.
  • I have been on the case if you will since 25.6.09 myself.
  • Maybe that is indeed why the could be ‘missing’
  • Good morning eleni.g
  • Some of the medication given such as Propofol dissipate once in the blood stream. hence ehy they have to give it to you slow release while in surgery for eg
  • I believe you are already singing from the same music sheet as myself.
  • Event happened 6.09 But has been in the pipeline since 94
  • I am new. I joined on August 31st
  • If Mr Jackson was murdered then Conrad was the fall guy. And the real culprits are roaming free. If he has ‘removed himself’ from his old lifestyle then ‘too much’ information could OUT him which I feel would not be wise unless he so chose that for himself.
  • I live in the U.K
  • Not in the physical form. But Already I believe in other avenues.
  • But I am not English. Yourself?
  • Puppet Masters do not take to kindly to having the cover blown. And would most likely act accordingly should anyone try. Another reason why Mr Jackson either absconded or Left a live journal for us to decode. To try to prevent others from befalling the same fate.
  • THE hauntingnnYou – taunt me….nAnd laugh at my life.nYou haunt me,nIt – just isn’t right…nYa ‘Ghost’ me’ -Won’t you let me alone?nCan I not even get a damn break?nnYou’re sneaky and quicknYou’re creepy -Makin me sick-nnTo my stomach with words – I never said.nnYou lot just don’t give a shitnYou won’t give in, til I quitnWell you’re in for a ‘very’ – long waitnnYou taunt me….nAnd laugh at my life.nYou haunt me,nIt just isn’t right…nYa ‘Ghost’ me’ -Won’t you let me alone?nCan I not even get a damn break?nnYou scare me,nMy makeup maybe you’ll smudgenYou’ll double dare menThen point your finger and judge,nnYou’ll never share menThat right you’ll never seenSo just let me alonennGet away from me.
  • I woke up from a deep sleep one night and wrote this. No idea why but I did. And me too my dear mr too.
  • also there is a difference between cardio arrest and respitory arrest
  • Come now my dear do not worry. For I am sure that we can between one another find an understanding
  • What is shocking for me anyway is the vast amount of people who have entered chat rooms and blogs since June 25th claiming to be either Mr Jackson personally or a member of his family. And one of the reasons my project came about.
  • Indeed you will. Have a wonderful day LYM
  • Mr Jackson was trying to prevent danger and evil befalling upon us. He danced indeed. But never with the devil.
  • La plupart des gens m’appellent V. Je ne parle pas beaucoup.
  • We must allow him time to grow and develop as the man we all know and love is happy and enjoying his new found freedom. He deserves to be ecstatic the amount of heartache he has had to tolerate
  • Delirium strikes at all ages I am sure 😛
  • He did not. I can assure you. Mr Jackson was way too smart to be fooled. or duped in to something he did not whole heartily believe in. (in my opinion)
  • see My page under title The Haunting
  • bless them if they believe in LOVE
  • The reason why change has never been able to happen is because so many people choose not to embrace it. I have much respect for him and his loved ones so it just seems like the honorable thing to do
  • They were trying to suggest that Mr Jackson went in to Cardic arrest He did not. He would have went in to Respiratory arrest which would have meant he would have had to be not breathing a while before his body would have reacted by throwing him there after in to Cardiac arrest
  • Meaning that there is no way if Murray only left him for 2 minutes would have had no pulse or heart beat in that short space of time
  • Have you been a member of the MJDNI long?
  • Good day to you Sarah
  • Well hello there Mattie. My name is V I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
  • V. ( I prefer to use that on here) I hope you do not mind?
  • Music is as individual to each person as taste is in food so that would be rather rude and presumptuous of me
  • All he would have had to do is tilt his head back to open his airway and give him mouth to mouth resuscitation. CPR is only required after the body is thrown in to Cardiac arrest
  • I have 12 on the brain 😛
  • Good morning MTodd
  • I ‘believe’ Mr Jackson will not physically be seen again. More in that we may see ‘Traces of his work’ through the silver screen.
  • I have seen it happen way too many times now. That t breaks my heart to witness.
  • Do you really truly believe a man as intellectual as Mr Jackson would allow people of their caliber to trick or lure him?
  • So Murray (if only away from his side) as he stated for 2 minutes came in to see Mr Jackson not breathing in that time frame he would have been in respiratory arrest only
  • I believe in truth, respect and Love thus why I am here
  • It makes you see how many people out there are prepared to hurt one another purely to gain popularity or ‘Fan points’
  • If he was away from his side 15 minutes for example and came back in then YES he could have already slid in to a cardiac arrest
  • Not at all. I am merely introducing myself to everyone as I am new here. I trust this is ok with you?
  • Wonderful. And do not put your English down my dear it is very clear and much better than my Dutch
  • He deserves a little bit of respect. Very few people ever gave him that.
  • I am working on a project at the moment that I hope to be able to share with you all on hear. It is called the V V NATION project.
  • Good day to you AnimaZen
  • I am a female my dear.
  • The only thing that does make sense is that clear time frames were adhered to. that make it more likely to be staged, as Mr Jackson would have asked how long he would have had to away to go in to resp failure so that they could make it appear as though Conrad had been negligent
  • So as I aware. Are there any trouble makers on site that I should be on guard with. As I do not do drama. And will tolerate anyone who is disrespectful especially with regards to Mr Jackson’s name or chosen life style or potty mouth people who are disrespectful to any one that I class as a friend.
  • Indeed. Have a wonderful day and bless you. LYM V V
  • He obviously did not want people thinking that he had O’D’d and that Murray left him and he slipped in to resp failure However little things like the CPR being attempted on the bed as oppose to the floor for example could have been a purposeful marker left clearly to put doubts in to our minds about the whole medical care issue
  • If (god forbid) they did manage to ensnare him some how then I dread to think….
  • Maybe. But I find watching such goings on rather difficult and very disheartening. Don’t you?
  • Also i cannot see how Mr Jackson would have gone willingly back home every night and let Murray lose on him. He would have had to have been barking to condone such a thing. And one of the many reason’s I find the whole thing a little hard to swallow cogitate or indeed digest.
  • If our dear old faithful friend Mr Jackson has moved on in his life then I feel that we should do the honorable thing and allow him to spread his wings and delegate in other things
  • I bet we see him again in theaters and our t.v screens. behind the lights this time
  • Oh a small area around Orihuela Costa
  • I write in many varying styles. Some lend themselves more towards a lyric, others poetry. I guess it just depends on the day and the emotion.
  • Life my dear is about LOVE and LOVE does not always have to be shown through physical form.
  • educating the masses. You will see soon
  • If THOSE people did manage a way around Mr Jackson then all I can say. Is god help us all. Because he of all people knew how to self protect.
  • I believe in Love. honesty, truth and respect
  • last night. I thought it would be nice to join not only on a full moon. but on a blue one
  • Good day to you Darina.
  • If those people found a way in. Then it is very possible that he was indeed murdered. Which would have taken a lot because the man was no fool (in my opinion) Please can you do me the honor of telling me who owns or runs this site. If you do not mind me asking?
  • I have written since I was young
  • Even if he was medicating There is just no way I could see him being that selfish as he was anything BUT as a human being.
  • He does not want us to be sad. He wants us to be HAPPY for him. We can still have him in our lives. Just not center stage anymore. Because those moccasins were all danced out and the hat although a faithful friend deserved to be hung up while he hung out!
  • EffortlesslynShe still floats nOur WELLBEING premotesnBeyond the bluenAbove the seanEnveloper… of me.
  • I feel your emanate rays my dear all way from here. You have a very Loving heart I can feel that.
  • Good day to you Andrea.
  • I am working on it daily at the moment. And it is a collaboration of many different things.
  • Good day to you Evolution and how are you?
  • I believe. 1. He was murdered without him being aware. 2. The whole things staged or 3. He documented his life life a giant journal for us to thumb through SHOULD anything unforeseen happen to him.
  • This is his time now. So we have to be selfless now and allow him his time. He has been a loyal loving friend to us all. Now it is our turn to return the favour
  • I write children’s books and take care of my own
  • like a giant journal*
  • She seems a little protective. Even when I asked her how she was?
  • I try to learn a little of most languages from as many countries as I can. So that I can spread as Much LOVE as possible without missing anyone out
  • I also campaign on a project entitled The People V’s The Government.
  • I plan to begin here but my intent is strike out on a ‘global scale’
  • I have faith and have been following since 25.6.09
  • He has been a loyal friend to us and very selfless. So now it is our turn to return the favor to him and allow him his ttime.
  • We  meet again everlastinglove. How are you?
  • Good day to you Kaach
  • It is about Freedom.And standing up for our rights as a collaborated union. In the name of LOVE
  • I little bird told me that Ms Souza can be a hot potato st times. Would this be a fair description?
  • This ‘I believe’ will not happen
  • Indeed. which may mean it could take time to achieve. BUT Rome was not built in a day
  • I believe that Mr Jackson will not return ‘visibly’to the public. I feel that we may see evidence of his work. mainly in the film industry but not in actual person.
  • Who wants to get caught up in among all web weavers . Not I>
  • I also think if he was. He was not killed on the 25th but possibly a week before.
  • I feel he has well and truly hung up his hat and indeed his moccasins.
  • We are V. Virtually Visible. Impossible to beat and Armed with LOVE
  • Be careful as there are many impostors on there.
  • LOVE. trust. respect.  and Friendship now fanship
  • I love the ocean. And I adore watching the comings and goings of daily local life. It makes me smile.
  • I am sure. And although sweet I believe that he would want you to  live for the moment and not in the past.
  • Strict? why prey tell?
  • I know the family know everything that goes on over there so anyone who causes trouble will find they just may become ‘Tagged’ as an impostor or a trouble maker.
  • Is she a firm (no questions asked believer) Or is it that she finds it difficult to even consider that Mr Jackson maybe be truly gone? Or does she feel that Mr Jackson is ‘hiding out’ and that he will return suitably refreshed and ready to roll?
  • We are virtually visible. but not quite Hard to bring down a nation when they have a VAN GUARD
  • Indeed. I feel that friendships founded from the heart from the beginning are the best ones to have.
  • The dates there were suppose to be rehearsals for the show. Have been proven to be a little iffy date wise so that’s another spanner in the proverbial works
  • Mr Jackson has not gone (‘in my opinion’) to all the trouble to remove himself from ‘this world’ to make a come back. ‘I believe’ he will make himself known to fans through spoken words and through the silver screen.
  • I have heard of many LOVE patrols which are wonderful. But LOVE Patrols and armies only work if they use there knowledge to crumble walls and build fences to protect rather than to instigate war.
  • Good day to you InPotenceyToYourAct
  • I have seen to many well meaning bands of LOVE armies promoting LOVE with one motion to then completely contradict with another.
  • Meaning that dates he was ‘rehearsing’ may not have happened at all or they did but not when they were said to have taken place.
  • I don’t mean that in the sense of Best buddies. I am referring more towards the respect side of the friendship coin. If you understand what I mean.
  • I have followed Hi’STORY’ for 15 years as the vessel was merely 6.09
  • Virtually Visible. SHIELD and protect and try to lead by example. If you want people to respect you and pay attention to what comes out of your mouth then it surely makes sense to ensure that you think before you speak then act upon doing so.
  • LYM
  • I must go for now my dear. As I must get something to eat and spend some quality with my son. I shall be beck soon. LYM V V
  • Ah. I am with you. And that is perfectly fine. She is entitled her own opinion.
  • Respect is the key. And that includes anything to do with Mr Jackson. He respects us so we should do as would have appreciated and respect him 😉
  • You really think they would allow Mr Jackson’s kids to be harassed by fools. NO WAY they are very close nit. And I choose to keep my distance with most of it.
  • I cannot take the credit for the lyrical content. But thank you.
  • Don’t get me wrong I am miss the little rascal BUT sometimes needs MUST
  • I am pulling together and information pack which I will be sending to everyone interested. The V.V NATION project will be based around LOVE change respect and educating the masses.
  • Everyone is dealing with in there own individual way. For some that is just excepting what they have been shown or told. And for others ‘thinkers’ like ourselves have been taught by Mr Jackson himself not to believe what the media say. Our perception of life. and human Physiology has been effected by that. Mr Jackson has opened many people ears and widen many others eyes in that respect.
  • Mr Jackson taught us well. He lead us and guided us and tried to show us how to love one another and our planet earth. I have seen  so much anger. animosity and hatred between certain ‘groups’ of fans. This kind of behavior I am ‘sure’ would not be condoned should Mr Jackson have been in a position to witness any of this. This kind of behavior compelled me to begin Virtually Visible
  • I know that Jermaine went round to his house the day before and someone ‘Certainly not Mr Jackson’ refused him access.
  • Good morning resurrection
  • Good morning RK
  • Then you may need to keep a strong heart. As you may never know my dear.
  • As Mr Jackson was only Virtually Visible to many many people both in his private life and in his life through a lens life. It made me prick up my ears and think to myself. Would Mr Jackson want to see his fans and in some cases (so called) friends bickering with one another over him.
  • social Physiology possibly then.
  • I fear not.
  • I am doing very well thank you. I am enjoying some tea as we speak
  • Indeed I shall. Until next time LYM
  • It is part of a song. I felt compelled to share
  • I have been told by two members of the family indirectly that Mr Jackson has GONE as I said. But for me too much does not make sense for him to be dead.
  • The universe has a long memory. And why she has given him this chance to just be what he has always wanted to be  ‘simply a man’
  • We must unite. And we must join together in the name of LOVE. Mr Jackson has tried to tell us time and time again. to open our eyes. and love one another. UNCONDITIONALLY. And yes Truth I feel you are indeed on the right path when you say that. I do believe MANY ‘fans’ are indeed simply that. I am not dissing that or condoning it I just feel that these people are missing the whole point. Mr Jackson is not just a man with talent. He is man with heart and purpose.
  • I have not been near any websites for a while myself as I found that especially over time the ‘fan fight’ have gotten utterly ridiculous.
  • Good morning Dontwalkaway
  • Then I feel you maybe gravely disappointed. As I believe that this could happen
  • I want to try and go global with this and hit the world with a tidal wave of LOVE
  • Listen my dear. I must go for now. I have something I must attend to. But I shall try and return soon. My love to you and remember think with your heart and believe with your head.  LYM V. V
  • No. I think Mr Jackson will remain in the shadows as he has made a choice to leave his old life behind and start a new. ( said with love)
  • I agree and why I am striving so hard and intently with regards to the V V project because while there are people in this world like we were fortunate enough and blessed enough to share with Mr Jackson THEN the world WILL be a better place. We just have to make that dream a reality.
  • Have you ever thought that possibly the kids knew all along ( if this was staged) they would have been told WAY WAY WAY before it happened.
  • Trust me. I do not feel he will walk among us again.
  • I must go for now as I have something that needs my attention. I hope we can talk again soon. It has been a pleasure my dear. Meanwhile. Have a truly blessed day and remember think with your heart and believe with your head LYm. V. V
  • If you want to be recruited as  V V NATION activist consider yourself so.
  • I had heard about M.J Hoax a while back now as there is quite a lot of video content circulating with regards to you guys. some up to date a lot not so recent  however I have never had the chance to stop by until now. No I am outside of the US.
  • I fear pedestal was the top of his wish list. Infact glorifying or villifying any human being only results in one thing TEARS
  • Again another reason why my project came about.
  • Good morning to you VanLovesMJ.
  • They are not gonna tell anyone NOT A CHANCE.
  • If this was a homicide then as dar as that goes I am unsure.
  • So tell me what makes you believe that Mr Jackson is still with us?
  • Alive in the world
  • Not so much with regards to the numeracy factor. More because physically the body does not always wish to keep up with the mind
  • Jer has nearly put his foot in it a couple of times but always managed to wriggle out of any sticky situations.
  • Good morning to you ILoveFront2
  • If you go around eating Crab apples all your gonna get is CRAB. eat candy and golden delicious and the world will be far from CRABBY
  • Good morning Joyla
  • Virtually Visible. And nice to meet you Luna.
  • Of course. Enjoy the water. And We shall indeed pick up from where he leave another time
  • Good morning Tech Diva how are you?
  • Thank you. You are welcomed with LOVE we will show you that LOVE always.
  • And good morning to you ilovemj2
  • I do not have a an individual website at the moment but that is because I have been so busy however anything you wish to know simply ask. And I will do my best to answer.
  • If he was killed then I am sure it was very cleverly planned
  • Please can you message me your pledge. So I know who to send packs out when they are ready and that I update you when I need to
  • Good morning Truth_or_Dare.
  • I don’t watch the news.
  • I am sorry but there is no way Mr Jackson has passed. Too much happened
  • Being able to LOVE. building trusts and building bridges
  • Well hello Joyla. I am very well thank you for asking.
  • I know. As I adore the moon and write about her all the time.
  • It is nice to meet you. My name is V.
  • In time. But all good things happen to those that wait
  • Sorry I was talking to my son. His music is 70’s based.
  • It just means that you have agreed to be an V V NATION activist mainly and so I know who  joins so that I am able to see who I need to send things out to as and when I need to.
  • Well that is fair enough to know is  to need to I guess
  • The media are there to confuse the public for sure
  • But again like we have already said. Unless he was given mind altering drugs (which would have shown up on the toxicology reports) I cant see he would have put himself in such a dangerous and vulnerable position.
  • I write a lot yes.
  • Word of mouth and videos. as well as personally trying to get people on board. Once this has been achieved I plan to go global with this.
  • Personally if you ask me I believe that Mr Jackson is not in the U.S
  • good morning MFFAN7
  • My apologies. Where are you at Mindseye?
  • Sometimes we often do not see the answers. Until we realize that they have been under our noses all along.
  • I am self employed and family oriented.
  • I write. poetry. lyrics and children’s stories too.
  • Most of of those tabloids continually write junk in the hope that fans of Mr Jackson will buy them.
  • It would be too unsafe for him in the U.S in my personal opinion.
  • TY ( just grabbed myself some menthol tissues
  • I believe in truth. and I believe in honoring that truth.
  • Afternoon my dear. A pleasant day had I presume? My recent post should explain what I was discussing with you earlier
  • I know. old habits die hard sometimes. Not to worry.
  • Well good day to you Truth_or_Dare
  • I had heard of you guys way back. So I thought it was about time I took a look see
  • Is there such a thing as an ‘Insider’ ? though circles are not always round.
  • You do not have to sign anything my dear. Bless your heart this is all voluntary and consensual
  • If you don’t mind me asking. Why all the questions
  • He had nasty people around him that made feel unsafe. and threatened.
  • I am in the middle of a project I am calling The Virtually Visible project’ would you be interested in being involved. My plan is to generate as much LOVE around the globe as possible in respect of Michael. and other selfless people who have made a difference in this world because they choose to not only make that change but act accordingly in order to make dreams come true. and the world a better place
  • I joined last night. On the full blue moon
  • No secrets. I am just a thinker.
  • I am going to make myself some tea and then catch up on a little reading. Thank you for your time and for being so kind. Bless you my dear.
  • It wasn’t a poem really more a ‘how I feel’ write up
  • I meant that I do not feel he will OUT himself in public again.
  • So would you be interested in being involved in project Virtually Visible’ All you need to commit to is being a V V activist and that  should you choose to be part of the V V team you do so with love in your heart and respect for all others. in the name of LOVE and all who LOVE.
  • I believe that people are too caught up in the intricacy of some of the details that I believe they are not seeing the ‘wood for the trees’ maybe?
  • I heard some god awful things  happened pre June 25th
  • I am going to make myself a up of tea then catch up on a little reading I think. Thank you and me too.
  • Why thank you. I cannot take the credit for the lyrical content but it was something that I felt compelled to share. I hope that was ok?
  • Bless your heart.
  • Why do you ask anyway my dear?
  • There are similarities but as I did not know Dave Dave personally it is hard for me to say.
  • V V will be a L.O.V.E project we. Our goal is to help make the world a better place through. Love. Education. Respect. and selflessness.
  • I have written everything from classical to rock.
  • My apologies. The page was accidentally shut. Well my dear I must go now as it is getting late and I need to unwind a little before bed
  • My stories have been written for my son. All are complete none have gone to press.
  • If you ask me my dear. Mr Jackson Had had enough and pushed his plan in to action earlier than I believe was scheduled
  • I joined as Virtually Visable
  • Ok let me put this to you in another way. Wish and you MAY get your wish but DO and you will find that wishes usually come true when you grasp instead of merely blowing out the candles.
  • I really cannot disclose those. But  I can tell you that he was concerned for himself and his children.
  • Of course this has been mentioned. But I am unconvinced. I feel his safety and happiness are far more paramount than his return (back from the grave)
  • I would like to help provide one another and our planet through the generation of the V.V NATION
  • Ah. Love, respect, insight. Many things can arouse sleeping minds.
  • The film V for Vendetta holds many similarities for me with regards to Mr Jackson’s life and more recent events
  • I think that wishing and not doing what you wish and merely hoping will not get you there half as fast nor with the Passion you feel.
  • Spreading the V. V NATION LOVE BUG
  • Come now my dear do not put yourself down. Your English is spoken beautifully.
  • White rabbits make you curious don’t they?
  • Then I believe we are not only from the same branch but possibly the same tree too.
  • I think many mind unfortunately function on snooze mode most of the time. So it is our job to switch them from snooze to wide awake.
  • Yes that is a very valid point and possibly a negative then.
  • recently I have been concentrating on VV project
  • Not at all. I am just a women who happens to know a few things that I was told.
  • I feel that most people that are far from tuned in are not aware they are not. So to them there is no problem.
  • and helping to educate others so that we can help re direct this planet in the right direction
  • You snooze you lose right? So it is up to the people who have got there pons on properly to guide those who do not .
  • I joined last night. On the second full moon of August. Namely the blue moon
  • A friend of a friend who is very close to the family
  • to whatever extent is required with free will being untouched of course
  • I am working on that at the moment and once complete I will be giving to all V. V activists around the globe.
  • And another reason that V V came about. to help with awareness
  • I do not believe Mr Jackson is there that is why my dear. And as for Neverland I am unsure.
  • We must educate the masses before the masses become the manipulated.
  • I should not even be telling you that. But I am not breaching any confidences or confidentiality by telling you that.
  • I guess for me I knew as soon as I saw with my own eyes what ‘appeared’ to me to be going on
  • I once wrote a piece all about ‘perception’ If you perceive something as intended by the manipulator then you hardly stand a chance of being fortune enough to keep your brain thought processing neurons in tact. And the point I am making. Such people are being manipulated and there fore unaware they are being.
  • I also think that he could have gone as far as to have a hand in or completely write V for Vendetta. There are far too many similarities and or scenes that replicate his own life.
  • I am not here to disclose information anyway I am here to try and keep LOVE in peoples heart
  • I am not using his name at all in this because He has inspired me to help others not use his name to create a stir
  • I am sure time will tell. If he was murdered I think the truth with finally unfold over the coming years. If he left of his own free will THAT we may never find out about 100% as I feel if he has chosen that path he did so after much thought and deliberation.
  • This has nothing to do with T.I.I merely using LOVE to help others around the world
  • What do you feel in your heart?
  • 3? what or whom are you referring to. If you do not mind me asking?
  • Indeed. There is much to see. I can see there have been a few busy beavers and mischievous moles hard at work. It is nice to see that Mr Jackson is still in people hearts.
  • Mr Jackson touched my life in a HUGE way. as have many other beautiful people. I have seen these people hurt so badly that It made me want to stop wishing and start ACTING so that is exactly what I did.
  • Music is the key to the heart. All the senses really.
  • I believe Mr Jackson is still alive. But I have been told that he is not. So I guess we may never know. Something wrong? can I help in anyway?
  • I understand. But remember that the media have a hold of this and some videos, and messages are fake. There are even blogs and chat rooms out there that have been set up with paid bloggers to type what they are told to.
  • For this to have the desired effect IE a worldwide tidal wive of love then we must unite. And get as many people on board as possible.
  • I never use my real name. Hence V.
  • Our goal to generate a global tidal wave of love. created by V.V NATION activists
  • There is no right or wrong ways to think about this event, as one way or the other. Passed or Alive Mr Jackson is no longer around. Be it in the sense of out of the public eye or be it of the more final sense of the word. We may never know. And even if he has gone. We will most likely never see him again. Fantastical fans will never change that.
  • tell people om here to stop- asking for pics of me c


And here are the messages of the same person with a new account moments after I banned them:


To me:

  • cool. How long have you been doing this? and what is your opinion about M.J?
  • i don’t think so. why ya say that
  • what on earth are you talking about
  • Who is virtually visible?
  • I have not posted anything my profile is blank
  • I am knew here. Just joined.
  • I would rather not say. If you don’t mind. check me out if you like I am just a curious MJ fan.
  • If you don’t mind me asking who is visible (who ver there name is)
  • weird. I take it you banned them for being a troll then? whaterve onr of those is?
  • that you did not find out more about what they were up to before getting rid of them. Did he/she harm anyone?
  • Iknow what you mean though.
  • I have never really had much to do with people I do not know well. Until this happen with Michael. Then I started researching. I found you on you tube. Hope it was ok to come over unannounced?


To another member:

  • Welcome back my dear. Souza’s mind has been put to rest she check my IP and proxy and guess what she couldnt track me
  • Let’s just say a little bird told me.
  • not at all. I just do not like people hurting others my using Mr Jackson.
  • For some reason I feel that I can trust you. I hope my feelings are just
  • I believe that Ms Souza banned me for the VV Nation project. she said she though Virtually Visible was  trying to sign people up for a project that she said made alarm bells go off ‘Apparently’ I have no idea why she would think bad of it at all.
  • As it was a positive project (still is)
  • No I do not I am afraid. I think they are a little dangerous to be fair.
  • Because people that were crule and un loving to Mr Jackson lurk in the twiiter shadows. BE CAREFUL.
  • who prey tell?
  • I can assure yo my dear that it definitley is not me.
  • there are many faces on twitter. and although some are geuine. so many more are unfortunately not.
  • I have told Souza that I am from the u.k ( ie we have had enough is) but that I live overseas. not much else. as she checked my proxy and IP and got nothing out of the ordinary her curiosities seem to stayed ‘or for now anyway’
  • no. As you know i am now in the u.k but I have inadvertantly told souza I am overseas. to see to it that she does not seek me out and re ban me. ( do you understand)
  • Are you alright? If you uncomfortable please say and I will leave. I do not want you to feel that you are having te secretive.
  • sorry i think i a, about to be banned agin souza is on the war path
  • Good afternoon my deer. I apologise souza banned me earlier if you wish to keep in touch with me please email me on ***
  • she does not know i am here but already suspects
  • she has just copy pasted something to me saying its our converstaion you and I. I a,  confused.
  • i have no idea why I just wokeup today tried to access account as saw BANNED
  • I am tthinking that it is maybedue to my VV post but that is the only reason I cna think of with honesty
  • It has taken me all afternoon to find a back door to get in here. Ah maybe she took it down.
  • just a VV nation image. and a written article to accompany it.
  • I have no understnading as to why it has been removed (If indeed it has) or the reason
  • I have been doing my homework regards Souza and I must confess the things I have heard to not set her in a very good light I am afraid.
  • Ok. well you have my email now should I end up being disclosed. If this happens please can email me . SO do I until then take care and stay safe my dear
  • Souza is digging right now about me. So keep your fingers crossed.


So, here you have a full story about just one ban and unfortunately this is one of dozens like this. Stuff going on behind the screen (sometimes even worse than this) that I see and you don’t. Please stop being gullible. It is better to not believe ten legit insiders, then to get sucked in by one dangerous sociopath. I will keep warning you in the hope one day it reaches everyone.


Decisions like this without explanation (and no doubt also with) have made me unpopular over the years. I don’t mind that and if some people feel the need to target me for this or any other decision, be my guest. Whether people like it or not, this is my website and I run it according to my ethics and rules. If you don’t agree with me then that is fine, but then leave and leave this site behind. You can start your own forum, blog or whatever else. Also, this is not a site to promote your ‘projects’ work or anything else. If you have a ‘project’ you want to recruit people for, use Facebook, unless you have a legit foundation or group without all the secrecy and manipulation. But even in that case it goes through me and if I don’t approve, it will not be displayed on this website in any manner. Call me a Nazi or whatever else, I don’t care. People will not be manipulated or hurt on my watch, pay for your own hosting if you get off by that.




**This is one of my an old blogs from 2012 that was posted on HoaxBook, this is a repost of that original blog**


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