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Joe Jackson Begs Michael’s Estate For $14k To Be Buried Next To Late Superstar Son

The ailing famous father desperately wants to spend eternity lying next to singer.

Despite their family feuds and tumultuous father-son relationship, Joe Jackson still desperately wants to spend eternity next to his late superstar son, Michael Jackson, so he’s petitioned his estate to fork out $14,000 for a burial plot next to his grave site, a source tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“Joseph isn’t quite ready to go, and he won’t be until he’s assured that he’ll be able to rest next to his son,” a family insider spilled to Radar of the ailing famous father, 89.

As readers know, Joe suffered a stroke in 2015 and was shaken up in a car accident in June. Meanwhile, with his his final days approaching he’s asked the executors of Michael’s estate to purchase a plot adjacent to the King of Pop’s final resting place at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles, said the source.

Before Michael’s death, the two feuded publicly, with the “Billie Jean” singer accusing his father of abuse and keeping him at arm’s length. But despite their differences, our sources says, in private, the troubled singer often turned to his father for help. “About one month before he died, Michael had asked that Joseph move in with him,” snitched the source.

“Michael felt people were out to get him, and he was confident that nobody could push mean old Joe around.” So, in late May 2009, Joe began making plans to leave his Las Vegas home in order to be with Michael in Los Angeles, according to the source.

“Joseph is terrified of earthquakes, which is why he lives in Vegas and not Los Angeles. But he was going to make the sacrifice for Michael,” the insider tells us.

But Joseph did not make the move to California before his beloved son’s life ended on June 25, 2009, from cardiac arrest due to a drug overdose.

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