Michael Jackson’s Grave Is Empty! Family Hiding Singer’s Remains At Secret Location

Bombshell investigation reveals King of Pop's real resting place.


Michael Jackson‘s mother, Katherine, has broken her silence to reveal the King of Pop’s crypt at Forest Lawn cemetery is EMPTY! RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively the “Thriller” sensation’s body was not in the coffin at his star-studded July 7, 2009, burial service held a dozen days after he was killed by a drug overdose!

Shockingly, Michael’s corpse was kept on ice for months — before the Jackson matriarch settled a family feud and had her beloved son’s remains cremated to thwart ghoulish efforts to rob his grave.

“Everyone thinks Michael is buried at Forest Lawn, but he’s not,” an insider tells Radar exclusively.

“The family has kept the secret for safety reasons and to fulfill Michael’s wishes. But Katherine has privately revealed the truth to trusted friends.”

The legendary Moonwalker died at age 50 after a lethal cocktail of prescription medications, including the anesthetic propofol. His personal doctor Conrad Murray served two years in the slammer on an involuntary manslaughter rap for causing the tragedy that shook the world.

Millions watched the emotional public memorial service for Michael at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, where the superstar’s body was temporarily kept in the flower-draped golden casket on stage.

After months of family in fighting, Katherine decided to burn Michael’s remains, according to the source.

“The family fought for months about what to do,” confides the source. “Katherine was paranoid, and scared someone would steal his body.”

On Sept. 3, 2009, the family held a private burial service at Forest Lawn in Glendale, Calif., and Michael’s empty casket was entombed in a structure known as the Great Mausoleum.

“Michael was used to putting on a show, so the family wanted the monument at Forest Lawn because so many Hollywood legends have been buried there,” confides the source.

The Gloved One’s true final resting place actually is beneath a beautiful pear tree, known as the Giving Tree, on his California ranch!

“Michael’s ashes were scattered at his beloved Neverland, which was very special to him,” reveals the source.

“The Giving Tree was his favorite spot on the property. He would spend hours there writing.

“The family wanted him to rest in peace in a familiar place.”

Michael sold the 2,700-acre property near Santa Barbara before his death for $22.5 million. It’s now back on the market for $67 million, but his three children — PrinceParis and Blanket — still have access to the ranch.

“The kids can go to the property whenever they want to visit him,” says the source.



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I’m yelling, we’ve literally been saying that no one has been buried there for ages and now the family confirm this!


Haaa!!! Or rather… Hee hee!!!


O,o strange


“insider”, “source”… so who? Not Katherine. So…can we trust him/her? I’m sorry, but after all rumors about MJ – I’m distrustful. And this is not an interview with Katherine. It sounds like someone… Idk, not from the Jacksons, so maybe next “friend”, who knews…


Isn’t his brother Randy shareholder of Radaronline.com? Thought I read something about this a time ago. Maybe Souza can sheed some light on this.


Oh in that case it may just be a made up story. Still if it becomes confirmed then its very strange.


This isn’t true. I’ve gone to Forest Lawn in 2015 when Jermaine and his wife visited, and I learned from the security at Forest Lawn, when I went this year, that Paris visited him before the crowds arrived. Please print information that has been verified, the “source” fabrication played out in the 70s.

“Michael’s ashes were scattered at his beloved Neverland, which was very special to him” – Is that why Neverland is still closed? “The family fought for months about what to do” – …about this and… what was the temperature of His body. 2 hours after his death, or rather “death”… Seriously? “Katherine was paranoid, and scared someone would steal his body.” – Ok, ok. I understand, really, but look… Death in family, there is enough mess (I mean organizing a funeral) and pain. And The Jacksons? They did a show. Fake show. Why? They have time to organize a big… Read more »