Users, Website Structure, MJDHI Documentary and maybe your own blog or forum?

If you visit this site often you will have noticed it has been changed a lot, was extremely slow at times and probably confusing as well. After I moved the whole thing to the new software I was struggling with the look and layout. I didn’t like the first one enough and the second one was way too slow for reasons I couldn’t figure out. Besides that I have had some issues with the speed of the new forum software which had to be sorted out with the developers of the forum software, who were of great support by the way.

I know many don’t like change and are confused on how to use it and stay away. We’ve dealt with that before with the first big change and after a year no one wanted to change back. This website is made like this because it’s quiet in hoax land and I still want a dynamic website to show people who visit for the first time.

Anyway, the website as it is now will stay this way. As time goes by I might update/upgrade it a little and add some features where possible or requested by you guys, but otherwise the website is pretty much done and as fast as I can get it so it’s time to explain the use and structure of it because I think that is where many people are confused.



Besides Administrators (sehf and me) and Spectators (default user group for everyone), there are 3 user groups anyone can sign up for: Events Manager, Journalist and  Moderator. Now what are they?

If you have signed up to the website or forum in the past 8+ years, you are Spectator. That means you can read, can comment to news and blogs and you can open new forum topics (and of course comment on topics).

An Events Manager keeps track of all the events related to MJ or any of the other Jacksons like tributes, concerts, movie releases, album releases etc. and makes sure they are displayed on the website under ‘Events’ in the main menu. I try to update it myself now but I am actually too busy to keep track of everything so it will be nice to have one or two people who would like to keep that part of the website up-to-date.

A Journalist is someone who keeps up with the news to make sure the home page stays up-to-date. You choose the source, the picture to go with it and you make sure that all information is filled in right before publishing or you investigate yourself and maybe you will have the scoop on something! Besides the news you can also publish your own blogs with your own theories, thoughts and ideas about the hoax and make sure it’s published to Facebook.

A Moderator can do all of the above and also keeps an eye on the comments, the forum and such and can ban trolls and spammers and delete their messages.

Are you interested in being an Events Manager, Journalist or Moderator? Please let me know and I will contact you with more details. All Event Managers, Journalists and Moderators will also get their own email address to communicate with each other or other sources for investigation purposes to keep their private information private. Your email will then be ‘username’@michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com.



The website is structured as a newspaper now, instead of a forum. But it can still be used as a forum, I’ll explain how below. I have kept the main menu as simple as possible:

HOME: Redirects to the Community Homepage, so the homepage right here.

NEWS: Leads to the News page if you click on it, if you just hover your mouse over it you can pick the category on the left side and the menu will show you the latest news.

ACTIVITY: On this page you see the latest activity by members like status updates, posted articles or blogs, events, comments etc. It’s kind of like the ‘unread posts’ option on the old forum.


Some of you took the time to fill in our survey, thanks for that! The thing that people did not like about the new website is the inability to see an overview of the newly posted topics like we had with the old forum and the speed of the forum. Although I liked the software I transferred the old forum to, I noticed it was slow and there wasn’t a feature to see unread posts other than a limited widget in the sidebar that make the forum even slower. 

So I agree, it needed a last change. The issue was that I do not want a website based on forum software because it’s too limited, which is why I installed the new magazine-type website. That way the home page will always be dynamic. But while working on another forum earlier, I noticed that the old forum software we had in 2009, has improved a lot and could be integrated with the forum the new website was running on. So I have been working on the forum the past 2 weeks and here it is! 

First I converted the old forum to this one first, but later deleted the old posts and topics and decided that a clean forum might not be a bad idea. The old forum was already converted before and converting it back didn’t work as I wanted with categories being scrambled up and posts assigned to the wrong users. So the old forum is an archive now, just as old MJDH and MJKIT and all three can be found in the main menu under ‘forums’. You can still log in there if needed and read your private messages and all the information is still there. 
This new forum doesn’t have as many categories because I don’t think it’s necessary but I can always add more if needed. The forum is connected to the main website so as soon as you log in on the home page, you’re automatically logged in to the forum as well. The ‘active posts’, ‘unread posts’ etc can be found on top of the board under ‘quick links’.

So let’s get back to hoaxing and let’s fill this forum with your evidence, videos, theories, questions and random thoughts. If you have questions about the forum or if you have issues logging in, please let me know!

BLOG: Same as NEWS but this will the blogs posted. Where the news shows more fact-based articles, the blog will show more theories, thoughts and ideas. It is up to the poster to choose whether their article is news or blog.

DOCS: This is a section where documents can be uploaded. For now I have only added the Autopsy Report but you can upload any document or book there MJ or hoax related. Just make sure you give it a good title so people will see right away what kind of document it is. I have a lot of documents still on my hard drive and I will try to add some soon as well.

VIDEOS: This section shows the MJDHI YouTube channel’s videos with the latest on top. Did you subscribe to our channel yet? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAEhANDjhEJSIyhlPpohTvA

EVENTS: Like I said before, the events section shows the upcoming events, releases etc. Please let me know when you’re interested in keeping this section up-to-date.

CHAT: The chatroom is back! Not very busy at the moment but who knows when the hoax news gets started again. Come in and say hi, even if no one’s around, they will see your message when they visit the chat later on. If you want to wait until someone comes in chat you can open the chat in a new window and go on with what you were doing since the chat has sound notifications.

Unfortunately the chatroom has no PM function unless I buy chat software and because I try to keep the upkeep of this website as cheap as possible I decided not to get that simply because hardly anyone uses the chat now.



All the way on top you will first see the weather in Rotterdam. I cannot change that to your location so that’s what it is, lol. You can change the weather location in the widget of the sidebar though if you click that little circle next to it. Next to that the date and a log in/out function.

Under that you will see the top menu.

HOME: Home in this case will bring you to our landing page and not to the homepage of this site. It’s the page people see first when they google MJ death hoax and click our main website.

HOAX INFORMATION: Here you will find the same hoax info as on the old site.

MESSAGES TO MICHAEL: Because he likes reading that stuff so bad, Messages to Michael has returned. It’s a guestbook plugin where you can write entries especially for Michael. Say hello to him, send him a love letter or tell him he’s a wuss for staying away, but make sure you let him know you’re still around!

ARCHIVES: Here you will find old versions of MJHD, MJKIT and the old MJDHI forum. I never delete anything because all sites have valuable info or old things might be easier to find there so if you can’t find it here, you might have better luck on any of the old ones.

MEMBERS: Here you find a list of members. Although all 7700+ members are still in the database, this will display only the ones who have logged on to the new website. If you can’t log in with your old username and are unable to request a new password, please send me an email so I can help you out: info@michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com. The only thing that I couldn’t import from the old website was the link to a user’s posts. So it will say you have 0 posts until you post on the forum.

REGISTER & CONTACT: For new members to register and old and new members to get in contact with me if they have any issues, questions or suggestions.



All the way down at the very bottom of the website there is a tiny footer menu. Home there displays the community homepage, there is a link to good ol’ HoaxPic for those who like using that upload software. There is a link to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions and another link to the Contact page.

Besides the fact that the website has changed publishing wise, you will notice that it’s more dynamic in many ways. You will get suggested articled, more from the same author (which is just me now but might be handy in the future) and you can share blogs and news easily on social media outlets now. The site works like Facebook, with profiles (click your own name on the right after logging in, or someone else’s for the profile page) and you can tag other members simply by using the ‘@’ symbol before their name. Just click around the website and if you find bugs, have questions or suggestions, would you like to see features added etc., please let me know!



I am still working on the MJDHI documentary but I work a lot and I just don’t have the time to do it all myself. I am still looking for people who want to help out and gather information. I can edit the actual information into the documentary, but I lack the time to gather all the info. Is there a topic within this hoax you know a lot about or would like to research? A topic of which you think it’s good enough to sway some non-believers? Please let me know!



Besides the changes of the website, I have added something else for members who would like to have their own MJ Blog for free. I can make you your own domain (like for example username.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com or username.michaeljackson.news). You get your own or WordPress installation (with or without forum) but just like with WordPress you will have to build your blog/forum yourself and add plugins. Every blog gets 2 free email addresses as well (username@michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com / username@michaeljackson.news & info@username.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com / info@username.michaeljackson.com).

Because it’s free and on my server there are some rules to this:

  • The blogs can only be MJ related (either hoax or non-hoax), bashing or gossip of the Jackson Family is not allowed. There is a difference between being critical and bashing or gossip. You ought to know how not to cross the line. Porn, nudity, animal cruelty and anything like that isn’t allowed either. Your website or blog will have to be a contribution to the online MJ community, not a thorn in the eye.
  • No illegally obtained files (music, movies, pictures or documents alike) can be uploaded or shared on your blog. If you use pictures or news content of other websites, always mention the source and link to it.
  • Your uploaded media has to be downsized for web before uploading to make sure the server will not be slowed down by your huge pics. Videos should be streamed through YouTube or Vimeo and not through the server.
  • Your email address will have a limit of 50MB so make sure you keep that clean and save big files to your computer so you can delete them from the server.
  • Besides you, I myself will always be an administrator. Not just to make sure I can delete material like above if you’re not online, also to help you out when needed or when your blog starts slowing down the server.
  • The database stays single property of Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators. If you decide to move your website to a new domain you will not be able to take your database with you. You can always leave your blog up and link from your other website but the database stays on the MJDHI server.
  • Your blog or website will have advertisement to support the maintenance of the server and MJDHI website.

That’s it in short. You will have your own content but there will be some restrictions since I am responsible for the content of the server. If a blog doesn’t comply with the rules and won’t delete or change posted material after a warning, I will delete it myself and put the blog or forum offline until further notice.

Anyway I do not want to make a huge list of rules and anything can be discussed with me if you just contact me but these are the main points.

If you’re interested in having your own MJ related blog or forum, please let me know and I can set it up for you.


Last but not least I made a survey and I would like it if you all can fill it in for me. It’s just a few minutes of your time and it will help me out a lot. Thanks and if any questions, just let me know!

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