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The Movie Theory

In my previous posts I have said that I was not 100% sure this is a hoax, but I changed my mind on that one. Now I am 100% sure. Is my movie theory right? I don’t know, it’s all speculation, but he is not dead, that’s for sure.

How did I come up with this theory? I remember seeing an interview with Michael with Geraldo saying he wanted to make a movie:

As we all know, MJ is a perfectionist and wouldn’t make just a normal movie, he would make it the biggest ever. Reality soaps are hot, why not make an international reality movie where everybody could play a role in? Look at us, we are already inside this movie for months! (BTW: you should really watch the whole interview with Geraldo, I think it’s a great interview!: Michael Jackson Geraldo Interview 2005)

July 21, 2009 there was the following article:
Film producer Sony will be releasing a movie in cooperation with AEG Live about the deceased pop star Michael Jackson.

Sony Close to Michael Jackson Film Deal
Source: Variety
July 20, 2009

Sony Pictures is close to a deal to make a feature film on Michael Jackson drawing on the 80 hours of rehearsal footage filmed for concerts Jackson was preparing to perform in London, reports Variety. The studio is expected to pay more than $50 million for worldwide rights to AEG Entertainment, which owns the footage and showed it to studios last week. The film will feature at least three videos, including an alternative version of Jackson’s “Thriller,” which were shot to be interstitial programming during the London concerts. The footage was meant to play in 3-D, but it’s unclear as yet whether the feature film will present it that way. “High School Musical” director Kenny Ortega, who shot the rehearsal footage, is expected to direct the feature, and sources said he’s already beginning to put together the footage so Sony can release the film before year’s end.Sony Pictures’ sibling company Sony Music Entertainment owns music publishing rights to Jackson’s songs.
The film about Michael is supposed to be in theaters by the end of this year. (we now know it’s October 28)

So movie? In theaters? Sony??? That’s when I thought of my theory, and I think it would explain everything and all the BS we’ve been reading in the media. Here is the list I have so far with all the things that IMO don’t add up. I know there is more, but I deleted the things that could also be explained otherwise, or things like: “he’s killed by the Illuminati” or any Joke Calms China-clues, because I really don’t believe in that.


1993: This is where it starts, this is where Mike is thinking about all this.
After being in rehab due to doctors prescribing him drugs and made him dependant and media dissing him all over the place, he will start to think how to kick their butts. Not seriously though, but he starts to think about how he can pull this off.

1994: He married Lisa Marie Presley.
Well at first I thought that Elvis was dead for sure, but after doing some extra research because Mo told me so, I am not so sure about that death either. 2 years is enough time to get all the info he needed from Lisa Marie about her father’s ‘death’. Look at her blog, which has now been deleted:

He Knew.
Years ago Michael and I were having a deep conversation about life in general. I can’t recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Father’s Death. At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, “I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did.
I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that. 14 years later I am sitting here watching on the news an ambulance leaves the driveway of his home, the big gates, the crowds outside the gates, the coverage, the crowds outside the hospital, the Cause of death and what may have led up to it and the memory of this conversation hit me, as did the unstoppable tears.
A predicted ending by him, by loved ones and by me, but what I didn’t predict was how much it was going to hurt when it finally happened.
The person I failed to help is being transferred right now to the LA County Coroner’s office for his Autopsy.
All of my indifference and detachment that I worked so hard to achieve over the years has just gone into the bowels of hell and right now I am gutted.
I am going to say now what I have never said before because I want the truth out there for once. Our relationship was not “a sham” as is being reported in the press. It was an unusual relationship yes, where two unusual people who did not live or know a “Normal life” found a connection, perhaps with some suspect timing on his part. Nonetheless, I do believe he loved me as much as he could love anyone and I loved him very much.
I wanted to “save him” I wanted to save him from the inevitable which is what has just happened. His family and his loved ones also wanted to save him from this as well but didn’t know how and this was 14 years ago. We all worried that this would be the outcome then.
At that time, In trying to save him, I almost lost myself.
He was an incredibly dynamic force and power that was not to be underestimated. When he used it for something good, It was the best and when he used it for something bad, It was really, REALLY bad.
Mediocrity was not a concept that would even for a second enter Michael Jackson’s being or actions. I became very ill and emotionally/ spiritually exhausted in my quest to save him from certain self-destructive behavior and from the awful vampires and leeches he would always manage to magnetize around him.
I was in over my head while trying.
I had my children to care for, I had to make a decision. The hardest decision I have ever had to make, which was to walk away and let his fate have him, even though I desperately loved him and tried to stop or reverse it somehow.
After the Divorce, I spent a few years obsessing about him and what I could have done different, in regret.
Then I spent some angry years at the whole situation. At some point, I truly became Indifferent, until now.
As I sit here overwhelmed with sadness, reflection and confusion at what was my biggest failure to date, watching on the news almost play by play. The exact Scenario I saw happen on August 16th, 1977 happening again right now with Michael (A sight I never wanted to see again) just as he predicted, I am truly, truly gutted.
Any ill experience or words I have felt towards him in the past has just died inside of me along with him.
He was an amazing person and I am lucky to have gotten as close to him as I did and to have had the many experiences and years that we had together.
I desperately hope that he can be relieved from his pain, pressure and turmoil now.
He deserves to be free from all of that and I hope he is in a better place or will be.
I also hope that anyone else who feels they have failed to help him can be set free because he hopefully finally is.
The World is in shock but somehow he knew exactly how his fate would be played out some day more than anyone else knew, and he was right.
I really needed to say this right now, thanks for listening.

There are a LOT of Elvis clues in this whole hoax, just search the forum for it and you will find them. If I have time, I will try to mention them in this theory too. Remember 1 thing, the documentary about Elvis after he died was called: This is Elvis……

January 2009: The Enquirer gives MJ 6 months to live.
This is where the actual movie starts. People need to think he’s ill and unfit. If he would die this year, people would have ‘seen it coming’ and nobody would look into it that much. Also check the photo’s of Mike at In 2008 there are almost no pictures of doctor visits, in 2009 more than half of the pictures is from doctor visits. But strange enough, Mike passes a 4 hour during medical examination…..

March 5th 2009: MJ’s press conference at the O2

Wasn’t he supposed to be very ill? After 8 years MJ will have a major comeback, why on stage? Why not release an album, and then arrange a tour, trying to get better first. That would be the more logical thing to do. He also was supposed to tour with the Jacksons, so the new tour didn’t make sense. This announcement was only to get him back in the spotlights, so everyone would follow him on this, certainly since everybody thinks he’s that ill he could drop dead any minute. Otherwise the media would miss too many details. Using a double makes sense, because people would think he’s too ill to come himself. That’s why the O2 guy had such strange manners, we needed to think he wasn’t real. So IMO it could also be MJ himself, acting this strange on purpose… (you’re still following me?) Watch Elvis’ walk, was this another clue for what he was up to?

Instead of 10 concerts, there will be 50!! WTF! He couldn’t do 50 concerts?!! They already think he couldn’t do 10! And again, he’s all over the news.

Also I made a screenshot of the O2 announcement, because I thought there was something really odd about it. I was searching for fan pictures on the net form the O2 announcement, couldn’t find a single one. At first I thought they were not allowed to make pictures, but then I saw this:

O2 camera's

Now tell me, is there NO ONE that was there who uploaded his MJ picture on the web?? Look at this, it’s all pictures from the photographers….

March 14, 2009: Examiner reports that MJ recently recorded 100 songs his kids will inherit.
They could only be released after MJ died. What a coincidence!! He is that ill that he is talking about his inheritance already! How could the guy ever go on stage?

May 20, 2009: The auditions for the dancers of the This is It tour are finished.
The tour was supposed to start on July 8/ July 13. 6 Weeks seems to be a bit short to prepare such a big show with that many dance steps, whether they are pro’s or not. Or do they have enough time? I have searched for people who had tickets for July, haven’t found anyone yet, besides people who had tickets for the concert that was postponed to March 2010… Maybe there weren’t any tickets for July? Maybe no tickets at all for 2009? Maybe there weren’t that much tickets sold, maybe only some dates, the postponed ones and maybe one that will be refunded, so it wouldn’t look fishy to someone. 1 concert is doable for refunding, these are just production costs. Keep in mind that the tour would cost $27.000.000,00.
It also could be a test. Why do they have the special tickets? Were they afraid he would die before the tour started, is that why they had those tickets? Maybe it’s to see who are the ‘real’ fans.

June 3, 2009: Michael Jackson says he didn’t know he had to do 50 concerts instead of 10.
He says he’s not fit enough for it. How the hell is it possible that the whole world knows about the 50 gigs, and he himself didn’t? Of course he knew, the guy is a genius, nor a moron! Funny thing here is that he originally signed up for 31 concerts, as stated in the AEG contract and according to AEG Michael wanted to add 19 more because he wanted to give as much fans as possible the chance to attend the concerts. But the media reports he wasn’t aware of the fact he had to do 50 shows, that he thought there would only be 10… Makes you go hmmm.
It’s just feeding the theory that he is unable to perform and not even able to decide for himself. Again! MJ in the news.


June 25, 2009: The day MJ ‘died’
In the early morning there is a ‘close-down’ at LAX. Mystery man leaves with mystery plane. Airport employees are being told to ignore the plane: Flightstats LAX morning of June 25.

Around midday Dr. Murray finds MJ in bed/ sees MJ collapse in bedroom/ in living room with/without Prince I. However, he tries to resuscitate him ON THE BED, every doctor (and almost everyone else on this planet earth) knows you have to do CPR on a flat and hard surface. Also his lawyer states Murray found MJ with a weak pulse, so WTF with the CPR? You don’t perform CPR on a person with a weak pulse!! Finally he waits 45 minutes before calling 911, because he didn’t know the address??? He came there by car, driving himself, multiple times a week for a while, and he didn’t know the address? Total time for MJ without a heartbeat: 30 minutes in the house, 5 minutes before the ambulance arrived, 30 minutes in the house with the paramedics, 5 minutes on the way to the hospital and 1 hour in the hospital. A total of about 2 to 2.5 hours. Then they finally pronounce him dead…. When having a cardiac arrest the chances of the patient will reduce by 10% every minute…. What were they trying to bring back to life? A vegetable? Then there is that story of him being dead for hours and was already showing rigor mortis. Sure, that is why we can see a healthy color on the face in the ambulance and a popping vain on his forehead.

Meaning of rigor mortis:
Rigor mortis is the stiffening of the body after death. After death, the body begins to cool and from two to six hours after death the muscles begin to stiffen, probably because the actin and myosin filaments of the muscle slide in each other. The rigor mortis begins with the eyelids, jaw and neck and then spreads slowly within six hours on all body parts. Depending on the ambient temperature, the rigor mortis lasts about to one to three and a half days. When passing or preparing the body of the deceased it is sometimes massaged. This will reduce the stiffness. Almost immediately after death the color of the body changes. Because the heart no longer pumps blood around, the blood will pull from the skin. This makes the skin look grey. It also drops the blood to the lower body parts, in the supine position the buttocks and back. The places where blood is collected, creates purple spots (Livor mortis). Medications can speed up the color changing process.

This is translated from Dutch, so I hope it makes enough sense here, but the English version was not complete IMO.

So, if Mike really died around 8.30 am, he would be stiff as hell while being transported in the helicopter to the coroner, but I definitely see the body bending, either by itself or with help from someone. So that story is BS too.

The 911-call
MJ’s bodyguard “Tippy” Alverez is our 911-caller. He talked to the police 1 time and vanished into thin air. His wife doesn’t know when he will be coming back. Why did the 911-guy answering the phone hang up before the paramedics arrived? That’s not standard procedure.
I bet Alvarez’s with MJ. After all, he is his bodyguard and if MJ’s really alive and kicking, he would need his bodyguard.
Is the 911-call real? It could be a fake. Who tells us the audio really came from the 911? Maybe they have recorded it themselves. If you compare the 911-call with other (real) 911-calls, you hear that in this call the caller sounds very clear, while the 911-guy sounds a bit blurry. With real calls it’s the other way around, so IMO it’s fake. Why hang up before the EMT’s have arrived? Not standard procedure. There are also 4 different versions of the call:

But then why isn’t someone from 911 speaking out it was a fake? I think because they know. They know about the project and that’s why they keep their mouth shut. Maybe people have been paid, but I don’t think so. If you could be a part of this big thing, would you talk? I wouldn’t! They don’t have to lie, just stay silent. If the government and DEA are really involved in this to take down the Hollywood doctors, they would have to shut up.

The Ambulance
Why leaving the property backwards? Why not make a turn on the roundabout in front of the house? He had 30 minutes to turn it. I know why! Otherwise people would have asked why they were driving so slow, with MJ in the back without a heartbeat? Now they could drive slowly (who would think about the roundabout if you don’t know how the house looked like?) so the guy had time enough to make his famous picture.Rumor
has it that MJ was dead before they got him into the ambulance. That would make sense because of the time his heart was failing already. But when you look at the 1 and only ambulance picture, MJ looks quite alive. He’s frowning, his vain on his forehead is popping up (seems difficult to me when the heart isn’t pumping your blood anymore), he has a good color (if he was really in cardiac arrest for almost an hour, he certainly would have turned grey/blue). He also looks too young (around mid-30’s). This picture could have been an old one (MJ had stunts in the past with an ambulance) and it could be a wax doll. Anyway, IMO: it’s not Michael Jackson anno 2009. BUT we need to believe it’s him, that’s why there IS a picture. The guy making it was a friend of Mike, maybe he made the picture before, with the red car in the window reflecting on purpose. They could have planted the red car on the 25th, so the picture would look real. They can say now “of course the picture is real, look at the red car in the reflection! If you look at our video, that we also made, you can clearly see the red car. (We haven’t filmed it very steady of course, otherwise you guys would have seen that the ambulance turned the other way, so the car wasn’t anywhere near the window!)”
And the paramedic, WTF is he doing??? CPR on his collarbone? Another thing someone mentioned in the chat is also a good point: where is the police? Police should respond to that 911-call too and they are nowhere near the mansion… I think they are all actors and the ambulance is Mike’s. I remember him having one. And who were following in the black SUV’s? Bodyguards of course, to stand around the body when it’s taken out of the ambulance at the hospital, so CNN couldn’t make a photo. Otherwise maybe we would have seen it wasn’t Mike at all.

The hospital/morgue
We don’t know much about the hospital. We haven’t seen any doctors speaking about it, why are they trying to bring back a guy that has been dead for about 30 minutes minimum? Nobody of UCLA talked to the press, not a word. Why not? Because they haven’t seen anything. The dept. was closed before he arrived, only a few people were allowed to get in. Why? Because only few people knew about the project. Look at a part of the transcript from Larry King’s interview with Frank Dileo:

DILEO: I don’t know. I said to Randy, geez, I think he’s alive. We have a shot here he’ll be OK. When the nurse came out and I looked at her and she looked at me, I almost fainted.
KING: Because she said —
DILEO: She just looked at me and said he’s not going to make it. He’s gone. But we’ll keep working on him until his mother gets here.
Question: since when are nurses allowed to make statements like that? I thought that only doctors could. Nurses shouldn’t say anything. And WTF, work on a dead body until his mother arrives? hmmmmm

KING: Who finally told you he was dead?
DILEO: That nurse did.
Again, big thing for A NURSE to say, where is the doctor in this story??

If you want to read the whole transcript:
Frank Dileo at Larry King Live – Transcripts

Then there is the ride/flight to the morgue. By helicopter, why that? Because it isn’t weird for a helicopter to fly with open doors. A coroners van with the doors open should be looking a lot stranger, don’t you think? They wanted us to see the body. I don’t think the ‘moving’ body moved itself, it was lifted to get it on a small plank to get it out of the helicopter. It looks like it’s lifted by one guy with one hand. MJ isn’t very heavy, but I think it’s quite hard to lift a dead body that weighs 60 kilo’s. When they get it out of the helicopter into the van, they are lifting it again with one hand by the neck, and drop it on the floor. That’s not very professional? No, because they’re not professionals! They are actors and haven’t got a clue how to handle a dead body! One of the guys didn’t even wear gloves. That’s a bit strange if you are a professional, because you would know that there is a risk of leaking fluids from the body. Also if you look inside one of those helicopters, the body shouldn’t be positioned by the doors, but more to the front. There is no stretcher there, there are some chars. Strange to put the body on those chairs….

The autopsy/toxic’s rapport and Death certificate
1st autopsy: no result back yet, just rumors spread by the media. 2nd autopsy: same story. Toxic’s rapport: another mystery. Death certificate: a fake (explained later). Ed Winter is the only one that made a statement from the coroner’s office. I think they were informed about the project, same with the LAPD. If you keep delaying and keep saying “I cannot comment on that”, there’s also nothing to lie about. Just a few words for one of the biggest movies ever made. We’re investigating the death of Mr. Jackson could also mean: “We’re investigating if Mr. Jackson actually did die.” As long as you keep delaying, the focus will be on the case and the story can continue. Ed also seems to gain all the medical records from MJ himself, and loses them! I am very curious what will be the next thing that will disappear. What I just don’t understand is that they did 2 autopsies right after his death, but it lasts a WHOLE MONTH to let them questioning the time of death. I don’t get that. Can’t they tell by the body-/ liver temperature when a person actually died? If they pronounced him dead at 2.26 and he really would have died before 9.30, wouldn’t his body temp be a few degrees lower? So why work on him for an hour?
TMZ reports some results of the autopsy (the first one I guess, since we never heard anything about the second one):

Jackson Autopsy — Singer Was a Healthy Mess
Posted Oct 1st 2009 12:55PM by TMZ Staff

UPDATE: 1:03 PM ET The Coroner also determined Jackson was actively producing sperm.

More details on the Michael Jackson autopsy. According to a new report, Jackson had osteoarthritis which was visible on his lower spine and fingers.
He had dark tattoos on his eyebrows and around his eyes and a dark tattoo on the front of his scalp — possibly to cover the permanent scarring from burns suffered in Pepsi mishap.
The report says he was balding and suffered a skin disease. We’ve previously reported Jackson suffered from vitiligo. His heart was strong but his lungs were inflamed. The report says Jackson’s stomach had no obvious signs of pills, nor were illegal drugs or alcohol detected.
The manner of death — already reported to be a homicide — was based in part on Propofol administered in a non-hospital setting.

OK, interesting… For someone taking the amount of drugs the are stating in the media, he looks pretty healthy to me… Funny to see we had 3 autopsy results the last 3 months and with every new one, he is getting healthier. So do we have to think this last one is the real one? No! Of course not! Remember: he is not dead 😉

Didn’t seal the scene directly, but waited 4 days. In the meanwhile, everybody could get stuff in and out of the house. Also when it would become a “murder investigation”, there will be no case against the doctor, because the evidence is unreliable, it could have been planted. Also they had not made an official statement on the case:
Look at the 1st phrase: “All the reports we’ve read and heard about Michael Jackson’s death, so far: untrue.”
If you search the website of the LAPD for Michael Jackson, you get just articles:
Until now, no new statements by the LAPD and we were told that only 3 investigators are working on the case…yeah right!

July 7, 2009: The Memorial
Wow what a circus. No tears, no close friends (maybe they are with him, as we know that Liz was packing at the moment she heard the news), a lot of acting, clues as we already discussed in other topics, kids bored, everyone on stage looking up to a point at the other side of the centre (Michael’s directing room?), a closed casket because Mike’s face would have been too damaged from the CPR, while Jermaine said that Michael looked like Michael in the hospital after he died. And then there is (IMO) a live performance of our beloved King of Pop at the end of Will you be there, or at least recorded especially for the memorial. WITH a small mistake in the text, so the real MJ-fans would notice. Because that’s what they want obviously. Why was the MJHD website online that fast? The first 2 days I really thought he was dead. Now there is this site where MJ-fans can talk to each other, figuring out the clues that we were given. Keeping the movie running together with the media. It has been months since he died, and still there is many MJ news every day. Why? Because they want us to keep talking about it! Look at all the clues in the memorial: Berry Gordy and others talking about the “King of entertainment” (look at PT Barnum information later in the post), the new recording of the spoken text of “Will you be there”, the lyrics “No more crying when we are going to see the king” and No more dying pain we are going to see the king by the gospel choir, Jermaine’s oops in Smile: Light up your face with sadness, hide every trace of gladness and Michael’s last picture on the screen as the director in Liberian Girl with the text: I’m alive and I am here forever. It’s a wrap! Also there is footage of LaToya speaking after the memorial: “I just wanted you all to know that, you have been very, very supportive. And as you well know, Michael loved his fans more than anybody else. He has always said that his family is first and his fans are second. And I know that he is so happy that you’re here supporting him and he’s watching every last one of you. I just want to thank you all for being here for him, he loves you very very much, thank you.” Then there is the Barnum and Baily circus in town, very much of a coincidence again, if you look at the PT Barnum theory.

Maya Angelou’s poem read by Queen Latifah

Beloveds, now we know that we know nothing, now that our bright and shining star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind.
Indeed, we know nothing. We only know what we were told by the media. Our bright and shining star CAN slip away, didn’t he slipped away? A more logical phrase would have been: now that our bright and shining star SLIPPED away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind.

Without notice, our dear love can escape our doting embrace. Sing our songs among the stars and walk our dances across the face of the moon.
Again a more logical sentence would be: Without notice, our dear love ESCAPED our doting embrace.

In the instant that Michael is gone, we know nothing. No clocks can tell time. No oceans can rush our tides with the abrupt absence of our treasure.
Right! We still don’t know in what bat cave he is hiding And absence? Absence means nothing more than the time interval during which something or somebody is away.

Though we are many, each of us is achingly alone, piercingly alone.
Mike and his double(s)?

Only when we confess our confusion can we remember that he was a gift to us and we did have him.
Confess confusion and knowing what you had until it’s gone is exactly what is going on at this moment.

He came to us from the creator, trailing creativity in abundance.
No one ever realized what he was capable of. Mike can create anything he wants, even his own ‘death’.

Despite the anguish, his life was sheathed in mother love, family love, and survived and did more than that.
A little grammar here: ‘His life’ is the subject of this sentence. What comes next, is applies to the subject. So: His life survived? And it did more than that? Hmmmmm, interesting…

He thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style. We had him whether we know who he was or did not know, he was ours and we were his.
Ok, this phrase is actually hilarious. I can make everything bold, but guess you know what we mean here.

We had him, beautiful, delighting our eyes.
Better phrase: fooling our eyes or deceiving our eyes??

His hat, aslant over his brow, and took a pose on his toes for all of us.
And we laughed and stomped our feet for him.
That seems more appropriate for someone like Eddy Murphy or any other standup comedian. Or is she talking about the future here?

We were enchanted with his passion because he held nothing. He gave us all he had been given.
He held nothing indeed! He has given his all for 45 years…

Today in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana’s Black Star Square.
In Johannesburg and Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama, and Birmingham, England
We are missing Michael.
‘Yesterday’ in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana’s Black Star Square.
In Johannesburg and Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama, and Birmingham, England
People were bashing and abandoning Michael. Now they are missing him…Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…

But we do know we had him, and we are the world.
Here we had the first moment we disagreed, so we have 2 opinions here:
Mine: The world had him, the world abandoned him and now that he is absent, we know what we had…
Mo’s: We (on all the hoax-forums) are the world because the media is transparent to us. We see through their lies.

Mo actually once attended ´An Evening with Maya Angelou´ on Friday, November 2, 2001 at Modesto Junior College Gymnasium in California.

Mo knows Maya’s work and thought this poem is not really her style of writing, it´s beautiful but different from her other work. Makes you think if she DID write it at all, or did Mike himself had a hand in it…?
Message of this poem: Be careful with your actions in life and stay close and loyal to your loved ones. Before you know it, they can slip through your fingers and you might have regrets for the rest of your life…

The body
Was missing for 2 months! The burial would take place on August 28 uhh 29 uhh 31, well let’s do it on September 3rd….. He is at the Great Mausoleum where nobody can visit him. Several members of the board have called Forrest Lawn and they all get the same answer. Michael Jackson is not anywhere on Forest Lawn and he has never been anywhere on Forest Lawn.
The media says he was full of needle marks on the autopsy table, bald, missing his nose! Come on, what a BS! Statement of the coroner’s office: nothing of that info is from this office. No, they don’t have a body, so also no info. Again: no lies, just not telling the whole story.
People close to MJ say he didn’t use drugs, then suddenly they say he was. Again: keeping the story alive. I heard that his brains were returned to the family, in a carton box (FedEx or UPS?) But, why remove a whole brain? Not to search for drugs, because you would find that in hair, nails and blood, not in the brain. Also IF they have taken out the brain to examine, they would have cut it in pieces, so why and how return it? Doesn’t make sense at all, again.

September 3, 2009: The funeral
Finally, they found the body, got it a new wig and some astonishing make-up (according to Randy) and the have put him to rest. Well, the whole funeral was hilarious, I’m sorry to say, but it reminded me and all other hoaxers to one of Mike’s old video clips, this was part 2:
Liberian Girl 2009

It’s a shame they didn’t allow us to see what happened after the casket was brought in…

Also there was Larry King Live with some guests, one of them: Dave Dave. You can agree or disagree with me, but I am convinced that Dave Dave is Michael Jackson in disguise:

Also, Chappie helped to compare Michael and Dave Dave:

I took the pic from the Dave Dave on LKL. Because Mo and Souza had a problem because some people were saying that Michaels head is not that size. I don’t add anything to the pictures, just copy en paste it and put in place. I was wondering why Dave Dave on LKL was wearing such big clothes, big tie, and big board. His head looks smaller as it really is. Optical Illusion!

Step 1 – Make the neck fit on Michaels neck.


Step 2 – Copy the eyes and make the same size as the neck when it fits paste. Perfect match!


Step 3 – Copy the rest of the face en paste in place exact size as the eyes. As you can see it when the face in is place that it is a bit bigger on the size then Michaels face but that could be easily explained if it is a Mask.


I also noticed, looking at the Dave Dave LKL that there were some moments that I thought that I had seen that look before. That was from thriller. So again I copy and paste the eyes and again a perfect match!

Michael Speeddemon. And again…..copy past and a perfect match.


I did the same with the eyes from the real Dave Dave. And none of the eyes fit in Michaels pictures. So keep in mind as you look at the pictures I did only copy and paste pieces out of pictures. No work has been done on the pictures to make them look better or different!


Thank you Chappie!

There is more, here we go:

For many months now we have been trying to figure out why Michael released the Pepsi video. Was it to let us know how he could have gotten addictive to painkillers? That would be a plausible theory, but in my opinion, IF he ever was on drugs, it would have been in the early 90’s, almost 10 years after the accident! And then there is Dave Dave. We all know what happened after Mo and I posted we were convinced (and still are) that that was actually Mike in disguise. The comments were: Why would he do that? Why in disguise as a burn victim? You know the rest… So, what do we have here: 2 (again 2 😉 ) clues about burns, or burn victims. Now what is missing here? Of course! The Michael Jackson Burn Center… I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before! Do you remember where this center is located?

Read this:
On January 27, 1984, Michael and other members of the Jacksons filmed a Pepsi Cola commercial, overseen by executive Philip Dusenberry, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. In front of a full house of fans during a simulated concert, pyrotechnics accidentally set Jackson’s hair on fire. He suffered second-degree burns to his scalp. Jackson underwent treatment to hide the scars on his scalp, and he also had his third rhinoplasty shortly thereafter. Pepsi settled out of court, and Jackson donated his $ 1.5 million settlement to the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California, which now has a “Michael Jackson Burn Center” in honor of his donation.

Culver City? Isn’t that were Mike ‘rehearsed’ too? Now look at this article:

AP Exclusive: Michael Jackson Wrapped Video In Culver City Before Death
2009 June 29
tags: AP, Culver City, Culver Studios, death, Dome Project, HW Design Inc, Michael Jackson, MJ, production, sets, The King Of Pop, Thriller, Video by HW Design Inc.

culver article

Culver Studios, Where Michael Jackson Filmed the “Dome Project,” Just Before His Death. Photo by JB Brookman © HW Design Inc.


The Associated Press has just reported that Michael Jackson wrapped up work on an elaborate video production, just two weeks before his death. Culver Studios, right down the street from the HW Design Inc. offices, was the sight where four different sets were constructed for the shoot. One set was said to be a cemetery, evoking memories of the “Thriller” video. Jackson was reportedly on set from June 1-9 and the project is expected to be completed on July 15.

The video is being called the “Dome Project.”

So, let’s have a peek behind the screen in Culver City…Some info:

A map of the south section:



See anything familiar?

Now watch the video’s again. First is one of my favorites: Liberian girl 2009

Now to me the background doesn’t match Forrest Lawn. It would better match with Culver City, but I couldn’t find an exact match. No problem, because I this we should focus on the 4 sets Mike built, this was just a clue I was on the right track IMO. The funeral was staged inside, in Culver City with a greenscreen.

Forrest lawn from above:


The funeral clip, obviously more roads and more trees:



If we look at the stills of the This Is It trailer again, I do find 4 sets…;)

Earth Song


Smooth Criminal

And last but not least: The Cemetery!

Watch the lamp in the right upper corner and now look at this video:

This is filmed from a helicopter, but I think it is actually a scale model of Forrest Lawn, remember the concrete delivered at Neverland? Perfect to make the models. Neverland is private enough so no one would notice the set build there. It is possible to make a scale model of a scenery and paste moving objects like people or cars, see this link:

Also there is that huge lamp hanging in the air, without wires or standard, it’s just there… At first I thought I saw a standard, but it was just the huge camera on the ground. In the video above you can see where it hangs and how high. Now go back to the Liberian Girl 2009 video, and freeze at 10 seconds. We can see the reflection of that lamp! Now you decide if that would be possible or not 😉

If there are any other backgrounds in the trailer, they are screens, they had some big ones:

So my conclusion is: All footage we have seen in the trailer WITH background or sets, has been filmed in Culver City. We know The Dome project refers to The O2 Arena, because it was once called The Millennium Dome, but maybe it could just refer to this rehearsal stage: 😉

The footage WITHOUT backgrounds, could have easily been filmed at the Staples Center…

Mike, again: Well done! I take off my hat and bow for you…

The Family
La Toya is bitchy as ever, Jermaine has experience with making a movie, he already made one about Michael’s early days, this would be a great sequel. Joe can only talk about his new label. He wants to release the MJ Blu-rays. All the brothers and sisters and the parents tell different stories. Sure, that’s to feed us. We are a part of the movie, we are the investigators. Michael wants his fans to play a role too, because he leaves clues everywhere.

The kids
Were introduced about a week prior to MJ’s death, why?? He wanted them to wear masks for 13 years? Why now expose them to the press? Because if he didn’t show them first, maybe we wouldn’t believe they were really his kids. And where are the kids going? To grandma? To Debbie? To Arnold? To Janet? To Jermaine? No, not a good idea, they are all in the spotlights. Let’s think: Yeah! Rebbie of course! I didn’t even knew she existed, so that’s a perfect place for the kids NOT to be (IMO: they are with Michael). Now they are with Katherine, we didn’t hear anything from Rebbie anymore. The custody case was delayed, then Debbie made a deal with Katherine? Why? Because when she was going to get annoying, they had to tell her that there was nothing to worry about, because Michael would still raise them himself, they had to tell her about the project. The hearing on August 3 was a cracker. We just watched boring and fat reporters outside the courthouse but never saw 1 picture from the inside or even from someone leaving the courthouse. We heard nothing new there. 2 dogs were fighting for the bone: Arnold Klein and Mark Lester both think they are father of MJ’s kid(s). How convenient! A new story to keep us busy. Now on TMZ Arnie told he DOESN’T want the kids…Make up your mind dude! Mark Lester? Vanished into thin air, haven’t heard from him either anymore…

Dr. Conrad Murray
Is the prime suspect of the murder investigation, and yet can leave state? The police will wait 4 weeks before they raid his clinic, Google dr. Murray and you’ll find him, but sometimes he is born in 1953, sometimes in 1958. They screwed up while they created him. If you search for pictures of him, you’ll only find 1. Sometimes a close-up from the head, sometimes the whole guy, but always the same picture. How is it possible that has all the news, stalks everyone that has something to do with it, are having a live broadcast from the raid, but haven’t been able to get the guy on camera?? That’s quite strange IMO! I think Dr. Murray is a non-existing person. The photo could have been created (look at the furniture, looks a little cheap for a well-paid doctor), maybe it’s even MJ in one of his disguises.
Update: how nice of TMZ to give us a few more pictures. 4 of them from the lawyer’s office, definitely staged and a photo shopped one with some exotic girls and cocktails. Up to this moment Murray has been accused and convicted already by the media, but there are no charges against this man so far, according to the LAPD.
Another update: Murray was shown (and deleted and put online again) in High Definition on YouTube, thanking all of his supporters:

While watching it, it seems to be Mike’s message to his fans, with his words and his way of speaking. I have edited the voice a little, and it is eerie how much it sounds like Mike when I just make the tone a bit higher. I also think Murray is animated, Mike loves animation. The mouth moves strange. There are ways to do this with certain professional techniques. Mike could have been speaking to us while showing “Dr. Murray”. Another possibility is that this actually is Mike in one of his genius disguises.
Also look at this:, there is no link to this pressroom on the homepage, why not? How should people be able to find this? And there are people named there with personal info! I wouldn’t want to be on there, being afraid MJ fans would pay me a visit and threaten me for supporting MJ’s ‘Killer’. This site is fishy as hell, but also hilarious, just wiki the friends and patients of Murray, it’s hilarious.

Until now: no normal footage of the guy and still no arrest, makes you wonder huh?

Dr. Tohme R Tohme
I really haven’t got anything to say about him. Just call MJJ Kingdom and try to be redirected to Tohme, the guy doesn’t answer his phone. He has a voicemail though… Being ‘in control of MJ’ and being president of Michael’s companies, makes me think he must be MJ himself, the guy we see is just an actor.

The Media seems to know everything first. Why? I think they are using TMZ as The Brickman (see PT Barnum info below). Maybe LaToya or one of the others is leaking information to them. I would believe them too, if I were TMZ, because it would be first-hand info. Maybe MJ wants his revenge on the gossip-site, letting them made a fool of themselves.
Or they are being paid to release info about MJ and they’re in on this.
Why isn’t the media questioning his death? Why would they if the family is telling them MJ’s dead? Why make a fool of yourself? That’s why CNN or any other reliable news site isn’t questioning it. They also don’t get the info that TMZ gets, so they could think TMZ is making everything up, like they mostly do. So no risk there. Everything I have read in the media was coming from unknown sources and pictures are fake. Mike is screwing the media big time and if this hoax comes to an end, reporting will never be the same again.
Update: seems that after September 3 we have a second brickman: CNN and Larry King. By having Dave Dave in the show, I think we should watch Larry more carefully from now on…

Nice example of the media-BS:

Michael Jackson — Security Concerns
<Posted Sep 24th 2009 2:30PM by TMZ Staff


The creditor’s claims against Michael Jackson … rolling, rolling in. A security firm has filed legal papers in the probate case, claiming Jackson owed Steven Echols DBA Security Measures $261,169. The firm is based in Las Vegas. According to the legal docs, the firm supplied 3 guards to Jackson in 2008 24/7 at $25 an hour. The papers say in September, 2008 Jackson racked $119,000 in security costs. In October the bill was $99,000. The docs say the firm provided protection for Jackson and his kids.

Now we go to our first bible: GOOGLE.COM
Type: DBA Security Measures
We get this: GOOGLE.COM

Now we go to our second bible: WIKIPEDIA.ORG
Type: DBA Security Measures
We get this: WIKIPEDIA.ORG

So conclusion: A DBA security measure is nothing more than a Data Base Administrator security Measure. Now do you think they deliver bodyguards? Yes for your website maybe…
And for $ 25,- an hour? LMAO! I worked in security and if I get $ 25,- an hour, the company that hires me, will pay at least double, mostly even triple to the security company. So that’s BS too.

A last thing to add, just for fun and I have no clue if it means anything, but it’s funny as hell:

Let’s go to bible #3: IMDB.COM
Type: Steven Echols
We get this: IMDB.COM
There is only 1 movie listed for his guy: Yes Giorgio. Now let’s see that:
Nothing interesting at first sight, but look at the User Comments:
Another singer makes a movie. Worth seeing one time.
Now ain’t that funny?

I’m sorry Mike, but this one was way too easy… try harder next time…

AEG Live/footage
They claim to have over 100 hours of HD footage. Now I know that someone was filming the Jackson family too in 2009, a sort of a reality-soap, was that AEG too? Probably you will see the preparations on this hoax on that footage. They say they will release a movie about Michael Jackson, not just the rehearsals, so what else? I think we will know on the 28th of October. Also keep in mind the Murray video, the memorial and the burial were recorded in HD too. What is the use of that? Then there is the AEG contract released by Radar Online. The rider is missing, that makes the contract not valid. There are no dates on the contract, except a blacked out one (why is that?) and it is signed by only 2 parties: MJ and AEG. In California a document that is not being notarized, should be signed by 3 different parties to be valid. This contract is NOT signed by 3 different parties, but 2 and not notarized. That seems pretty odd if you ask me, there are millions at stake! I don’t think AEG would be that stupid, since Mike often cancelled shows or appearances.

Michael’s Last Will
Well here is something really odd, apparently Mike doesn’t remember the names of his kids. The will is having the following names of the 2 boys:
Prince Michael Jackson Jr. – according to the Birth Certificate of Prince this should be Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.
Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, II – – according to the Birth Certificate of Blanket this should be Prince Michael Jackson II.

The Raids
Are all very late, announced a week before in the media (to warn the pharmacy’s and offices to be raided? LMFAO!) and at the raid at Mickey Fine, people are walking in and out of the building?? That’s odd. According to TMZ it’s because there are multiple offices in that building, while it only says Mickey Fine Pharmacy outside on the building… Mickey Fine? Hmmmmm 😉 Also we had a little show outside at Mickey Fine: The Afro-Elvis Guy and the PT Barnum Circus guy.

Sham’one Mike, could you make it more obvious?

This is it trailers
The trailer looks awesome:

But there are some weird things in it. I found 3 flipped footages. Why would they have footage flipped? If you read KO’s tweet:

Could it be that the Mike’s shown as a mirror image is the real Mike and the rest a double? Some stills the eyes are off, and in one part Mike looks skinnier than in another part…

Well, here are the stills:

Here you can see the shiny thing under his collar is flipped on the pic below. The pics with the red dots are (re)flipped ones:

On this one you can see that on the pic right below the arm band is on the left side, instead of on the right side:

Fedora flipped and again arm band on the wrong side, and is it just me, or do the faces look different:

I thought it was odd they would flip the footage, I mean WHY would they do that?

Also there is a new odd move Mike added to his choreography: The ‘Penguin’ Move:

Well, after watching this clip a few times:, Mo and I thought there also was something with the movements of Mike, besides the ‘Penguin’ Move.

First have a look at this clip, Mike learning Michael Jordan dance (starts at 6.04):
Michael Jackson – Jam

Now watch the Human Nature clip again. First of all he points with left when he is wearing the black jacket and with right in the silver jacket. But also if you watched the Jam clip, you can hear Mike clearly say “put all your energy in your finger”. Now we can see the Mike in the silver jacket point out as if his life depends on it, but what about the Mike in the black jacket? Wrong hand and no energy or control…

These are the spoken words we hear in the video:

There is Michael
The man is here

We’re all here because of him
May that continue
With him leading the way

This is the moment
This is it
It’s an adventure
It’s a great adventure (giggles)

You wanna take them places that you’ve never been before
You wanna show them talent that they’ve never seen before
Let´s do it 1 more time
I love you, I really do
We´re family, just know that
This is why I write these kind of songs
It gives some sense of awareness and awakening and hope to people
I feel so blessed that I can give the world that
It’s all for love, L.O.V.E.

Michael has a depth to him that people don´t really know

This is a dream come true
When MJ comes in the room, his presence is just amazing

The man is here, followed by we’re all her (Kenny) LOL
Why is that adventure so funny Mike?

OK, the texts on the screen, also quite interesting:

His music reached billions
His dreams inspired the world
But there was still one dream
He wanted to share with everyone
In theaters everywhere
For 2 weeks only
Witness the never before seen rehearsal footage
The world has been waiting for
On October 28th
The Legend
The music
The event of a lifetime
Michael Jackson’s This is it
In theathers worldwide October 28th
For 2 weeks only
Tickets go on sale September 27th

That dream he wanted to share was IMO a movie, he has done many many concerts, but he wanted to make an innovating and surprising movie: taking it to a higher level.

The songs we heard:
Smooth Criminal
Billie Jean
Wanna be startin’something
Don’t stop till you get enough
Man in the mirror

Some are not on the setlist we were presented. Neither is We are the world (what they showed at the memorial), Earth song and they don’t care about us.
Ending with Man in the mirror with Mike saying I feel so blessed that I can give the world that, was interesting IMO. Give the world what? A concert? As awesome as he would have made it, it would just be a concert.

Other weird stuff:
MJ’s voice-over? Why was that recorded that way? Makes you go hmmmm.
Why everything including fireworks rehearsing in LA? Why not in London? Seems odd to me.
There were different kinds of footage, sometimes the resolution was smaller, I thought everything was in HD? Some shots were even of poor quality.
I had the idea I saw 2 Mikes. One was less thin and the other had bigger feet. It could just be me.
Mike looks great and fit, what is it with people saying he was weak? I didn’t see it in this trailer.
Final dress rehearsals mean everyone in the costumes they are supposed to wear at the concert, I see a lot of casual clothing on the dancers.

The new Gold Pants:
The weirdest thing for me was Smooth Criminal, I’ll explain why. We have seen a picture of rehearsing Smooth Criminal already. In the SC-jacket with the fedora, like always. But in this trailer we see SC ALSO being rehearsed in a new outfit, the new gold pants. Why 2 outfits? What’s with that?


SC with the outfit we all know:

SC in the gold pants:

The release of the This Is It Single on Oktober 12, 2009
The day Sony got butt-kicked by MJ BIG TIME!
As soon as I heard the leaked 43 seconds of the This is It song I thought something was off, but I wanted to wait for the full version before I would made up my mind. Here is the full version:

My first thoughts:
…I miss something. It’s a 1-2-1-2 song (don’t know how to explain) .. there are no surprises in the music or the lyrics…
…Some of the words are inaudible to me, like it’s a demo and he wasn’t sure about the words, but that could just be me…
…I miss something in his voice, I miss the passion and the raw edges on his voice I loved so much from his last albums…

Then our brickman TMZ posts the following articles:

And of course they knew all along this would happen, but Sony just made a big OOPS! They didn’t check the song before releasing. Paul Anka is co-writer, and will get a big slice of the cake! So less money left for Sony, that already would only gain 10% of the profit. Why would Branca admit that quickly the song was also Anka’s? That they would do anything to make it right for Anka at this point? Normally there would be some legal fighting first….But this was just exactly as planned! Sony will lose big bucks here, all of them flying right into Anka’s pockets! I think someone at Sony is packing his bag at this very moment…
Mike would out think Sony, he just did…Brilliant brilliant…brilliant! Well done Michael Jackson, again…


Keep in mind
There is no law-breaking yet, he’s not officially dead and there s no insurance money claimed. The insurance policy has been cashed in, not paid out, which you can do while being alive. It’s the same as just getting back the money you invested and close the policy.
The free accessible SSDI (Social Security Death Index) on the net is showing Michael Joseph Jackson died on June 25, but not Michael Joe Jackson… I am almost certain his middle name is Joe and he uses Joseph for this hoax, since many people are convinced Joseph is his real middle name (explained later). Even IF the SSDI would show Michael Joe Jackson as being deceased, there is no law breaking, because there are more people mistakenly showed in this index while still being alive and kicking, also we now know the SS# listed directs to Mike J Jackson, born August 8, 1958…

The news about Elvis‘ Death possibly being a hoax was on June 25, 1979, exactly 30 years prior to the ‘Death’ of MJ. Do your research on the death/hoax of Elvis and compare. Also the documentary of Elvis after his death was called “This is Elvis”.

Michael spend his ‘last’ months a lot of time with David Blaine who is famous for his major stunts:

Michael Jackson teaming up with David Blaine


BY: ABSOLUTE PICTURES | Tuesday, November 21, 2006

After Michael Jackson’s dismal performance at The World Music Awards last week, the King of Pop needs all of the help he can get. Now it looks like he’s found it in street magician, David Blaine. It’s been reported that Jackson and Blaine are planning a music and magic spectacle for the New Year.
According to Pop Revenge, who are billing the story as an exclusive undercover report from The World Music Awards, a source close to the famous pop starclaims to have revealed that Michael is planning a spectacular show to silence his critics with the help of his old friend, David Blaine. The female source told Pop Revenge that Jackson is already in the early stages of pulling off a big comeback, “There is nothing more sacred to Michael than his electricity on stage, press reports claimed he will never sing again like he used to, they are in for a shock. The attacks have personally hurt him, he has always prided himself on his abilities as a live performer. His response will be dramatic and the answer is going to be onstage, it is something nobody else could create.”
Another source at the awards show, apparently a friend of David Blaine’s, admitted to the outlet that plans are indeed underway for something unique, “David is in New York preparing for his big stunt next week, as soon as he comes through that are going to start preparations, People will realize that Michael can perform at the highest level, a level only he can attain. People are in for a surprise.”
It looks like this unknown music and magic spectacular will coincide with Jackson’s upcoming album, which is being recorded in Ireland and is expected to be available sometime in 2007.
While the validity of these sources are still up for debate, it’s interesting to think of the possible stage show both entertainers are capable of putting together. Before we get too excited, though, who remembers the short lived buzz surrounding Michael’s supposed Thriller performance at the World Music Awards? Michael just needs to make it happen, that’s what fans are waiting for.

As we all know, that comeback wasn’t in 2007, so I bet that this was still ‘in production’.

MJ’s 7’s
Michael Jackson signed his will on 7/7/02.
Michael Jackson’s memorial was on 7/7/09 … exactly 7 years after the will was signed.
Michael Jackson’s two biggest hits — “Black & White” and “Billie Jean” — were each #1 for 7 weeks.
Michael Jackson’s three biggest albums — “Thriller,” “Bad” and “Dangerous” — each produced 7 top 40 hits. Michael Jackson was the 7th pregnancy of Katherine.
Michael Jackson was born in 1958 … 19 + 58 = 77
Michael Jackson died on the 25th … 2 + 5 = 7
Michael Jackson has 7 letters in his first and last name.
his last tour with the Jacksons started on 7/7
Look at the date of the letter of MJ’s Doc (staged IMO) they had found in MJ’s house: July 21, 2002. July=7, 2+1+2+0+0+2=7. So another 7/7, coincidence? You tell me. Also weird the had the article a few days after the 7’s article, clue here?
Jackson Doc Offers ‘Potent Narcotic’ Solution

Michael has planned this perfectly, like he wants everything to be: perfect. I think that he has planned this for years now.

PT Barnum
So what’s up with PT Barnum? Read up a little on this man first:

Barnum was known for his hoaxes and was The Prince of entertainment (remember the memorial?).
Michael was a great admirer of him, look at the Dangerous cover, PT Barnum all over. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus in town when the memorial is held, TMZ being the Brick Men, the staged Deathbed photo with Barnum clues, and then there is dr. Thome Thome, who’s called Thome Thome? Looks a bit like Tom Thumb to me…. I can’t explain all of it on this thread, not enough space, but read into it. Here are the threads already posted before on this:

PT Barnum is part of the key?

TMZ and P.T. Barnum “The Brick Man”

I think the death scene is a clue from michael
About The Barnum And Bailey Theory (I Have Something To Add)

Dr Murray is PT Barnum’s ‘Humbug quack doctor’

Why this hoax? This is posted by someone with the exact same idea about it:


1. We already know that the Main Title found in is no longer “This Is It” but has been replaced with “The Time Has Come” and a quotation from Michael Jackson which says “It is now that I see and feel the calling once again, to be part of a music that will not just connect but, make all feel one, one in joy, one in pain, one in love, one in service, and on in consciousness.” These texts actually lead me to think that what if, MJ referred to “This Is It” as the Memorial and not the real concert people were thinking of?
Why do I say so?
a. In the O2 Press Conference, he kept saying or said the following lines and could be interpreted as the following:
I. “This Is It” or “This is really it” – His death(hoaxed/not hoaxed) could mean that It Really Was It.
II. “This will be my final curtain call” – Well, during the O2 Conference, Michael was in fact standing behind a red CURTAIN & that was the last time he actually made a public appearance before his ‘death’.
III. “I’ll see you in July!” – His memorial was held in July and, there is a big possibility that MJ himself was there watching us. With mere phrases, specifically these phrases, being said by MJ (and not complete sentences), he has NOT lied to us yet.

b. And in regards to the quote above, didn’t the memorial service actually made people unite? Especially during the time when ‘We are the World’ and ‘Heal the World’ were sung? People from around the globe, indeed sang as ONE, celebrated the joy for having known MJ as ONE, shared the pain of grief as ONE, and of course made us realize a lot of truth about MJ & the lies about the media, still, as ONE.”
c. So MJ is like ‘killing 2 birds with one stone’ with the Memorial Service. First, he made people believe that he’s dead. Second, he made people unite. Third, he fulfilled his “calling” which he mentioned in the quotation above. Fourth, he made this as an ‘eye-opener’ to all of us who has been blinded with the lies fed to us by the media (especially lies about him). This leaves me to somehow conclude that the “This Is It” is not yet the BIG one.. and that it is only the beginning.

2. Michael Jackson was not murdered.
Why do I think so? His songs are the biggest evidence that he has become wiser and wiser not just as a musical artist, but as a businessman, and a person. Michael may often be seen as a shy and really warm-hearted person but that does not mean that he is too weak or too blinded to see how people are taking advantage of him. We always hear the old wise say that everything happens for a reason and Michael’s child-molestation trials & all media madness made Michael more careful and aware of his surroundings, it made him stronger, it made him a fighter. These things actually happen to people to teach us, to guide us in our evolution as taliate and fight back. Just as Al Sharpton said, “…but he dealt with it!!!” You don’t believe me? Listen to his songs:
I. This Time Around
II. Money
IV. Tabloid Junkie
V. Scream

….and many more!!!!
This proves that Michael ain’t that stupid – (no, NOT stupid at all!) to be murdered by some doctor who can’t do proper CPR? LOL. Michael said it himself that “they” thought he couldn’t outthink them. The man is a GENIUS, not a dumbass.

3. Something BIG was planned and it is yet to come!
a. We know that MJ was dubbed as the King of Pop, but he wanted to be the Greatest Entertainer of All Time. And being an entertainer does not only mean being able to sing and dance, it could be doing anything for entertainment. That is why I applaud the “Movie Theory”. Latoya said it herself that Michael wanted to become a Film Director. Evidences planted by MJ himself ?
I. Of course, the Photo shown in the memorial with MJ as director in the music vid of Liberian Girl.
II. One of the last rehearsal photo of MJ who is holding the camera and Kenny Ortega standing behind him. (Does this mean, MJ is the realy director and Kenny is assistant director? Hmm..When were these photos released anyway, after his death?

b. Another thing to point out is his speech in O2 Press Con, where he says ” I will be singing the songs my fans want to hear”. Ha! No wonder why the voting for songs is still going on in

4. Isn’t MJ risking being caught that he is still alive by giving out clues?
Answer – NO! Not at all! There are probably less than 10% of all MJ fans around the world who believes that MJ is alive. Don’t you get laughed at at your workplace, or in school, or by your friends when you tell them that MJ could be alive? Don’t they think you’re crazy when you tell your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend that he is still alive? So what’s the risk, really? There are less than 10% of us here and we are gifted to have seen those clues left to us by a GENIUS. Besides, doing a Hoaxed Death can only be great/brilliant/extraordinary thing when people wonder that “is he really dead?”, else, it is not so hoax-y! That’s where the thrill comes in – when people start wondering if he’s really dead. And to think, “Michael Jackson is…the Thriller!”

MJ’s hoaxed death could be the greatest thing he could have ever done yet. It will indeed “go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation” (perhaps,worldwide). Why? We, people deserve the FREEDOM OF TRUTH! Everything the media tells us are lies, lies, lies! Tell me how often do you hear something good in the media? Barely seldom – perhaps, close to none! Also, most of us deserve to be FREE from judgments based on old cultures, beliefs, different religions (e.g. racism). What MJ wants to tell us is that we should do everything out of love, out of our hearts because these things are hindering us from being united as ONE! That is why we need to be conscious in everything we do – to open our eyes! MJ’s hoaxed death could prove him his innocence and his pure intentions and it also showed the people what he had to go through in his life and that we do not have the right to judge him/ or other people for that matter. MJ’s hoaxed death made us stand as one especially during the Memorial where we are reminded of our purpose here on earth through his songs We Are the World and Heal the World. Imagine if MJ didn’t die and his concerts were pushed through – do you think the world would have sung as one like what happened in the memorial? No, right? So that was a brilliant idea to bring the world back together to remind us of what we need to do about the WORLD. MJ’s hoaxed death could be the beginning of his comeback and it will therefore prove that he is indeed the GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME!

Another WHY is the prescription drugs. After what has happened to him in 1993, and the death of many stars due to prescription medication like Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger, I think he wants to bring down all these doctors that are just filling their pockets. Look at this article from TMZ:

Who’s to Blame in Jackson’s Death?

Why would the have so many polls on this topic? Is this another clue? Are we not looking into the doctor-theory enough? This could also explain the involvement of police and DEA, if they really are. Dr. Murray is just an animated puppet to get to the rest of the quack docs.
As I look more and more at this case, it seems to be bigger than the movie alone. If I am right about his intentions, reporting will never be the same again, doctors will be very close watched and Mike will retrieve his status and wealth. On the docs Mike is very well on his way: Drug Database Created after Michael Jackson Death.

How could he do this?

THIS IS IT – The Cardiff Giant – The hoax within the hoax – A fake of a fake is not fraud!

After a lot of searching on the net and brainstorm sessions with Mo, we think we know HOW he did this.<

Before I go on, please read this P.T. Barnum hoax-story about the Cardiff Giant


Now, let’s go to all the documents they have thrown in front of our feet and see what is going on here. Let’s begin with Michael’s passports:

Well this is why we got into this more. Look at his name, it states Michael Joe Jackson. Well you can say about the passports what you want, maybe they are fake, but that doesn’t matter because there are more documents more legit then this ones that state that legal name:


The copy of the contract he signed in the late 70s for song rights transfer from the Jackson 5, signed Michael Joe Jackson:


FOTO Indictment for the child molestation on December 18, 2003

Charges against Michael Joe Jackson. If that was not stated right, Michael’s lawyer would definitely have tried to have the judge declare a mistrial, and as far as I know he had a good lawyer


The charges: amended April 21, 2005

True Name: Michael Joe Jackson


Around 2.09: Michael Joe Jackson


So, all we need now is the Birth Certificate, but they are sealed ;). IMO the above should state enough about his real name. Also keep in mind that in Katherine’s autobiography it’s Michael Joe Jackson, not Michael Joseph Jackson. Now let us look at the rest of the documents and see what is wrong with that:


The 2002 Will

What do we see here? Last Will of Michael Joseph Jackson. Well, I think I’ve said enough. Look at the children’s names though.


At first, when I didn’t know about the middle name, I thought the names on the will were false, which would make the will bogus, because TMZ also released Birth Certificates from the children, where the names of the boys are different from the names in the will. But that would mean in this new situation, that they faked a real document by signing with the wrong father’s name. Now I think that the boy’s names on the Will are the right ones, and the Birth Certificates are showing the wrong names, faking a fake is not fraud (remember the cardiff giant?). Paris’s name is on both documents the same, but that BC is signed by Debbie, not by Michael…

The BC’s as they were released by our Brickman TMZ:

BC’s Prince & Paris

BC Blanket


OK, the Death Certificate, here is a standard unfilled US Death Certificate, Directly from the government’s website…

Death Certificate MUST state: LEGAL NAME + AKA’S. So in this case, BOTH names should have been on the DC, and as you can see, also definitely the LEGAL name (Joe in this case). I don’t think I need to explain what isn’t right here:


The petition for probate

Can you see the loophole?


The AEG Contract

Now why is this contract not notarized when it concerns that amount of money? That seems odd… Why should you notarize a contract? The only function of a Notary is to verify that the person who signed the document was indeed the same person..i.e. confirm identity and watch them sign the document. It effectively eliminates (usually) any claim of “I didn’t sign that”. Having a document notarized does NOT give it any more legal authority than not. Notary witnesses a signature and verified the persons signing are legally who they say they are. All parties involved in the contract being signed must be present and sign in front of the notary The notary is to witness the signatures and they will put a seal on it only when they witness both parties have signed the document in their present. And what this does is when one party will try to get off and not pay something/perform because that’s not his signature well if it is notarized it is saying it was his signature. In other words when you notarize a document it is official.

Well, with Mike cancelling more than once, shouldn’t you think it would have been a good idea to notarize this BIG contract?

Besides that, the technical rider is not present, which means that there is no contract at all. The technical rider is THE MOST IMPORTANT document when booking an artist to perform:

Now here is the good part, the contract shows AEG as a LLC, Michael Jacksons company is also a LLC and the firm handling this is a LLP, meaning LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY/LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP. A LLC/LLP PROTECTS YOU FORM ANY LAWSUITS SINCE YOUR A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY/PARTNERSHIP. Now Michael could have signed the contract one way as Michael Jackson Company LLC and the second signature that doesn’t look like the first is signed by Michael himself or Michael Jackson the performer which would constitute Michael as the third person.

Also on the contract the dates July 26 to Sept 29, 2009, those dates don’t match up with the original dates or pushed back dates.

SO you have Michael Jackson Company LLC and Michael Jackson himself, if this hoax is performed under the LLC he can’t be sued or liable.


Then we have the search warrants, let’s do the Carolwood Drive raid first.

Look at the victim at page 2, need I say more? We have another fake of a fake.


Then there is the Murray Raid in Las Vegas

Well IMO, Dr. Murray doesn’t exist at all, so that would make this document bogus in the first place. But what if the guy IS a real person and doctor? Well this is the info we got about the doctor:
Federal authorities have stated that Dr. Conrad Murray is not licensed to administer certain levels of controlled medications in the state of California, and that if he gave Propofol, Demerol or Oxycontin to Michael Jackson, as has been reported or even admitted by Murray, it would have been illegal. Don’t you think Murray would have been arrested by now? And if not due to this, our last document should have done it:


The coroners Press Release concerning the Cause of Death of Michael Jackson.

No official statement from a coroner, just a word document that was released, I made it into a PDF to put it on the net.

Well, don’t you think that if the coroner knew before hand that this was a homicide, that the LAPD wouldn’t have lifted Murray from his bed before they would release this statement? Because as far as we all know the doctor was the only one present at the time of death/cardiac arrest.

Everything is a fake of a fake, which means it’s NOTHING at all. Read the Barnum story again and think about it…..

Oh and BTW: Remember Elvis’s middle name on his tomb?

What will he gain from this hoax?

I am not claiming that these below 10 things are actual reasons for Mike to hoax his death, but they are obvious consequences:

1. Money
Well, that’s the obvious one. This article reports the following on August 12:
Michael Jackson’s estate is poised to double the performer’s net worth by the end of this year with earnings of $200 million, according to a longtime associate and co-administrator of the performer’s affairs. In an interview today, entertainment attorney John Branca said that deals hammered out in the seven weeks since Jackson’s death — including a film project, merchandising deals and other agreements — had brought $100 million to the estate.
I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t make them that quick!

2. Records
Mike had Thriller and for 25 years, Thriller had Mike. How can you possibly beat a record like that? Well, think of something better! Hoaxing your death in the way he did (or at least we are speculating on how he did it, but don’t you think the pieces of the puzzle are falling together slowly?) is a brilliant plan! Keeping your audience posted on your mystery surrounding your death for 3 months already, releasing a movie that has Mystery written on it, singles released after your death instead of before your announcement of your new tour, because mostly you make a new album first, and slowly preparing the ‘non-believers’ that you might actually be still alive is the work of a genius. The movie will break records, the soundtrack will break records, Mike’s earnings will break records. One way or the other, I am convinced he will finally beat Thriller with This is It.

3. New generation of fans
All over the world people are still playing Mike’s songs 100 times more often then they did before he ‘died’. Young kids that might had never heard of him, or never heard his songs, are dancing and singing on his music. People that were never really interested in Michael Jackson, realized what a legacy he left behind and started to buy his cd’s. Michael Jackson put himself on the map again, BIG TIME!

4. Media will never report the same way again
The media has been ridiculous last 3 months. Reporting false autopsy reports, telling contradicting stories about Mike and the whole case. If even WE can see all these inconsistencies while we have a day job, kids to feed or school, how come people actually WORKING for these companies, spending hours & hours per day on this stuff and actually getting paid for it, do not see what is wrong here? They are just reporting what they were fed, and they have made a fool of themselves. We have already seen that, it’s time the rest of the world will see too.

5. Knowing who to trust
In a hoax like this, you will see peoples true colors. Not only from the people that are not aware of the hoax, also from people that are in it. This hoax must have been built on trust. He must have trusted the people that are in it and he will know at the end if he was right in trusting them. As for the people not in it…who will stay silent and respectful towards Mike? Who wants their 15 minutes of fame over his back? As we were told he had a hard time trusting people, well I guess this will help him see who can and cannot be trusted.

6. Getting rid of his PR mask
If we may believe the trailer of the movie we will see Mike as we’ve never seen him before, we will discover the man we’ve never known AKA Mike himself, as he really is, without the PR mask he has worn for years and years. Showing people who Mike is, not the entertainer, but the man with his faults, his needs, his dreams, his desires and his truths. Nobody is perfect, he isn’t either. He had to play perfect for 45 years, that’s an impossible task and it’s time we see Michael, The Man, not the popstar.

7. Better control on prescription drugs
Becoming an addict to prescription drugs is America is too easy. As I myself believe Mike was a victim of pocket filling doctors himself in some dark periods of his life, I think he felt the need to do something about it. He is well on his way:

Drug Rehab Urges Drug Database: Fight Prescription Drug Addiction
Drug Database Created after Michael Jackson Death

Atlanta, GA 9-16-2009 05:02 GMT (TransWorldNews)
Drug addiction to prescription drugs follows a too-familiar pattern: a patient gets a prescription from a doctor for some kind of ill, be it Ritalin, Aderral, Percocet, OxyContin. Initially this drug helps with whatever it was prescribed for: anxiety, pain, restlessness. However, as time passes, the same drug dosage ceases to have the same alleviating effect. Soon, the patient finds themselves taking more and more of the prescription drug to get the same feeling. The doctor, worried that this is becoming an addiction, tries to tell the patient that they need to stop taking so much. By now, it is too late: The patient is a drug addict. As in the well known cases of Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith, the patient promptly goes to another doctor and gets another prescription. Soon they are visiting, in some cases, dozens of doctors to get their fix. “Many states have electronic databases so doctors can keep their eyes on patients’ drug records -making it easier for the docs to determine if someone really needs drugs, or if they’re simply desperate for a fix,” comments Mary Rieser, Executive Director for Narconon Drug Rehab. “California just instituted this database, using Michael Jackson and Anna Nichole Smith’s deaths as reasons why. “Even though we have lobbied this effort in Georgia, we still don’t have this system in place here. In California, the database — called the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (or CURES) — will be available to doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement officials. “We will continue to push our legislators that this system needs to be in place in Georgia,” states Ms. Rieser. “Too many lives are being ruined and lost because of un-witting prescription drug addiction.”

8. Taken serious as a movie director
As we have all seen in many interviews, Mike’s big wish is to become a movie director. He wants to create film like people haven’t seen before, take it to another level. Now what would have happened if he didn’t hoax his death? Mike trying to make a movie, tabloids all over him with weird stories, photos or whatever sells, movie not a point of interest anymore and Mike’s dream vanished into thin air. It wouldn’t have worked, he was in the shadow for too long and the tabloids would have trashed him. This on the other hand is REALLY taken film to another level, it’s something nobody has done before. It’s a real life soap, but better and bigger. It’s a comedy, a thriller, drama at the same time and it is interactive, look at us playing along in the game. No tabloid or other newspaper, tv station can EVER say that this is just a lame movie made by another bored singer trying to do something else. This is big and brilliant and there is no way around that. Although I wonder how many movies he wants to make, ’cause it will be hard to beat this!

9. Making people aware of our planet
In all ways you can imagine. Everywhere in the world people are funding for charity after his ‘death’, trying to keep his spirit alive and heal the world. I myself are more aware of everything I do or say, due to the few months I have lived with Mike everywhere I went. By reading about him, hearing him speak with so much passion about children, the planet, animals etc., people will stop and think. Look at the man in the mirror. It’s a message that works for me and it will work for a lot more people.

10. HIStory
Mike already earned a spot in the history books, but instead of half a page, he will have a whole chapter in 50 years from now. If you accomplish all of the above reaching so many people, you are worth a chapter in the history books. The next generations should hear about the man that changed the world. So let’s all hope he will succeed in his plan.

All the above is for me reason enough to believe he will return. Maybe I am wrong and he won’t, but I can’t really imagine that. All I hope is that his plan will work out for him the way he wants.

Another theory within the Movie Theory: The Double Theory

Lots and lots in this hoax is double!

  • O2
  • 2 MJ’s at O2 press conference in London (stage-mike and curtain-mike)
  • Dr. Tohme Tohme
  • 2 MJ’s at Ed Hardy
  • 2 video’s of the coroner’s van
  • 2 different video’s from helicopters transporting the body to the coroner
  • 2 Death Certificates
  • 2 passports from MJ leaked
  • 2 different middle names: Joe and Joseph
  • 2 alledged son’s (Omer Bhatti and Jett Jackson)
  • 2 ‘wives’ (Claire Cruise and Billie Jean Jackson)
  • 2 Memorials (private and public)
  • Mike’s posessions removed out of 2 houses
  • 2 tribute’s (Jermaine & Frank Dileo)
  • 2 Last Will’s (1997 & 2002)
  • Murray video was place twice at Youtube (was taken off once ant put back)
  • Mike signed the AEG contract twice
  • Rumor has it that Mike has 2 ss#
  • 2 autopsies
  • 2 different MJ hairstyles (straight and curly)
  • 2 strange guys showing up in front of the camera at the livestream of TMZ (PT Barnum circusguy and Afro-head-Elvis)
  • 2 Harvey’s (Harvey Levin – TMZ & Craig Harvey – Coroner’s Office)
  • 2 tourist busses at Carolwood Drive making footage of Ambulance
  • 2 names for fatal medicin (Promofol/Diprivan)
  • 2 trucks to empty Carolwood Drive
  • 2 guardians appointed by Mike in his will (Katherine and Diana Ross)
  • 2 former business partners appointed executers of the estate
  • 2 versions of 911-call (one with and one without address mentioned)
  • Michael’s 2 tigers in the news due to the Caloforia fires
  • 2 raids at Carolwood Drive
  • Rehearsal footage from 2 days (performance + chewing gum guy)
  • 2 opinions about Mike’s Health/General appearance)
  • 2 different ways to preserve the body (embalming and deep freeze)
  • 2 locations for public memorial (Staples and Nokia)
  • 2 UPS guys during the raids
  • 2 nurses involved (Cherilyn Lee and Debbie Rowe)
  • 2 doctors interrogated (Arnie Klein and Conrad Murray)
  • 2 female employees of Murray picking up boxes at storage morning of MJ’s ‘Death’ (lalagirls)
  • 2 ‘Deathbeds’ (MJ bed and Doc’s bed)
  • 2 memorial programs (one for invited, one for fans)
  • Burial postponed twice
  • 2 sisters to take care of the kids (Janet and Rebbie)
  • 2 familymembers talking about foul play (LaToya and Joe)
  • 2 raids on pharmacies (Vegas and LA)
  • 2 persons calling cops for protection (Arnold Klein & Debbie Rowe)
  • 2 stories concerning time of death (one death at arrival EMT’s, other death at hospital)
  • This Is It 2 weeks in theaters
  • 2 final resting places (Grand Mausoleum and Freedom Mausoluem)
  • Brother carry casket twice (memorial and burial)
  • 2 books to be released about MJ (Moonwalker and ‘Coffeetable Book’)
  • 2 Singers announced to perfom on MJ’s funeral (Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin)
  • 2 memorial dates (it was delayed)
  • 2 Hatmans at memorial
  • 2 This is It teaser trailers
  • Dave Dave at Larry King Live

What if the This Is It movie is truly rehearsal footage, and Mike releases a second one, explaining the hoax? So the last double:

  • 2 movies?

The Oprah, Letterman, TMZ, Harpo, Sony, Sirius, Time Warner, CNN, Larry King, Michael Jackson connectio

Mo is a fervent viewer of David Letterman’s Late Show for about 14 years now, her eye caught the articles on TMZ regarding the David Letterman extortion case. For two days it was bugging her, but she had no idea what to do with it. She mentioned it to me and Wizard of Oz, but both of us never watch the Late Show and are not familiar with Letterman. If you’re interested in this case, then check TMZ and don’t forget to watch the live streams, this case is really bizarre…

Now, we all know that Oprah never commented on Mike’s death until she did that special a couple of weeks ago. David Letterman didn’t comment on Mike’s death either, while he always discusses the news of the day in the beginning of his shows. The first time Letterman talked about Mike is when he did the interview with Paul McCartney on July 15th. Both Oprah and Letterman didn’t say a word right after Mike’s passing.

Anyway, Mo was in bed and was of course watching the Late Show, but she was close to falling asleep. Here in The Netherlands we’re running a bit behind, and the show with Bill Clinton was broadcasted. After Dave’s ‘talk of the day’ and his hilarious comments the first part ended, and this is when they show commercials in the US. Right before that an image was shown and a commentator said: “The Late Show is produced by Harpo Productions”. That was enough to wake her up immediately, and she was like Say What?! Harpo Productions?? What happened to Worldwide Pants, the company that has been producing the Late Show for ages??!

So she read all the TMZ articles about Letterman again, and then started searching for info on Harpo Productions. The first article was this:

Quote from this article:
“Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television To Launch Dr. Oz FOR
Chicago, IL and Culver City, CA— Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, MD, better known to millions as Dr. Oz, the renowned and popular surgeon, educator, and best-selling author who appears regularly on The Oprah Winfrey Show, will debut in first-run syndication next year with a series co-produced by Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and distributed by SPT, it was jointly announced today by Oprah Winfrey; Tim Bennett, president, Harpo Productions; and Steve Mosko, president, Sony Pictures Television.”

Mmmm…Sony again? Interesting…

Next article:

“Valerie Schaer Named Executive Vice President, Creative Development at Harpo Productions, Inc.
CHICAGO — Valerie Schaer has been named executive vice president, creative development for Harpo Productions, Inc. Schaer, who has developed and produced some of the most well-known shows on television, comes to Harpo from Worldwide Pants Incorporated, where she served as executive vice president and oversaw all production, development, new media and business development.”

Ahhh…there is Worldwide Pants, and that explains how the Late Show ended up at Harpo Productions!

Next quote:
“About Harpo
Harpo Productions, Inc. produces the number one–rated, award-winning The Oprah Winfrey Show; creates and develops original TV programming for primetime, syndication and cable television and operates (, a premier lifestyle website. Harpo Print, LLC and Hearst Magazines publish the monthly O, The Oprah Magazine publication. Harpo Films is dedicated to high-quality scripted dramatic programming and recently announced an exclusive television deal with HBO. Harpo Radio, Inc. produces Oprah Radio (XM channel 156, Sirius channel 195 as part of its “Best of XM” package) on Sirius XM Radio.”

Sirius..? Where did we hear that name before..? Isn’t the company that created the Murray Troot video called Sirius..? Yes, it is.

Well, the resumes of the employees of Sirius Video Houston are interesting… Here are some of their past and recent projects:

*Douglas N. Burns – Directory of Photography: Dr. Phil, works on Discovery Health (Discovery will be explained later in this thread)
*Raul Casares – Directory of Photography: Raul has shot for Harpo Productions and Time Warner Comm.
*Danny Clayton Jr. – Location and Studio Sound, Discovery Channel (explained later in this thread)
*Pierre J.F. Meunier – Freelance Videographer, Clients/Projects: Dr. Phil Show & Freelance Videographer, Discovery Channel
*Chris Rogers – Audio Engineer, national clients: Dr. Phil<
*Jimmy Wong – Directory of Photography/Audio engineer, National clients: The Oprah Show, Dr. Phil, MTV’s “Making of”, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood
*Joe Vasquez – Freelance Video Cameraman, Discovery Channel

BTW, Dr. Phil is produced by Harpo Productions….

Now we looked at all the others involved here, see what a beautiful connection of them all we have made, starting at Time Warner:

List of assets owned by Time Warner

Most important ones owned by Time Warner:

*AOL, directs to
*HBO, directs to Harpo (Oprah reversed), Harpo is linked here above to Sony and directs to Oprah and David Letterman. Also HBO got the exclusive broadcast of the Dangerous concert back in October ’92.
In late 2008, Harpo Films signed an exclusive output pact with HBO. Previously, Harpo films had a deal with ABC, which included production of Oprah Winfrey Presents: Mitch Albom’s For One More Day.
*Turner Broadcasting, directs to CNN (Larry King)

Sirius Video is, as far as we can see, not linked by ownership to Time Warner, but look what we saw on their website:

Our work has appeared in programs for . . . Corporate AT&T, Anheuser Busch, BP, Dow, Chevron, Continental Airlines, Ernst & Young, Centerpoint Energy, HP, Shell Chemical, Microsoft Commercial Noel Furniture, Fellowship of the Woodlands, Lake Olympia, Ikea Reality Original Productions, LMNO Productions, Rocket Science, Actuality Productions, 44 Blue Documentary / Profile History Channel, Discovery Channel, Mediatelier-Japan, German Television (RTL??) News ABC, CBS, CNN, The Weather Channel, NBC Entertainment, Dr Phil, E! Entertainment, MTV, Sports ABC Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, HBO Sports, NBA Entertainment, NBC Sports, MLB, TBS Sports

Well, what’s up with Discovery Channel you might think? Well look at this, link of the article is already posted earlier in the post:

A joint venture between Oprah Winfrey and Discovery Communications, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, a multiplatform company, will debut in early 2010 in more than 70 million homes on what is currently the Discovery Health Channel.

Another link to Oprah –> Harpo –> HBO –> Time Warner

They also have a Facebook-account with a comment on the Murray video.

It says:
Sirius Video Productions, Inc. Here is the You Tube video that has our phones ringing off the hook! We were hired to shoot this and that’s all we know.

Sirius got a new website just 2 days before the Murray vid was uploaded. Now what’s strange, is that they only make the statement on the Murray vid on Facebook, why not on their website if they are sick of the phone calls?

All in all, this looks like an obvious Oprah – Letterman – TMZ – Harpo – Sony – Sirius – Time Warner – CNN – Larry King – Michael Jackson connection!

Final word
As I was 50-50 before, I am now 100% sure he is alive and well. I am not sure the movie on October 28 will be the one, maybe there is another one in production too.

If my theory is right, I will laugh my ass off, take off my hat and make a deep bow for Michael Jackson. This would be the biggest thing ever, and it would demonstrate how much of a genius he is.
Do not underestimate the KING OF ENTERTAINMENT!


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Emily Hutjes
Emily Hutjes

OH MY GOD, the fbi and cia will offer you guys top jobs! And Michael and Mike deserve every prize they wish for. Any real fan who liked, loved, admired and respected Michael Joe J. OR Michael Joseph J.will take their hat off and bow even deeper in admiration for this man or these men. Any fan who is angry etc. has too big an ego, no vision and absolutely no sense of humor.Good question for Cassandra on DerekClontz:”Will you please return to us and bring your twin with you? So we have 2 of you to enjoy”! Should the… Read more »

sarah ramsey
sarah ramsey

i think this is definetely a legitimate idea because knowing michael he would do something like this i think it’s hilarious that he would do this it proves a great point the media lies and can’t be trusted


Excellent post. Thanks !!


I’ve been digging into this theory for only a few weeks. I’m not really sure he’s still alive, bur oh I hope so! I’ve read so much-so many different things; and watched so many videos of ‘clues’. I know nothing re the “twin connection”. I’ll dig some more and maybe find it.
Truthfully, I’m not real sure how many more theories I can absorb.
If you’re alive, out there somewhere, I just don’t understand why all this had to be. Come back soon if you can, please. SB


damn! you really are great investigators…every single one of your conclusions makes sense. I wonder if you could tell me the name of that book of yours which is about the Monarch program Mike has probably been a victim of…
Thanks for all the evidence that made me a beLIEver! Look forward to hear from you.




Do you believe Michael Jackson will reveal himself to the world? If so when? I want to thank you all for your hard work. I do believe he is alive.


omg… come back now Michael! I miss you and am so excited for the day you decide to shock the world with your presence! I love you so much Michael you have no idea! I was depressed for a year thinking you were gone and now I have come back into light knowing you are still here! A world without Michael Jackson is just cold and dark…. you are still here so I have reason to live and dream and just be!

Raquel Tormo

Wendy you are great I have the same feeling like you, world is not the same without Michael Jackson, after I knew he is alive the sun appeared again. God bless you both.


God Bless You too my friend… Michael Jackson forever baby!


There are actually four versions of the 911 phone call, not two. <3

invisible braces cost

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